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  • Guangzhou dihua color printing co., Ltd

    Date / 08/24/2010

    US $1-20 Guangzhou dihua color printing co., Ltd. is nicely located at the tian he District in Guangzhou With its proximity to zhong shan da dao , tangran road and guang yuan highway, transport to the company is convenient. The factory area covers more than 5000 metre square. Since its start in 1997, the com...


  • A1-ebooks

    Date / 09/17/2007

    US $1-20 A1-eBooks buy / sell Select ebooks of your choice. Click here now.......


  • Active Knowledge

    Date / 12/31/2006

    US $1-20 Active-Knowledge is offering contextual knowledge synthesis & proven methodologies to translate knowledge into action. Throught sets of eBooks & powerfull affiliates programs, it offers proven ways to earn money from an Internet business OEM Service: No. of R&D Staff: Estimated Annual S...


  • Bon Uomo Garrard & Company

    Date / 12/29/2006

    US $1-20 Publishing and Advertising Company. We engage in all aspects of running a publication. From editorial work, advertising solicitation and layout, printing, and distribution. Our forte is publishing coffeetable books. OEM Service: No. of R&D Staff: Estimated Annual Sales (USD): Export Per...


  • CDI Media INC.

    Date / 12/26/2006

    US $1-20 Cdi media INC has grown to a 104,000 square foot building in salt lake city after over 22 years proudly and promptly serving our valued customers. We have capacity for over 100,000 cd's or dvd's a day. We are licensed with phillips and we are ISO 9000 certified. OEM Service: No. of R&D Staff: Est...


  • Impetus Innovations Sdn Bhd

    Date / 12/17/2006

    US $1-20 Impetus Innovations Sdn Bhd, operating from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, is involved in the licensing of printed corporate training materials and e-learning. Currently, we are accepting training materials of most fields from other corporate trainers globally. OEM Service: No. of R&D Staff: Estimated ...


  • Gallegati

    Date / 12/16/2006

    US $1-20 We are leading italian photo album manufacturers. Our production ranges from classic leather bound albums to paperboard and plastic items for professional and amateur uses. Our typical customers are professional photographers who consider an attractive presentation of their work important for prom...


  • Copra Company Ltd.

    Date / 12/16/2006

    US $1-20 We are an international business company providing international trading and services. Based on your volume, we can ensure that you will be given a very competitive price. also being in bussines since 1996 we areproud to say that we know how to treat all the clients we'll have begginers or pro's.....


  • Amazulu Media

    Date / 12/09/2006

    US $1-20 We are a company with a vision to transform Africa through the media and by innovative technologies that improve transportation of goods, communication and trade within the African Union. Our vision is to uplift Africa through the empowerment of its peoples. Our core business is the media and tour...


  • Royal Educational Stores

    Date / 12/04/2006

    US $1-20 Royal Educational stores is Manufacturer & Wholesaler of various teaching aids on different subjects for Pre-Nursery to Senior Secondary Levels of schools. The company has in house manufacturing and supplying facilities for almost all diversified fields in the school level education industry. With...


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