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  • Rollator Shopping Cart

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: Specifications: THIS ROLLATOR, a supportive baby-walker for a grandma going out, And a shopping silver-cart for all purposes. Turn it into a chair and take a rest when you walk and are tired, put a basket on It, and keep things in the chair. Adjustable height, hand brake an...

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  • Wheel Chairs

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: Vissco's wheel chair is the top selling model in India. Gurantees comfort and longevity. Used to assist people with walking disabilities. ...

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  • Hearing Aid

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: Do you want to hear better but can't spend thousands of $$? Don't want to wear a big hearing aid that shows? Don't want to let those big deer get away? Hunter's ear will amplify the sounds you need to hear to help in a successful hunting season. One size fits all. Product inc...

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  • Maxisound Digital Hearing Aid

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: The maxisound digital hearing aid represents the pinnacle in digital hearing instruments. Made in the u. S. By a leading hearing aid manufacturer, the maxisound digital features micro-miniaturized circuitry, integrated into a shell housing tinier than the tip of your little f...

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  • Wonsh Ramp Wheelchair

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: E-z suitcase ramp Pls contact me for more information. ...

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  • Crutch

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: 1)product name: Dragon head longevity walking stick and phoenix tail longevity walking stick 2)model number: Gz001 3)place of orgin: China 4)material: Ormosia henryi(flower pear wood), red sandal wood, purple sandal wood 5)lengh: Dragon head longevity walking stick(95cm) Phoe...

    Related Keywords: Crutch, Crutch

  • Soaking Shoes For Heel Callus & Diabetics Patient

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: Abstract: - A pair of shoes that a person with corns or callous skin on their feet can wear and receive the same benefits as soaking his feet in a bowl of water, yet the person is not restricted to one place during the soaking treatment. The present soaking shoes include an i...

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  • Buffalo Horn Canes

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: We have unique Buffalo horn walking canes individually handcrafted. They stand the test of durability and come in various sizes. The handle and the shaft are very carefully handcrafted giving a marble like feel and look. ...

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  • Tubular Knee Cap

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: Gives mild support and warmth. Ideal for arthritic condition . Relieves stiff, swollen and painful knee caused by weakness or strain. SIZE: Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large ...

    Related Keywords: Tubular, Knee, cap, Tubular, Knee, cap

  • Wheel Chair

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: Deluxe steel wheel chair Seat width:16"/18" Detachable full pvc padded armrest S/s steel side panel 8"*2" front castor w/solid tyre 24"*1" rear spoke wheel w/solid tire Swing away footrest W/steel hand rim Alum. Foot plate Blue pvc cotton upholstery W/hand strap ...

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