JUMO controller

Jumo Type: 403025/0-0-1-36-20-1-1-514-410-504-1-20-01/000 (replace4043820-454-405-511-20-113-601-1)

JUMO-Type : 701130/0253-001-02/205,245 STB " 0 " 200..500

JUMO DICON 500 Controller 703570/081-1100-110000-23-00/00,056

JUMO iTRON 04 compact controller 702044/88-888-000-23

JUMO 404366/000-466-406-502-20-61

JumoCTI-500 202755/15-168-0-82/000

JUMO 703580/081-1100-110000-23-00/00.000

Jumo- VIBRO temp Model:902040/10-390-1005-1-6-65-117-20

JUMO 703041/181-410-23/000

Jumo- Model: 401005/000-466-405-521-2061/000

JUMO dTRANS P30 404366/000-483-405-571-20-61/000

Jumo (951531) 701531/888-23

Jumo 402050/000 -999-405-571-20-61/000

Jumo TYA432-100/30.265

Jumo 902190/10-388-1003-1-6-175-11-2500/317

Jumo : 701160/8-0153-001-23

Jumo MICROSTAT-M 608501-2160-818-178000-311-6-103-26-26-80-20-507-426

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Jumo 901110/10-1044-22-700-669-27/000 0-1300

JUMO Type: 902020/20-402-1001-1-9-160-144/000

Jumo: N348502

Jumo pressure tansmitter Midas Type : 40.1001/000-462-405-523-20-601-61

JUMO707021/888-88 8-22


JUMO- '404366/000-459-405-613-20-61/631

JUMO: 703570/082-1101-511122-25-54/00

JUMO- 701160/8-0153-001-25

Jumo Type: 4043850-461-405-504-20-06-1/000 DTRANS P02 DC 115 36V 0-25BAR

Jumo Type:902030/10-402-1011-1-6-100-104/000(Replace 902003/10-402-1011-1-7-100-104/000 ) (7 mm diam. substituted by 6 mm)

Jumo-Fanfold Chart P/N. 70/00331490 For Jumo LOGOPRINT 500 Packing: 5 pcs /pack

Jumo-Print Head P/N. 70/00355255 For Jumo LOGOPRINT 500 Packing: 2 pcs /pack

Jumo Type:701130/0253-001-02/205,245.056 STB"O" 0-400

JUMO Resistance Thermometers 90.239-F21

JUMO Thermostat ATHf-20 603021/20-2-046-70-4000-20-42-14-01-200-8-6/711

JUM O CTI 750 Type: 202756/16-690-0-84/767,941

Jumo Type: 608425/2496-814-04-8000-843-8-104-26-100-04/410

Jumo Type: 608425/2010-814-04-8000-843-8-104-26-100-04/000

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