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  • Apex Finance Ltd

    Date / 10/25/2011

    US $1-20 Apex Finance is one of the fastest growing finance and leasing companies in the UK offering flexible and substantial facilities to individuals and corporate bodies. Our ability to finance any item of expenditure has allowed us to grow into a stable, well balanced finance and leasing company, with...

    finance, Loans, B/G, SBLC, Mtn, L/C

  • RG Coal Associates

    Date / 04/21/2011

    US $1-20 INTRODUCTION RG Coal Associates can PROVIDE and POTENTIAL BUSINESS in Indonesia Coal businesses. At the same time, We are inviting to cooperation, develop and operate a new small coal mine in Indonesia with us. If required big area, like coal, Interest parties wish to join us are welcome for ...

    coal, gold, nickel, MINING, energy, Stockpile, trading

  • Saba International Ltd

    Date / 06/08/2009

    US $1-20 We are glad to welcome you in Georgia - most attractive business destination in the world. Located at the crossroads of Europe and Central Asia, Georgia is a bridge connecting several important economic regions with a total of 827 million people. It is a key link in the shortest transit route bet...


  • Remington Financial Group

    Date / 12/19/2008

    US $1-20 Since 1993, Remington Financial Group, Inc. (RFG) has built a successful history of providing capital and financial services to sophisticated real estate owners and developers nationwide. Specializing in complex transactions starting at $1 Million and moving upward, RFG offers an extensive network ...


  • OGX Energy, Inc.

    Date / 12/31/2006

    US $1-20 Ogx energy, inc. Is a privately held texas corporation established in 1993. The engineers associated with ogx have more than 25 years of experience in the oil & gas industry. Such experience includes oilfield drilling equipment and tools, pipeline projects and oil & gas exploration ventures. ...


  • Van Khanh Co., Ltd

    Date / 12/29/2006

    US $1-20 Our company was founded in 2001, with all of expert in feild of enegy, located in hanoi city, vienam. We provide all of sevice relate to energy consultancy in industry, anergy. Other, we have good relationship with ministry of industry, electricy of vietnam and ministry of industry OEM Service: N...



    Date / 12/25/2006

    US $1-20 Our company is dealiing in many different types of products such as olive oil and tea. We also distribute anion generators and ionizing light bulbs to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia. Another product is an energy saving device for buildings that can save you 20 - 35 % on your electri...


  • Kouright Industries Co., Ltd.

    Date / 12/25/2006

    US $1-20 We have our own branches over the following countries: 1) Baghdad, Iraq 2) Amman, Jordan 3) Singapore 4) Dhaka, Bangladesh 5) India 6) Beijing, China Our main business: 1) Chemicals for the application of Oil Field, Refinery, and Water Treatment 2) Equipment and Instrument for the application of ...


  • 8443

    Date / 12/24/2006

    US $1-20 Exxaco is a specialized energy trading company. Our companies principal businesses are crude oil and petroleum product trading, and associated services. As specialists in global energy trading, we operate within an international network serving the renowned participants in the crude oil and energy...


  • Jw Projektentwicklungs KG

    Date / 12/23/2006

    US $1-20 We are several people that worked in different companies in leading positions. We are developing Energy projects, like windparks, Wasteplants for electricity, Geothermie plants for elec.... We also buy and sell waste worldwide.....waste exchange.... For our energy projects we are also currently ...


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