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  • FT-98(Potassium perflurobutane sulfonate)

    Date / 09/24/2015

    US $1-20 FT-98(Potassiumperflurobutanesulfonate) CASNo.:29420-49-3 Tradename:FT-98 Chemicalname:Potassiumperflurobutanesulfonate Molecularformula:C4F9KO3S< /p> Molecularweight:338.19 Assay:≥98% Appearance:Whiteoryellowishpowder PHvalue:5-7 Decompositiontemperature:300°C A...

    Related Keywords: CAS No.: 29420-49-3

  • perfluoro alkyl sulfonyl quaternary ammonium iodides

    Date / 09/24/2015

    US $1-20 FT-134(perfluoroalkylsulfonylquaternaryammoniumiodides) CASNo.:1652-63-7 TradenameFT-134 ChemicalnameN,N-dimethyl,3-perfluorooctylsulfonylpropyl-aminium,&nb sp;iodide structureformulaCF3(CF2)7SO2NHCH2CH2N+(CH3)3I- MolecularformulaC14H16F17IN2O2S Molecularweight725.9 AppearanceYe...

    Related Keywords: 1652-63-7

  • FC-97(Potassium Perflurohexanesulfonate)

    Date / 09/24/2015

    US $1-20 FC-97(PotassiumPerflurohexanesulfonate) CASNo.:3871-99-6 MolecularFormula:C6F13SO3K Molecularweight:438 Appearance:whiteorlight-yellowpowder mp:285°C Density(20°C):1.5g/cm3 SurfaceTensionγ:22dynes/cm(0.1%aqua) Content:≥95% PackageStorageTrans p...

    Related Keywords: CAS No.: 3871-99-6

  • FC-4(Perfluorobutylsulfonylfluoride)

    Date / 09/24/2015

    US $1-20 FT-4(Perfluorobutylsulfonylfluoride) Tradename:FT-4 CASNo.:375-72-4 MF:C4F9SO2F Appearance:clearcolorlessorslightlyyellowliquid Boilingpoint:65-66ËšC Refractive index(n25D):1.2810 Density(d420):1.750-1.700 Assay:95%(GC) PH:3.8-4.8 Application:Itisthehomologueofperfluoro...

    Related Keywords: CAS No.: 375-72-4

  • FT-120(Ammonium perfluorooctylsulfonate)

    Date / 09/24/2015

    US $1-20 FT-120(Ammoniumperfluorooctylsulfonate) CASNo.:29081-56-9 Tradename:FT-120 structureformula:CF3(CF2)7SO3NH4 Molecularformula:C8H4F17O3NS Molecularwe ight:517 Assay:≥95% Appearance:Colorlessoryellowishpowder Application:Itisakindofperfluoroanionsurfactantandcanbeu sedaswett...

    Related Keywords: CAS No.: 29081-56-9

  • FC-8(Perfluorooctylsulfonylfluoride)

    Date / 09/24/2015

    US $1-20 FC-8(Perfluorooctylsulfonylfluoride) Chemicalname:Perfluorooctylsulfonylfluoride Tradename:FC-8 CASNo.:307-35-7 Molecularstructure:CF3(CF2)7SO2F Molecularformula:C8F18O2S Appearance:colorlessandtransparentliquid Relateddensity:1.81-1.85 PHvalue:3-4 Assay:91% Application:Itisthestartingmate...

    Related Keywords: 307-35-7

  • CWG550 digital Infrared Thermometer

    Date / 08/20/2015

    US $1-20 Maximum temperature :(-18~+425)°C, Measurement accuracy:Error excepted ,Read the numerical ±2%, Repeatability :Measuring range ±1%, Response time :≤500ms, Spectral response :(7~18)μm, Emissivity:0.95, Temperature resolution :1°C, Temperature display :3 LCD, Distan...

    Related Keywords: infrared thermometer

  • Liquid Pad Printing Silicone Rubber Material

    Date / 08/07/2015

    US $1-20 1. Applications of liquid pad printing silicone rubber Pad printing silicone rubber is mainly use for printing irregular patterns of plastic toys, electroplating toys and trade makers . Pad printing silicone rubber as a carrier which transfer patterns on the steel plate to the toys products surface....

    Related Keywords: pad printing silicon Rubber pads printing silicon

  • Medical Grade liquid silicone rubber for shoe insoles

    Date / 08/07/2015

    US $1-20 1.Application of Medical Grade liquid silicone rubber for shoe insoles The product is a two component high elongation silicone gel designed for silicone food care products, such as silicone insole. This product cured at room temperature to a soft track gel with the addition of curing agent. The soft...

    Related Keywords: silicone rubber for shoe insoles; shoe insoles silicone rubber; shoe insoles silicone rubber

  • HY 9055 of Electronic Potting Silicone Rubber

    Date / 08/07/2015

    US $1-20 1. Product Feature of Electronic Potting Silicone Rubber HY 9055 silicone rubber is a kind of low viscosity, Inherent flame resistance, two components addtion cured potting silicone with heat-conducting. It cures with both on room temperature and heated temperature. It has the feature of the higher ...

    Related Keywords: ; Liquid potting silicon rubber

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