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  • Shark Cartilage (Bones)

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: Our shark bones are from the bones of the particular deep sea shark dog fish caugt from 3000m deep sea...

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  • Badger Hair

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: Badger hair is the best materials for making shaving brush. It can divided into four kinds of: The first grade badger hair(GOU HUAN), the second grade badger hair(ZHU HUAN), the third grade badger, and the fourth grade badger hair....

    Related Keywords: Badger, hair, Badger, hair

  • OX Gallstone

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: We present again another product of ours at Oluwaseyi Exports Intl. This is an Ox-Gallstone. We have available in stock gallstone from cattle, and cow. They are both wet and Dry whole and broken inclusive. We have for sample, pictures of the gallstone. We will give prices on ...

    Related Keywords: Ox, Gallstone, Gallstone

  • Gallstone

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: We have a very large stock of cow and cattle gallstones at very affordable and negotiable prices. ...

    Related Keywords: Gallstone, Gallstone

  • Wheat Bran

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: Wheat bran It is a processed wheat bi-product used in animal feeds and poultry feeds. Wheat bran is important input for feed production.Power Bran Other Price Terms: FOB Karachi Pakistan Payment Terms: L/C,T/TSupply Ability: 200MT...

    Related Keywords: wheat, Bran, wheat, Bran

  • Ox/Cow/Cattle Gall Bladder Stone

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: We are full time exporter of high quality natural ox/cow/cattle gallstones. Our product obtained from disease free cattle. Can supply up to 7kgs monthly. Shipment prompt by air courier(dhl/fedex/tnt). Price depends on ratio of wholestone/brokenstone. At moment for 80%whole/20...

    Related Keywords: Ox/Cow/Cattle, Gall, bladder, stone, Ox/Cow/Cattle, Gall, bladder, stone

  • Gall Stone

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: This is a stone like prodce, found in the bladder of an ox or cow. ...

    Related Keywords: Gall, stone, Gall, stone

  • Seals

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: From its part we can inform, that at present we are the unique company on about. Sakhalin which regularly, during many years carries out a coastal craft of seals, basically Gomafu Azarasi In current - to 2005 we plan to catch up to thousand goals. For a craft we use dowelling...

    Related Keywords: seals, seals

  • Chitin

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: Chitin-prawn shell Chitin that is derrived from tropical prawn shell...

    Related Keywords: Chitin, Chitin

  • Bristle Fibre, Coconut Fibre, Machine Twisted Fibre, Geo Tex

    Date / 11/16/2014

    US $1-20 Specifications: We are glad to introduce: TECHNO EXPORTS, a division of fiber family, is one of the leading designer, manufacturers and exporters of quality coir products, grass and Jute of India. And with more than a decade of experience in the coir industry(established in 1992), company en...

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