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  • CDM Titanium pipe fittings,Titanium elbow, Titanium reducer

    Date / 07/11/2018

    US $1-20 Titaniumpipefittings,Titaniumelbow,Titaniumreducer,Titaniumtee,Titaniumstubend,Titaniumcap,Titaniumoutlet CDMTitaniumisanapprovedISO9001:2008 PED97/23ECbyTUVandaprofessionalmanufacturerandexporteroftitaniummaterialandproduct. WemanufactureTitaniumpipefittings,includi ngsocketweldingfittings,bu...

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  • Chicken Wire Basket

    Date / 07/08/2017

    US $1-20 Chicken Wire Basket for Your Convenient Daily Life Chicken wirecan be made into vintage basket, various shapes to choose: oval, rectangle, round and other unique shapes. Cotton cover applied to protect the content be clean and safe. These basket could used in kitchen room to hold eggs, onion, ...

    Related Keywords: chicken wire basket, collection container, fruit vegetables basket, spice bottle basket in kitchen

  • tubing pup joint

    Date / 06/14/2017

    US $1-20 X-OVERN80EU4-1/2"*3-1/2" ;EUThreadedCouppings StandardReference:APIspec5C T Size:From23/8"to 4-1/2'' Grade:J55,K55,N80-1,N80-Q, nbsp;L80,P110N80 Type:NU,EU ThreadType:Tubingroundthrea d.Dimensionsandtheirtoleranceso ftubinground-threadasperAPInbs p;spec5B ...

    Related Keywords: oil tubing J55 pup joint

  • Ultrapure Tungsten Powder

    Date / 02/15/2016

    US $1-20 Appeasrance: gray powder Specification: W: 99.999%min, about 3.0μm, -200 mesh Application: base material or precision electronic parts, ultra precision resistors, semiconductor targets. ...

    Related Keywords: Ultrapure tungsten powser, tungsten powder

  • Ultrapure Tungsten Rod

    Date / 02/15/2016

    US $1-20 Appearance: silvery metal Properties: high purity, high density, no inner defect, good for subsequent processing. Application: high-density electrode materials, heating elements, supporting parts, fittings, parts of electric light source, vacuum coating, rare earth smelting industry etc. ...

    Related Keywords: Tungsten Rod Ultrapure Tungsten Rod Tungsten

  • tungsten rhenium thermocouple wire

    Date / 02/15/2016

    US $1-20 Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple Wire a.WRe3/25, Dia 0.05mm,0.08mm,0.1mm Quick thermocouple for molten steel temperature measurement and other fields. b.WRe5/26, Dia 0.5mm Temperature measurement under 2100 ℃ ...

    Related Keywords: rhenium alloy, Tungsten, alloy, alloy wire, tungsten rhenium wire


    Date / 01/22/2016

    US $1-20 72”x72”STACKINGTIRERACKFORPASSANGERANDLIGHTTRUCKTIRESWITHWIREMESHDECKING PRODUCTNUMBER:SR-6060WM-BK Dimension(L×D×H)60" x 60"x 60" 1528×1528×1528mm Tirecapacity42to63 LoadCapacity2400lb/1100kg Max.Stacked(open)4 Max.Stacked(clos...

    Related Keywords: Tire rack

  • 60" x 60" Metal Tire Storage Collapsible Stacking Rack

    Date / 01/22/2016

    US $1-20 60" x 60" Metal Tire Storage Collapsible Stacking Rack PRODUCTNUMBER:SR-6060WM-BK Dimension(L×D×H)60" x 60"x 60" 1528×1528×1528mm Tirecapacity42to63 LoadCapacity2400lb/1100kg Max.Stacked(open)4 Max.Stacked(close)20 Weight 172lb...

    Related Keywords: Tire rack

  • 50kg trial shipment

    Date / 11/12/2015

    US $1-20 My Dear Partner, Am Representative of our local community miner Association Guinea .Regard, to our Gold dust /bars and rough /uncut diamond which is ready for deliver at a very good competitive of price We have 50kgs of trial shipment . And WE due offer, gross 15% discount(10%to buyer and 5...

    Related Keywords: Gold bar and rought diamond

  • Tungsten Sheet

    Date / 10/16/2015

    US $1-20 Specification:W 99.95%min Appearance:Silver greys sheet or plate Uses:Mainly used as high temperature shielding parts,and medical instrument parts.  Properties:high purity, high density, uniform organization structure, no inner defect, good for subsequent. ...

    Related Keywords: Tungsten, sheet, metal

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