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  • Automatic Grits Manufacturing Machine

    Date / 10/12/2019

    US $1-20 Characteristic: Mixing feeds evenly and making them into grits, which can avoid the waste of feeds, money, time, and size is adjustable. Integrate operation from mixing feeds to making grits means time saving and convenient. Direction: Pour feeds into the stirring bucket, and mix thorou...

    Related Keywords: Grits Manufacturing Machine

  • HDPE Pond Liner

    Date / 10/12/2019

    US $1-20 Welding Machine: If you're interested in this item, please send us your requirement. Characteristic: Shorten pond cleaning time, no soil treatment, increase breeding frequency. Decrease contamination and reduce risk of disease. Aeration more efficient, power saving. Prevent...

    Related Keywords: hdpe pond liner

  • Automatic Feeder

    Date / 10/12/2019

    US $1-20 Feed Size from 0.5~3MM Characteristic: Double powerful blowing outlets blow feeds far and covers wide area. Single roller distributor can adjust required feeding quantity. Exclusively centrifugal motor. Adopt multi-bladed and aluminum-bladed fan with stable operating. Can be fi...

    Related Keywords: Automatic Feeder

  • Roots Blower

    Date / 10/12/2019

    US $1-20 Specification: Pressure Performance Table Pressure Performance Curve Noise Level Outline Dimension Structure Material List Typical Applications Characteristic: Wide range for air volume, pressure and vacuum. Bore: 25A ~ 300A (1"~12") Capacity: 0.1 ~ 1...

    Related Keywords: roots blower

  • Water Pump - Coaxial Pump

    Date / 10/12/2019

    US $1-20 SUS316 Material Bore 2" - 8" High Head Large Volume Sea Water Use Features: Model CT-C pump, pump body, pump up water impeller and enter water access cap, quarry SUS316 cast materials, the axis is a SUS316 material, the mechanical axle seals VFA and VTSIC(Tungsten) ma...

    Related Keywords: Coaxial Pump

  • Deep Water Aeration - Air Injector

    Date / 10/12/2019

    US $1-20 Characteristic: Allowing oxygen transfer into the water quickly. Increase higher efficiency of oxygen transfer, excellent water mixing and circulation pattern. Decomposes harmful material or gas. The circulating water will reactivate with the bottom of the pond, establishing and maintain...

    Related Keywords: Air Injector

  • Deep Water Aeration Rotation

    Date / 10/12/2019

    US $1-20 Characteristic: Rotation design improves oxygen-content of water, harmful gases escape by water-circulation. Enhance the exchange of gases with the atmosphere and obtains the strongest water current. The unique Aerator Motor Made Under "ISO9001" And "ISO14001" System ...

    Related Keywords: Water Aeration Rotation

  • Diesel Engine Multi Impeller Paddlewheel Aerator

    Date / 10/12/2019

    US $1-20 Characteristic: Providing substantial and stronger water current to improve pond water circulation and oxygenation. With more impellers than normal model, which can benefit a large breeding area, thus, less power consumption and less investment cost. Few aerator is needed, reduce maintenanc...

    Related Keywords: Paddlewheel Aerator

  • Paddlewheel Aerator - PA Series

    Date / 10/12/2019

    US $1-20 Characteristic: Best Quality Silicon Steel Plate. Energy Saving. High Oxygenation Performance From Unique Design. Sturdy Stainless Steel Frame Ensure Without Any Deformation. Easy Maintenance. The Unique Aerator Motor Made Under "ISO9001"And "ISO14001" System. ...

    Related Keywords: Paddlewheel Aerator

  • Farming Cages - round

    Date / 10/12/2019

    US $1-20 Mainly Designed For Lake Sea. Be Able To Be Used For Harvest. Resist Maximum to 6M Wave. Still Very Strong And Working Well During Typhoon. Having Good Feedback From The Biggest Tilapia Farm In The World And Other Governmental Projects. Function: Marine cage farming system can...

    Related Keywords: Farming Cages

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