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    Date / 08/16/2018

    US $1-20 Product name:TBBA/TBBPA Specifications: 1.Product name:TBBA/TBBPA 2.Molecular Formula:C15H12Br4O2 3.CAS No.:79--94--7 4.Appearance:White Powder Uses: It is a flame retardant and is widely used for plastics, rubber, textiles, fiber and paper industries; and it makes the product have...

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  • Carbohydrazide

    Date / 08/16/2018

    US $1-20 Carbohydrazide CAS No.: 497-18-7 Usage:Carbohydrazide has strong reducibility. It can be used as energetic material intermediate, components of fire explosive and propellant directly; also as refinery equipment of preservatives and boiler water treatment of deoxidizer. In Chemical fiber indust...

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  • high quality Sodium bisulfate

    Date / 07/24/2015

    US $1-20 1.Chemical and Physical Properties: Product:Sodium Bisulphate (Sodium Bisulfate) Molecular formula: NaHSO4 Molecular Wight:120.05 H.S CODE:2833190000 CAS Number:7681-38-1 EINECS NO.: 231-665-7 2.Specificationofsodiumbisulfate: NaHSO3% 99...

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  • Hydrazine Hydrate

    Date / 01/29/2015

    US $1-20 Package:InHDPEdrumwith200kg& amp; nbsp;net ProductName:HydrazineHyd rate HydrazineHydratePurity:24%35 %40%55%60%64% Molecularformula:N2H4.H2O Molecularweight:50.08 CASNO:10217-52-47803-57-8 Property:& ;nbs p;HydrazineHydrateisacolorless, fumingandbasicsolutionwith  ; ;apec...

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