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  • GCDFP15/PIP peptide

    Date / 12/24/2018

    US $1-20 PIP (prolactin-induced protein) is a protein-coding gene. Diseases associated with PIP include florid papillomatosis of the nipple, and eccrine adenocarcinoma. GO annotations related to this gene include actin binding.For in vitro research use only. Not intended for any diagnostic or therapeutic pur...

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  • Aluminium Stearate

    Date / 12/24/2018

    US $1-20 1.Formula : (C 17 H 35 COO) 2 AlOH 2. Properties: The product is white powder. 3. Usage: The product is used as PVC innoxious hot stabilizer. It is also used as rust inhibitor, building materials, waterproof agent, paint and printing ink thickener and cosmetic emu...

    Related Keywords: PVC STABILIZER, pvc additive.chemical stabilizer, chemical additive.auxiliary

  • CHORDC1 Peptide

    Date / 11/26/2018

    US $1-20 CHORDC1 (cysteine and histidine-rich domain (CHORD) containing 1) is a protein-coding gene. Diseases associated with CHORDC1 include inclusion conjunctivitis, and conjunctivitis. GO annotations related to this gene include Hsp90 protein binding and zinc ion binding. An important paralog of this gene...

    Related Keywords: CHORDC1 Peptide

  • Isopropyl alcohol

    Date / 10/08/2018

    US $1-20 CJSC "Synthetic spirit plant” works in the sphere of chemistry and petrochemistry. Our enterprise the oldest in branch of production of isopropyl alcohol, however, uses modern technologies and the equipment that allows to develop a qualitative and demanded product.CJSC “Synthetic sp...

    Related Keywords: isopropanol, isopropyl alcohol

  • Cyanuric acid

    Date / 10/01/2018

    US $1-20 Cyanuric acid CAS:108-80-5 Formula:C3N3H3O3 Applications:As the raw material for Iso-cyanuric acid chloride,paints;as the raw material for the production of sterilization,disinfection,bleaching ,weed killers and other chemical decontamination . If you have any demand about my products. ...

    Related Keywords: cyanuric acid

  • 2-Cyanoacetamide

    Date / 10/01/2018

    US $1-20 2-Cyanoacetamide CAS NO.:107-91-5 molecular formula:C3H4N2O molecular weight:84.07 Usage: used as medicine, dye and plating solution intermediates. If you have any demand about my products. please enquiry me sophia at kaihongchem dot com. OurmainproductsareBronopol.DBNPA.HBC...

    Related Keywords: 2-Cyanoacetamide

  • Oxidized Bitumen

    Date / 09/03/2018

    US $1-20 Dear Sir/Madam, ZISTA GROUP established in 2005 is a group of companies with based in China, Hong Kong, Iran, UAE and it has been supplier of raw materials for a decade. In 2012 Zista Group have set up its own factory in Iran to make oxidized bitumen and have been serving different markets inc...

    Related Keywords: Oxidized Bitumen 115/15, 85/25, 95/15, 90/10

  • YK-972

    Date / 08/17/2018

    US $1-20 2,2-Bis[4-(2,3-dibromo-2-methylpropoxy)-3,5-dibrom Come name:YK-972 CAS No.: 97416-84-7 Molecular Formula:C23H24Br8O2 Molecular Weight: 943.6 Usage:It mainly used for EPS,XPS and other ABS. Package:25kg paper bag,1000kg big bags If you have any demand ab...

    Related Keywords: YK-972

  • Propargyl-oxo-propane-2,3-dihydroxy

    Date / 03/01/2018

    US $1-20 POPDH(Propargyl-oxo-propane-2,3-dihydroxy) Trade name:POPDH Chemical name:Propargyl-oxo-propane-2,3-dihydroxy Molecular formula:C6H10O3 CAS:13580-38-6 Assay:50% Appearance:Yellowish transparent liquid related density@20°C:1.06-1.11 refractive index@20°C:1.3900-1.4100 ...

    Related Keywords: electroplating


    Date / 01/26/2018

    US $1-20 N,N,N’N’-tetrakis(2-hydroxypropyl)ethylenediamine CAS:102-60-3 Trade name: EDTP Chemical name: N,N,N’N’-tetrakis(2-hydropropyl)ethylenediamine 2-Propanol,1,1',1'',1'''-(1,2-ethanediyldinitrilo)tetrakis EINECS: 203-041-4 Other name: ED...

    Related Keywords: manufacturer

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