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  • King-Eye Security Industry Co.,Limited

    Date / 06/29/2011

    US $1-20 King-Eye Security is always providing GSM alarm system, GSM alarm, home alarm, business alarm, shop alarm, burglar alarm, wireless alarm system, security alarm system, auto dial alarm, home alarm system, fire alarm system, IP camera, door sensor, window sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensor, glass break ...

    SM alarm system, gsm alarm, home alarm, business alarm, shop alarm, burglar alarm, wireless alarm system, security alarm system, Auto Dial Alarm, home alarm system, fire alarm system, IP camera, Door Sensor, window sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensor, glass break sensor, vibration sensor.

  • Lida Imports

    Date / 09/01/2006

    US $1-20 Our company specializes in producing and exporting all kinds of car accessories and LED lighting products. We are getting more and more customers from more than 15 countries based on our high quality and excellent service. Many of our products have received CE/GS and UL certification, ensuring th...


  • Liuyang Greatwall Fireworks Co., Ltd

    Date / 07/26/2006

    US $1-20 We are a fireworks enterprise which specailized in various kind of fireworks and firecreackers, we are keen to expand our overseas trade, so we wish to establish business relations with all the friends in worldwide on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. Our fireworks products are famous for ...


  • DVS, LLC

    Date / 06/15/2006

    US $1-20 We are a diversified Limited Liability Comapny with the ability to grow and enhance our services and products quickly. How? We are small, nimble, willing to chance gears and keep current.I intend to grow our company into a highly sought after supplier of essential goods and services throughout the...


  • 48884

    Date / 05/21/2006

    US $1-20 We are a chinese fireworks company, located in liuyang city, exporting fireworks and non-fireworks party products to many countries in the world. I am the general manager from china jumbo fireworks company in liuyang, hunan province, china. We have been making both class b,(professional)fireworksa...


  • Multi Links

    Date / 04/02/2006

    US $1-20 We would like this opportunity to introduce you to multi links.. Multi links is a company with the aim to provide complete high quality solution and it services to varity of business. We have a portfolio of diversified products and services. Our staff is high skilled consultants and engineers is o...


  • Primex Security Systems

    Date / 02/25/2006

    US $1-20 Our compagny is one of Canadas leading suppliers to the Canadian military.Royal Canadian federal police and many law enforcement agencies.We specialice in detection equipment for bombs,drugs,toxics.and law enforcement equipment ,ordinance OEM Service: No. of R&D Staff: Estimated Annual Sales (USD...


  • Tanhan Trading

    Date / 01/17/2006

    US $1-20 Tanhan Trading has over a decade of experience in providing niche military equipment and services to the countries in Southeast Asia. Due to the Government and military contacts established in this part of the world, it is able to supply quality equipment and services to meet the specific needs o...


  • DIO IR(Defense Industries Of Iran)

    Date / 10/21/2005

    US $1-20 Defence Industries Organization (D. I. O. ), affiliated to the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics was established in 1924 and it's entire capital belongs to the government of I. R. Iran which is capable in production and export of multi - purpose defense and civil products & services. ...


  • AAA Nappies And Toys

    Date / 10/10/2005

    US $1-20 Our Company import and Wholesale disposable nappies in South Africa. On the side we also do other Baby products and toys, and are looking to expand that part of the business as well as fireworks. If there are any companies interested in dealing with us, please contact us anytime. OEM Se...


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