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  • Polyethylsiloxane Fluid

    Date / 09/21/2012

    US $1-20 a. - Is a basis of low-temperature oils and greasings. - As heat-carrier. - Working liquid in the devices working at low temperatures, in aggressive, crystallizing, viscous and Wednesdays giving a big deposit, in superdeep wells at temperature above +150°C and pressure of 1200 atm. - Dempfi...

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    Date / 09/02/2008

    US $1-20 McBride is an established international company, with significant manufacturing operations throughout Europe specialising in private label and contract manufacturing of laundry, household cleaning and personal care products. Our annual turnover is over £500m, and the company is publicly traded on...

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    Date / 11/30/2007

    US $1-20 Dear Sir or Madam We are looking for the products of PP/EVA/EVOH/ABS/PBT/PA6 off grade. Please send us details of your product specifications and price terms for shipment to the port of Qingdao. We look forward to hearing from you soon. ThanksBest regards Polly Weihai Lianqiao Internation...

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    Date / 06/21/2007

    US $1-20 Dear Sir/Madam, We importers and distributors of all kinds of MARACET D 50 ®,MARACET DP4-001 ®,MARACET DPC 30 ®,MARACET DPC 50-18 ®,MARACET DPR 12 ®,MARACET DPR 4 ®, MARACET DAP 48-20 ®,MARACET DPT 8 ®,MARACET DP 25 ®,MARACET DPC 50-45 ®, WINES, OLIVE OIL etc products and we are interes...

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  • Buy Carbon Fiber

    Date / 01/12/2007

    US $1-20 We search for a Carbon Fiber factory which can supply us Carbon Fiber, Specification:12KT35E, One time order at least 1T. If you can supply, PLS contact us with FOB Qingdao Price. ...

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  • Buy Atactic PolyPropylene

    Date / 01/06/2007

    US $1-20 Our company want to buy Atactic PolyPropylene (APP) from Japan/Korea and other country.The Atactic PolyPropylene use for plastic and rubber, to change them capability and performance. We will need 300 tons per month. Please send us your specifaiction,photos and quote you best price. ...

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  • Buy Multi-layer Co-extrusion Bags

    Date / 12/28/2006

    US $1-20 At present, we are in the need of the Multi-layer Co-extrusion bags and the Multi-layer Co-extrusion films. Specification: Inner layer: epc+kraton; Second layer: polyethylene; Third layer: polyethylene; Fourth layer: ema; ...

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  • Buy Polyethylene (Standard Type)

    Date / 12/18/2006

    US $1-20 We are looking to cooperate with a Polyethylene producer / exporter, able to provide to us 500 tons per month. Please contact us if you can meet our demand. ...

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  • Buy SBS

    Date / 08/18/2006

    US $1-20 We are urgently need a large batch of SBS! ...

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