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  • L-Aspartic Acid

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Features: 1) Molecular formula: C&sub4;H&sub7;NO&sub4; 2) Molecular weight: 133.10g 3) Edible 4) Quality standard: FCCIV 5) Content: 98.5 - 101.5% 6) Specific rotatory power: []D20+24.5~+26.0 7) Drying loss: 0.25% 8) Ignition residue: 0.10% 9) Heavy metal: 0.001% 10) Lead: 0.0005% 11) Use L...

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  • Catalyst

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 We can supply catalyst such as ammonia synthesis catalyst, SO2 oxidized sulfuric acid catalyst, CO high temperature shift catalyst, CO low temperature shift catalyst, synthesis methanol catalyst and methanation catalyst. Other Price Terms: FOB Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P...

    Related Keywords: Catalyst, Catalyst

  • Ammonium Heptamolybdate

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Characteristics: 1) Chemical formula: (NH4)6MOO24.4H2O 2) Molecular weight: 1235.86 3) Character: white crystal powder, melted in water Specifications: 1) Mo: ≥54% 2) P: ≤0.0005% 3) Si: ≤0.001% 4) K: ≤0.020% 5) Al: ≤0.0006% 6) Na: ≤0.005% 7) Fe:≤0.0008% ...

    Related Keywords: Ammonium, Heptamolybdate, Ammonium, Heptamolybdate

  • Spent Catalyst

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: We want to sell some precious metal (Pt) spent platformer unit catalyst. If you are interested ,please contact me....

    Related Keywords: Spent, Catalyst, Spent, Catalyst

  • Ammonia

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: 1) Colorless, strong odor gas, miscible with water, ethanol and ether 2) Solution is alkalinity 3) Mixed up water at random, it will generate high-heat, poisonous and flammable 4) Can cause strong reaction or explosion, when happened to strong oxidizing agent ...

    Related Keywords: Ammonia, Ammonia

  • Plastifloor Hardener 2.5

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Plastifloor hardener BP-50-FT/2.5 is a Dibenzolperoxyde based catalysator for curing all kind of Plastifloor PMMA resin based products. Use Plastifloor hardener 1 to 3% of resin. Plastifloor hardener Payment Terms: L/C...

    Related Keywords: Plastifloor, Hardener, 2.5, Plastifloor, Hardener

  • Diatomite Catalyst Carrier

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Features: 1) Good chemistry inertia 2) Appropriate relative surface 3) Good factor of porosity 4) Wear-resisting, acidproof, heat-resisting 5) An ideal carrier for multitudinous catalysts: a) Hydrogenation nickel cobalt catalyst b) The mellow dehydrogenation reflected c) Cop...

    Related Keywords: diatomite, Catalyst, carrier, diatomite, Catalyst, carrier

  • Three Way Catalyst for Gasoline Engine

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Features: 1) Reduces emissions of CO, HC, NOxby up to 95% 2) Good performance against high temperature 3) Excellent oxygen storage ability, wide span of λ 4) Precious metal and washcoat with high surface area 5) High dispersion of precious metal 6) Low light-off temperature 7) Excel...

    Related Keywords: Three, way, Catalyst, for, gasoline, engine, Three, way, Catalyst, gasoline, engine

  • Chromium Chloride

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: 1) Molecular formula: CrCl3H2O 2) Molecular weight: 266.45 3) Character: bottle-green monoclinic crystal 4) Proportion: 1.835 5) Easily soluble in water and ethanol except aether 6) Hygroscopic 7) Uses: a) Chemical industry: produce chromium fluoride and other chemic...

    Related Keywords: Chromium, Chloride, Chromium, Chloride

  • Molecular Sieve Zeolite 3A

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: Molecular Sieve Zeolite 3A 3A is highly adsorbents which can be used in a wide range of industrial Process including the drying of refrigerants, removal of water from ethene and olefinic hydrocarbons, natural gas processing and petrochemical industry. Regeneration The Prod...

    Related Keywords: Molecular, sieve, Zeolite, 3A, Molecular, sieve, Zeolite

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