• Wind Power

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Wind power, The energy of the wind, it is today in day the renewable energy that it has demonstrated with major force to enter the parameters of economic profitability for his projects. And is perfectly competitive with other sources of energy (nuclear, coal, natural gas, hydroelectrics, ), if...

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  • Sloar Power Road Studs

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 MS - 200 Series Introduction Tougher and larger in size, the heavy-duty MS - 200 Series models are ideal for the roughest road conditions. With the "CAPACITOR" unit cell products technology, the MS - 200 Series provides safety in road travel for years and years to come. This model also availabl...

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  • Solar Modules - Uni-Solar

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Photovoltaic modules available from world's leading manufacturers. Please email with requirements and we will provde pricing for the quantities required. Panels are currently in stock. No waiting! Uni-Solar or Sharp Payment Terms: T/T Certification(s): as supplied with Uni-Solar or Sharp as s...

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  • Solar Shower

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 1) material: Lightweight, non-toxic pvc 2) solar heated 3) compact and easy to use 4) capacity available:10l,20l ...

    Related Keywords: solar, shower, solar, shower

  • DC to AC Inverter

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Features: 1) Overload protection 2) Short circuit protection 3) Over temperature protection 4) Polarity reverse connection protection Solar Power Inverter ...

    Related Keywords: DC, TO, AC, Inverter, Inverter

  • Vacuum Direct-Plug Solar Water Heater

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: 1) Outer tank material: sus 304 stainless steel 2) Inner tank material: stainless steel 3) Insulation: foam 4) Support frame: stainless steel 5) Reflector board: stainless steel 6) Vacuum tube Inner packing: Bubble polybag/blister card Outer packing: Export carton...

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  • Solar Chargers

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Detailed Product Description 1) Solar cell phone charger compatible with most cell phone models 2) Flashlight 3) Money tester 4) Charging indicator, adjustable voltage switch 5) Solar charger for small digital electronics (PDA, MP3, CD Player, digital camera) 6) 0.6W multi-crystalline silico...

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  • Vacuum Tube

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 We developed the rotary three-layering magnetron sputtering technology and used it to produce Double M-ALN cermets coatings tube which has the advantages of highest thermal efficiency(0.96),lowest emittance rate(93% 4) Higher heat efficiency: 12% higher heat absorbent ratio than normal vacuum...

    Related Keywords: vacuum, tube, vacuum, tube

  • 8 Inch Solar Wafer

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: 8inch solar wafer Ptype >1ohm. Cm >680um Quantity:77000 pcs Brand: MEMC Price: $13.3MEMC...

    Related Keywords: 8, inch, solar, Wafer, inch, solar, Wafer

  • Solar Battery Modules

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: Internationally leading manufacturing and encapsulating techniques are adopted, The components are made of excellent imported solar battery chips, and maximum 230w solar battery components have excellent output feature. At present, solar battery components mainly consist of m...

    Related Keywords: solar, battery, modules, solar, battery, modules

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