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  • 37mm lens cap for digital camera from China

    Date / 08/17/2017

    US $1-20 A lens cover or lens cap provides protection from scratches and minor collisions for camera and camcorder lenses. Lens covers come standard with most cameras and lenses. Some mobile camera phones include lens covers, such as the Sony Ericsson W800 and the Sony Ericsson K550. A more secure lens cap i...

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  • Led Outdoor Lighting

    Date / 05/24/2017

    US $1-20 LedOutdoorLighting 5.6.1 LedSMDFloodLighting ItemNo.:128 DaylightWhiteSuperBrightIP65OutdoorSMD100WFlood light Specifications: Model Power Size(mm) IP PF CCT Voltage ...

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  • Led spot light

    Date / 05/24/2017

    US $1-20 Ledspotlight 5.2.1 5WMR16LEDSpotlightGU10 ItemNo.:014 5WMR16LEDSpotlightGU10 Input:110/220& ;nbs p;VAC50/60Hz -RatedPower:5W -LightSource:4pcsOSRAM3030 -Lumen:400lm -Color/CCT:2700-7000K -Dimmable:available -BeamAngle(°):38/45/60 -Base...

    Related Keywords: LED spot light

  • Led Bulbs

    Date / 05/24/2017

    US $1-20 LEDLamp 5.1 LedBulbs 5.1.1 LEDBULB20W30W40W50W60W ItemNo.:126 ledlightbulbinformation Productname ledlightbulb Inputvoltage 165-265V Power 20/30/40/50/60 ...

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  • UV Germicidal Lamp

    Date / 05/24/2017

    US $1-20 UVGermicidalLamp 4.1 UVCsterilizinglightbulbGTL2/GTL3 ItemNo.:124 UVCsterilizinglightbulbGTL2/GTL3 UVtoothcleaner3w12VUVC185nm254nmE17mini&am p;nb sp;uvlamp 10V3Wself-ballastminiUVgermicidallamps10V/3W GTL33WBASEE1710.5V2.48IN253.7NMReplacementUshio3000022UVbulb GTL2E17lamph...

    Related Keywords: UV Germicidal Lamp

  • Antique Style Edison Bulb

    Date / 05/24/2017

    US $1-20 AntiqueStyleEdisonBulb 2.1 Decorativelightinghandicraftedisonbulb ItemNo.:117 SpecialAntiqueStyleLightBulb,weusetheborosilicateglassfortheantiquestylebulb,theNewdesign,andnewshape&a mp;n bsp;forthislamp,pleasecontactus. Lifetime:3500hrs AccptOEM Eachpiecewithonepolybag,thenwithonemi...

    Related Keywords: Antique Style Edison Bulb

  • Incandescent Bulb

    Date / 05/24/2017

    US $1-20 IncandescentBulb 1.1 InfraredLamp 1.1.1 InfraredLampPAR38175W ItemNo.:125 InfraredLampPAR38175W Infraredheatinglampwithhardglassbackscatteredradiation Color:clear,red,blue,green,yellow Waterproof,hardglass Lifetime:3500hrs AccptOEM Eachpiecewithonepolybag,thenwithonemiddl...

    Related Keywords: incandescent bulb


    Date / 02/19/2017

    US $1-20 our highest quality rod, designed for heavy-duty applications. It gets its extra strength from a unique construction process that ensures greater rigidity and strength, enabling it to endure the additional force required for long duct runs with multiple bends and sweeps. ...

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  • Topcon Hiper Lite Plus RTK GPS + FC200

    Date / 11/06/2016

    US $1-20 HiPer Lite+ features: Super-fast and easy base station setup – tripod, tribrach, and HiPer Lite + – you're done! Cable-free rover works with Bluetooth® wireless technology equipped field controllers Integrated spread spectrum radio works with HiPer Lite + and standard H...

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  • Trimble Spectra Precision DG711-5 Pipe Laser Kit

    Date / 11/06/2016

    US $1-20 Featuring a very rugged design and a variety of unique technological capabilities. These Pipe Lasers stand up to corrosion from acids, chemicals, salts and other destructive underground elements as well as to the physical abuse typical in the construction industry. Applications installa...

    Related Keywords: Total Stations

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