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  • Moxibustion box

    Date / 08/26/2011

    US $1-20 1.Moxibustion Box used for indirect moxa heat treatment. 2.Exclusive design , Easy to place it on abdomen, shoulder and back area of the body for treatment. Simply catch by handle when moxibustion. With air ventilation windows to activate the burning of moxa. 3.The bottom of the box is fix...

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  • High Quality Roller Massage

    Date / 08/16/2011

    US $1-20 Product Description: For the abdomen, legs and arms to strengthen roller massage, beautiful curve of compaction 56 a prominent grain structure, to stimulate the parts of acupuncture points through the wheel 360 Roller Massage According to the abdomen, leg ministry, arms strengthen roller massage...

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  • Spring Hula Hoop

    Date / 08/16/2011

    US $1-20 Specifications 1.New and stylish design 2..High quality with reasonable price 3.Welcome OEM order Advantage of our hula hoop: 1. Grade A ABS + stainless steel spring 2. Best chrome finish, no dirty on the product at all. 3. shining spring 4. Color box: clear printing and good feeling in ...

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  • massage glove

    Date / 08/15/2011

    US $1-20 Product Description: PVC materials, double-side with massage keys, used in bathroom, body massager, promote blood circulation, fat burning, lose weight Function: Double sided, one side is fuzzy surface, another side is grain surface. 1) Body massage, used when take shower 2) For health and...

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  • postpartum Weight Loss Belt

    Date / 08/12/2011

    US $1-20 Product description: postpartum Weight Loss Belt Lifting for abdomen support Light, comfortable Enhanced firm panels Adjustable Velcro buckle 1. The postpartum support belt is designed to be easy to put on without assistance. 2. Grip the support at each end and place the loop pad ove...

    Related Keywords: postpartum Weight Loss Belt, Waist shaper--Weight loss belt

  • U-Stepper,

    Date / 08/10/2011

    US $1-20 Functions: lateral thigh trainer, twist and shape, this compact stepper allows you to you’re your living room or bedroom into a workout area in minutes Feature: 1) Considerable fitness products fit for people of different ages 2) Exercise convenient for indoor, body building up for buttoc...

    Related Keywords: mini stepper, U-Stepper, good quality multifunction design U-stepper By CE

  • bath salt

    Date / 08/08/2011

    US $1-20 this product supplier will only give more onfor after you have contacted him thanks...

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  • foot patch

    Date / 08/08/2011

    US $1-20 Suitable for People who love beauty and slim People who have health problem such as astriction, halitosis, body and foot odor Semi-healthy people People who use computer for long time People who have big working pressure People who stand or work for long time People who is suffering neck,...

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  • Health Blood Energizer

    Date / 08/04/2011

    US $1-20 This herbal supplement regulates and maintains healthy blood flow, reduces hot flashes, night sweats, depression, restlessness, moodiness, anxiety, and insomnia. It also strengthens body metabolism, and nourishes vaginal hydration as well as other menopausal symptoms...

    Related Keywords: Organic Herbal supplement

  • Hormone Essential

    Date / 08/04/2011

    US $1-20 Hormone Essential is formulated to enhance and boost the immune system. It also improves menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, low energy, depression, restlessness, moodiness, body temperature fluctuation, as well as vaginal hydration...

    Related Keywords: 100% certified organic herbal supplements

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