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  • Sell Paving Stone

    Date / 10/13/2014

    US $1-20 Features: 1) Colors: G682, G654, G635, G636, G633, G684, G612, G603 2) Pave stones 3) Finishes: honed, flamed, natural, bush-hammered, chiseled, sawn-cut, sand-blasted 4) Size: 4/6cm, 8/10cm, 15/17cm, 10x10x5cm, 10x10x8cm, 10x10x10cm, 14x20x8cm ...

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  • Sell Plastic Flooring Brick

    Date / 10/13/2014

    US $1-20 Product Name: Plastic Flooring BrickModel Number: PFB-40WEPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures: 1) Prvents the pollution of environment 2) Environmental, durble 3) 100% recycle 4) Easy for washing and knocking down ...

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  • Sell Pavement Stones

    Date / 10/13/2014

    US $1-20 Features: 1) Available dimensions: a) 9 x 9 x 9cm b) 10 x 10 x 10cm c) 10 x 10 x 5cm d) 60 x 30 x 6cm e) 40 x 60 x 7cm f) 40 x 80 x 7cm 2) Flamed, picked, machine cut, and natural split in various different color finishes of granite or sandsto...

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  • Sell Paving Blocks

    Date / 10/13/2014

    US $1-20 We can supply thousands of new models of paving blocks in different sizes and colors. ...

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  • Sell Brick for Cement Rotary Furnace

    Date / 10/13/2014

    US $1-20 Product Name: Brick for Cement Rotary FurnacePlace of Origin: ChinaProducts include magnesite-chrome, magnesite-aluminium, magnesite-zircon brick for clinkering zone; phosphate aliminium brick with porosity of high refractoriness under, high abrasion resistance, anti-spallling; alkali resistanc...

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  • Sell Solar Brick

    Date / 10/13/2014

    US $1-20 Specification: Material of shell: Polycarbonate for transparent shell. Luminescence colors: Red, green, blue, white, yellow (for any choice) Luminescence mode: Constant type, varying type Size:200mm*200mm*46mm New weight:1.5kgs Work temperature: -25 to +80 degree c. Ways mounted: S...

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  • Sell Paving Stone

    Date / 10/13/2014

    US $1-20 Features: 1) Surface finish: polished, flamed, honed, natural, scabbled, hand chiseled, and bush-hammer 2) Dimensions: 90 x 90mm, 100 x 200mm, 300 x 300mm, 300 x 600mm, 400 x 400mm, 400 x 600mm, or according to customers' requests 3) Thickness: 20 - 60mm 4) Material: granite, marble, ...

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  • Sell Fire Bricks

    Date / 10/13/2014

    US $1-20 We are glad to take this chance to introduce our company to you We are an iso9001:2000 certified corporation in China the refractory bricks is our main export product. We have stable client in Japan, middle east and south east county. We have the advantage in resources and suprior techn...

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  • Sell Kerb Stone And Pavings

    Date / 10/13/2014

    US $1-20 All size and styles of Granite kerb stone(curbstone)or square plate tile made by hand or machine sawn with splitted, bushhammered, rough picked, fine picked, sawn, rilled, flammed or machined planed. The material for all kinds of color selected. Black, white, grey, pink, green, red, pur...

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  • Sell Clay Bricks

    Date / 10/13/2014

    US $1-20 We are an Egyptian Exporter for the following Brick Types: European Block 33x25x15 and 25x12x15. We will be happy to assist you with any qty you need to any part in the world. ...

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