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  • MPA(3-amino-3-methyl-1-Butyne)

    Date / 05/17/2017

    US $1-20 Chemical Name:3-amino-3-methyl-1-Butyne; 2-Methyl-3-butyn-2-amine Molecular formula:C5H9N Molecular weight: 83.1 CAS NO. 2978-58-7 1) Product Features: Strong leveling, uniform coating is essential choice of brightener. 2) Quality Standards: Q/LZ 29-2008 Appearance: Colorless or...

    Related Keywords: chemical additives auxiliary, electroplating intermediates, nickel electroplating intermediates, copper electroplating intermediates

  • Polyacrylamide

    Date / 01/17/2017

    US $1-20 Product Name:Polyacrylamide Molecular Formula:(C3H5NO) n CAS No.: 9003-05-8 Application Industrial wastewater/Municipal wastewater/Potable water Treatment: primary settling, dewatering, air flotation.l Paper making white water/terminal water treatment; Paper retention aidl Mineral proc...

    Related Keywords: Polyacrylamide

  • 4a zeolite

    Date / 11/21/2016

    US $1-20 Huiying Chemical Industry (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd is a private enterprise,General manager was awarded the Outstanding Entrepreneur by the Nanan Government in 2001. It has fixed assets of 80 million yuan now, 580 workers, including 13 senior engineers, 13 senior administrators, 13 engineers, 15 technicians....

    Related Keywords: 4A zeolite, Zeolite, soap detergent powder, washing powder, laundry powder, cleaning powder 40KGS/BAG

  • FC-248 Tetraethylammonium perfluorooctanesulfonate

    Date / 03/14/2016

    US $1-20 FT-248(Tetraethylammoniumperfluorooctanesulfonate) Tradename:FT-248 CASNo.:56773-42-3 Molecularformula:CF3(CF2)7SO3-(C2H5)4N+ Molecularformula:C16H20F17NSO3 Molecularweight:629 pHvalue:2-3 Density(20°C):-1.2g/cm3 FreezingPoint:-3°C SurfaceTensionγ:22dynes/cm...

    Related Keywords: Chrome fog inhibitor

  • Oxidizing biocide bronopol

    Date / 03/11/2016

    US $1-20 Bronopol(2-Bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol): pharmaceuticals-Bronopol Bactericide-Bronopol Antiseptic-watertreatment-bactericide-Bronopol Preservativeagent-Bronopol& lt; /h1> Paperindustry-Bronopol Fungicide-Bronopol WaterTreatment-(2-Bromo-2nitropropan-1,3-diol) Molecularfo...

    Related Keywords: Oxidizing biocide bronopol


    Date / 03/11/2016

    US $1-20 KORELCMIT/MIT-1.5 ITEMS SPECIFICATIONS Appearance Colorlesstoamberclearsolution Activesubstance(%) 1.4-1.6 PH 2-5 Density...

    Related Keywords: KOREL CMIT/MIT-1.5

  • KOREL 5800

    Date / 03/11/2016

    US $1-20 KOREL5800 ITEMS SPECIFICATIONS Appearance Whitedispersionsolution A.I.contentw/w(%) 32.2-34.0 PH 5.5-7.0 Packing ...

    Related Keywords: KOREL 5800

  • 1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-One(BIT)

    Date / 03/11/2016

    US $1-20 EnglishName:1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-One(BIT) Molecularformula:C7H5NOS Molecularweight:151.188 CASNO.:2634-33-5 ITEMS TechnicalIndex Appearance Yellow-lightbrownsolution PHof10%solution ...

    Related Keywords: 1 2-Benzisothiazolin-3-One(BIT)

  • GAT Cocopropylenediamine

    Date / 03/11/2016

    US $1-20 EnglishName:GATCocopropylenediamine,1.5bisguanidiniumacetate CASNO.:85681-60-3 Use:disinfectantorbiocide Packing:200KGDRUM ITEMS TechnicalIndex Appearance Clearliquid Colour,lodineindex ...

    Related Keywords: GAT Cocopropylenediamine

  • PHMB Polyhexamethylene biguanidine hydrochloride

    Date / 03/11/2016

    US $1-20 ChemicalName:PHMBPolyhexamethylenebiguanidinehydrochloride;Guanidine,Poly(hexamethylenediguanide)hydrochloride.N,N-1,6-hexanediylbis[N-cyano-, polymerwith1,6-hexanediamine,hydr ochloride;1,6-Hexanediamine,polymerwithN,N-16-hexanediylbis{N-cyanoguanidine},hydrochloride CommonName:polihexanide Tr...

    Related Keywords: PHMB Polyhexamethylene biguanidine hydrochloride

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