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  • LPH

    Date / 04/16/2015

    US $1-20 NINGBO LIPU HYDRAULIC MACHINERY CO., LTD. is the factory specializing in hydraulic quick release couplings with more than 20 years history. It originated from Cixi Kandun Pipe Accessory Company established in 1983. Our factory is in possession of over 100 sets of equipment including CNC machi...

    hydraulic quick release couplings

  • Baochuan

    Date / 12/05/2014

    US $1-20 Zhejiangbiographiestransmissionmachineryco.,LTDislocatedinthebeautifulwestlakehadxiaoshan,about20kmfromhangzhouxiaoshaninternationalairportandrailwaystationareroad,xiaoshanexit1kilometersawayfromhighway,trafficisveryconvenient.Zhejiangbiographiestransmissionmachineryco.,LTDisaprofessionalengagedinde...

    Manufacture specialized in Cardan Shaft, U-joint Shaft, Transmission Coupling in China

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