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  • Magnesium Stearate

    Date / 12/24/2018

    US $1-20 Magnesium Stearate 1.Formula: Mg(C 17 H 35 COO) 2 2.Properties: The product is white powder, innoxious, insipid and uncombustible. It can be dissolved in hot alcohol but not in water or ether. It is easily decomposed by dilute acid. 3.Use: The product is used as lubricating drawing ag...

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  • Isopropyl alcohol

    Date / 10/08/2018

    US $1-20 CJSC "Synthetic spirit plant” works in the sphere of chemistry and petrochemistry. Our enterprise the oldest in branch of production of isopropyl alcohol, however, uses modern technologies and the equipment that allows to develop a qualitative and demanded product.CJSC “Synthetic sp...

    Related Keywords: isopropanol, isopropyl alcohol

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