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  • Thapar & Associates Law Firm

    Date / 03/02/2012

    US $1-20 Thapar Associates Law Firm is a full service law firm and render the legal services through team of renowned legal expert and highly experienced legal professionals in their respective fields. Law Firm prides in keeping the best legal talent on its panel to render the best legal services. Law firm...

    CUSTOMS LAWYER, BAILS MATTERS, DUTY EVASION MATTERS, CUSTOMS SHOW CAUSE NOTICE REPLY, APPEALS TO Commissioner, Tribunal, Reply to Demand Notice Customs, 108 statement of customs law, Import Export law, Letter of Credit LC, DIVORCE LAWYER, 498 Lawyer

  • Anchor Collection Services, Inc.

    Date / 12/07/2010

    US $1-20 Anchor Collection Services, Inc. established for more than 12 years and 5 years in Cebu office. with 4 branches including cebu, davao, manila, and pamapanga. It provide services for quality output of their clientele. The porpuse of their existence is to make good business, provide services, give ch...


  • Leges Juris Associates Law Firm

    Date / 09/15/2009

    US $1-20 Leges Juris Associates Law Firm is a full service global law firm based at Delhi in india.we providing our best services to our national and international clients.we dealing in the area of law are business law,criminal trial and bail,civil recovery and property matters,aviation litigation,shipping a...


  • It's Skills

    Date / 09/10/2008

    US $1-20 ...


  • LexLitis Law Office,India

    Date / 09/04/2008

    US $1-20 Lexlitis Law Office,India is a full-service law firm located in Haryana ,India ,serving a wide range of clients. Lexlitis Law Office,India is available to serve clients having legal problem of any type at a reasonable cost. In delivering the legal services, we focus on the following factors in order...



    Date / 05/16/2007

    US $1-20 CARTHAGENA Management Ltd. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT INCORPORATION SERVICES. TO: ALL TRADING COMPANIES/STARTERS/IMPORTERS/EXPORTERS/CONSULTANTS Ref:…DID 2007/179 DETAILS Main Website Incorporating of LLC,Ltd,offshore worldwide Company.Chartered Accountants...


  • Beijing Yingke Law Firm

    Date / 12/31/2006

    US $1-20 Beijing ying ke law firm is a partnership firm engaged in the provision of all aspects of legal services with high quality concentrating to public and private entities and individuals, from both china and abroad. Many senior lawyers of the firm got formal legal educations or trainings in the famou...


  • Bousetta & Mena

    Date / 12/27/2006

    US $1-20 We are a law firm based is Spain as a part of the gttmi group and see to legal matters for our customers varying from credit worthiness tests to international trade issues. We have noticed that we are receiving a growing amount of successful trade requests. Our benefit is that we can offer a comp...


  • Fisti Associates

    Date / 12/27/2006

    US $1-20 We provide consultancy and legal services to individuals and companies for business with Pakistan. We are legal advisors for several Pakistani and foreign companies. We have two portions of our business. 1-First is concerned with legal consultancy and services. 2-Second one is concerned with marke...


  • Fal International Importex

    Date / 12/26/2006

    US $1-20 My company was created since 5 years. We try to get goods to our client and our speciality is sell, so we are reseller, legal and public notary services, general trade agents, brokerage, intermediary service, commercial service OEM Service: No. of R&D Staff: Estimated Annual Sales (USD)...


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