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  • Honeywell Switching Relay W. Internal Transformer R182C1051U

    Date / 09/16/2019

    US $1-20 Honeywell Switching Relay W. Internal Transformer R182C1051U Specifications: (1)Application: Enclosed intermediate DPDT switching relay for 24 volt 2 or 3 wire thermostat control of line voltage devices. 120 volt primary power supply; (2)Includes: Integral transformer, enclosure; (3)CommentsTh...

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  • Weidmuller Safety Relays

    Date / 08/08/2019

    US $1-20 Weidmuller Safety Relay Series SIL3 Type SCS 24 V DC P2SIL3ES Specifications: (1)Positively-driven contacts; (2)2-channel design; (3)Insert according to EN 50156; (4)Standard: EN 50178, EN 61000, EN 61326-3-2; (5)Order No.: 1319280000. (6)Origin: Germany. Our Availability: AS Automation...

    Related Keywords: Weidmuller Safety Relays

  • Schrack Relay T92P11A22-120

    Date / 08/08/2019

    US $1-20 Schrack Power Plug-in Relay T92P11A22-120 Specifications: (1)T92 Series; (2)Terminal Type = Quick Connect; (3)Contact - Rated Current = 30 A; (4)Contact - Current Class = 20A to 30A Class, Greater Than 16A; (5)Contact - Arrangement = 2 Form C (CO). Our Availability: AS Automation Co., Lt...

    Related Keywords: Schrack Relay

  • Massuse Relay ME11-H-A-24-1D-S-3-B-F

    Date / 08/08/2019

    US $1-20 Massuse Relay ME11-H-A-24-1D-S-3-B-F Specifications: (1)Model No. : ME-11-H, sensitive type; (2)Coil Type: AC Type; (3)Coil Voltage: 24VAC; (4)Contact Form: 1B; (5)Protection: Sealed; (6)Rating(at 250VAC/30VDC) : 5mm 1 pole 10A; (7)Contact Material: AgNi; (8)Insulation: Class F. (9)Origi...

    Related Keywords: Massuse Relay

  • Agastat Control Relay/Nuclear Qualified Power Relay

    Date / 08/08/2019

    US $1-20 Agastat Control Relay/Nuclear Qualified Power Relay EGPB004 Specifications: (1)Relay Style = Nuclear Qualified Power Relay; (2)EGP Series; (3)DC Actuating System; (4)Input Voltage = 24 VDC; (5)Contact - Arrangement = 4 Form C, 4PDT, 4 C/O; (6)Place of Origin: USA. Our Availability: AS A...

    Related Keywords: Agastat Relay

  • ABB Electronic Timer/Electronic Relays

    Date / 08/08/2019

    US $1-20 ABB Electronic Timer/Electronic Relays E234 CT-ERD Specifications: (1)Space saving; (2)Time saving because easy to adjust; (3)Easy to select because of a wide variety of products; (4)World wide approvals; (5)Single- and multifunction versions are available; (6)Wide supply voltage range; (7...

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