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Max Deodorant Max Deodorant
Specifications: Ozturk Chemistry is the manufacturer of deodorants under 10 brands; Elena,Happywomen,Joy,Anna and Nanabelle for women Hector,Max, Lion,Goodmen,Captor for men...
[Related Categories: Cosmetics ]
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Bilberry Extract, Max Str. For Proper Vision Bilberry Extract, Max Str. For Proper Vision
Specifications: Herbal Slimming Tea is a blend of natural herbs and provides a light, delicious caffeine-free beverage that helps achieve results in aiding digestion and contributing to weight loss. This all-natural herbal tea offers a rich, satisfying taste in hot or iced tea and provides slimming and digestive benefits that may be enjoyed after every meal. increases metabolic activity. The result is the elimination of storage of excess calories and toxins. please read free diet plan included.21ST CENTURY VITAMINS Other Price Terms: FOB  PHILADELPHIA Payment Terms: L/C,D/D,CASH,D/P Certification(s): YESSupply Ability: MAJOR US BRAND MFG.
[Related Categories: Herbs & Natural Remedies ]
[Related Keywords: Bilberry, Extract,, max, Str., for, proper, vision ]
KK Nature Max Gold KK Nature Max Gold
Specifications: KK Nature Max Gold A nutrient food extracted from Garcinia with Hydroxy citric acid (HCA). Help for digest Carbohydrate and sugar to highly energy.
[Related Categories: Health Care Products ]
[Related Keywords: KK, Nature, max, gold ]
Massage Max Massage Max
Specifications: -Fat to firming muscles -Multiple speeds Bi-directional -Invigorating massage, releases pressure and soothe stressed muscles
[Related Categories: Massager ]
[Related Keywords: massage, max ]
Kakuro With Max 6x8 Grids, Keys, Back Light Kakuro With Max 6x8 Grids, Keys, Back Light
Specifications: More advance than sudoku. It combines the mathematic and logic together. A good item to train the human brain. With various size of grids, from 3x3,3x4,4x4,4x5,5x5,5x6,6x6 and 6x8. You can try various difficulty.
[Related Categories: Promotion Gifts ]
[Related Keywords: Kakuro, with, max, 6x8, Grids,, Keys,, back, light ]
Kakuro With Max 6x8 Grids, Touch Panel & Backlight Kakuro With Max 6x8 Grids, Touch Panel & Backlight
Specifications: More advance than sudoku. It combines the mathematic and logic together. A good item to train the human brain. With various size of grids, from 3x3,3x4,4x4,4x5,5x5,5x6,6x6 and 6x8. You can try various difficulty.
[Related Categories: Promotion Gifts ]
[Related Keywords: Kakuro, with, max, 6x8, Grids,, Touch, Panel, &, backlight ]
Max Sofa Max Sofa
Specifications: Item No. SH-1008 Product Name: Max Description Dimension: 3 Seater L 2580*W900*H750mm 2 Seater L1800 *W900*H750mm Arm Chair L1020 *W900*H750mm Ottoman L900 *W900*H380mm Material & Feature: Solid wood structure frame, spring core, soft cushion with high elasticity polyurethane foam. Leg is aluminium in U shape. A few combination you can form for this model, to fill in different size of living room. Even the ottoman can be usec to match with 3 seater, to become a L shape sofa for small living space. Or it can be placed in front of the 3 seater to be a trendy coffee. BMF
[Related Categories: Sofas & Sofa Beds ]
[Related Keywords: max, sofa ]
Kitchen Cabinets Panel Board From Max Funder Or Egger Kitchen Cabinets Panel Board From Max Funder Or Egger
Specifications: Very high quality and very low price.
[Related Categories: Cabinets & Chests ]
[Related Keywords: kitchen, Cabinets, Panel, board, from, max, Funder, or, Egger ]
Spinal Max Spinal Max
Sizes available: 1) 38" x 74" x 17" 2) 54" x 74" x 17" 3) 60" x 80" x 17" 4) 72" x 84" x 17" 5) 76" x 80" x 17" Baotian Payment Terms: T/T, L/CSupply Ability: 60 x 20' FCL/year
[Related Categories: Air Beds & Mattresses ]
[Related Keywords: Spinal, max ]
Table Max Table Max
Specifications: Multi function table adjust to 8 heights, and 5 angels. Attractive retail packaging, fast shipment. Unique safet bracket - safe for children
[Related Categories: Folding Furniture ]
[Related Keywords: table, max ]
White Honey Max 25mm,34mm, ELA, LA, Amber White Honey Max 25mm,34mm, ELA, LA, Amber
Specifications: Specification: Special for USA market Moisture max 18%, sucrose max 5%, C13 -24 or more negative Free from antibiotics. Other Price Terms: FOB  usd2100
[Related Categories: Honey Products ]
[Related Keywords: white, Honey, max, 25mm,34mm,, ELA,, LA,, Amber ]
Whey Max Whey Max
Specifications: We deliver high quality health nutrition products. Our concept is to provide products to the market with reasonable prices, unique taste, secure that our product are of high quality, be extremly reliable and professional with a high focus on customer care for everyone.
[Related Categories: Health Food ]
[Related Keywords: Whey, max ]
Flavon Max Flavon Max
Specifications: Health does not mean the lack of illness, but means the physical, mental and societal well-being. Both the people and the society have to act for health. That is why you have to form your health-conscience and lifestyle so that your health becomes the most important value. During our 12-year-long dietary supplement distribution we have consulted a lot of doctors, nutrition science consultants, holistic practitioners, and this resulted in the fact that our company appeared in the market with its own dietary supplement, the GeSz Flavon Max. When developing this product, the developer group took into consideration both the empirical past of several thousands of years and the latest research results of the 21 st century. Flavon Max Juice concentrates: Whortleberry, quinsy-berry, black elderberry, blue grape, red beetroot; fructose, sandthorn pith, vitamin C, ground sandthorn pulp, stone and skin, ginseng root, apple pectine, vitamin E. It does not contain any preservatives! When choosing the basic materials we found it very important that the fruits used contain as many active agents as possible and they were grown in the possibly "clearest" environment. All the fruits used in the product are old medicinal plants. We amalgamated this "old" knowledge with such a special manufacturing procedure that not only add up to the positive physiological effects of the fruits but it enhances them due to the excellent synergy. It is very hard even to summarize the numerous favourable dietary and physiological effects of this pleasant-tasting, carefully proceeded product. The GeSz Flavon Max contains plant matters of high quality and in significant quantity, of which mainly the colouring matters of plants (polyphenols, flavonoids, antocians, proantocianidins, carotinoids) and other biologically important matters are determinant. The antioxidant matters in the product both contribute to the inhibition of harmful oxidative and ageing processes in the body and help the recovery of antioxidant vitamins (vitamins C and E) in the body. The ingredients of GeSz Flavon Max are extremely valuable. They contain certain elements and compounds in a much larger quantity compared to "traditional" fruits. "Wild fruits" are amazingly rich sources of antioxidants (vitamins C and E, and different colouring matters), which boost the body's defence mechanism. Among the effects of the ingredients of the product stands out the adaptogenic effect of ginseng, which means that its active agents have effect at such places and to such an extent, where and how much the body needs it. Petrasovits AB Payment Terms: L/C,CASH
[Related Categories: Health Food ]
[Related Keywords: Flavon, max ]
J. Max Herbal Tea J. Max Herbal Tea
Specifications: J. Max natural tea is a combination of different kinds of flowers and herbs that create a refreshing and soothing taste. It has no preservatives and artificial colorings. The ingredients used in the Herbal Tea is especially formulated to relieve throat discomfort, soothe sore throat, loosens phlegm, expels mucus and clearing of lungs, it helps in our respiratory system. It also nourishes the livers and guts functions, improve skin complexion and help reduce blood sugar, as a result it controls diabetes disease and promote healthy Heart and overall digestive system! It is Vacuum packed with anti-bacteria treatment and you may drink this natural tea anytime Of the day at your preference. It is suitable for all ages, both male and female as well. In addition, you can use the Herbal Tea sachet as soup base to create an Herbal healthy Steam boat; it does not affect the benefits yet enhance the taste to offer you Healthy yet Great tasty food to enjoy! Each box is vacuum packed, weigh 4g with 10 tea sachets inside. J.Max Payment Terms: T/T Certification(s): yesSupply Ability: Yes
[Related Categories: Health Food ]
[Related Keywords: J., max, Herbal, Tea ]
White Refined Sugar Icumsa - 45 Rbu Max White Refined Sugar Icumsa - 45 Rbu Max
Worldwide universal business Co., ltd is involved in foreign trade since 1994 and local trade since 1974, and it is a family-owned trading corporation which specializes in international import/export business. Our head office is located in malaysia and with branch office in hong kong Over the years we have developed a customer base that practically covers the entire globe. We deal in fruits, vegetables, textiles, consumables, food, and garments' accessories and so on. Our products varieties are expanding monthly to ease our clients in products selection. Our proposal: As an agent or representative, we assist brazilian producers and foreign buyers to sell or buy sugar. We do not produce sugar or buy or sell sugar. We offer sugar to buyers directly from the producers. Contracts and letter of credit (lc) will be directly from the buyers and producers. Important remarks 1. as commissioned agents, we cannot pay any commission to third party. That means that we cannot deal with middlemen. 2. in case of ship loads, we offer only on fob basis. We do not take care of the freight. When in containers, we will do our best to offer c&f or cif, but we do not promise that we will be able to do it. 3. enquiries for volumes over 25,000mt will not be answered. 4. enquiries with target prices much under london and new york stock exchange will not be answered. 5. enquiries have to specify grade of sugar, specifications, quantity needed, and destination port. The brazilian sugar sector In brazil, there are two main production areas for sugar: The northeastern region (where crop goes from september to march), and the center-south region (where crop goes from may to december). In 2004 brazilian sugar crop may reach 26 million tons. From that, only 5% is refined sugar. The rest is white unrefined sugar (in several grades), and raw sugar (also in several grades). Brazil is presently exporting approximately 15 million tons of sugar per year. The balance remains for the domestic market needs. Caution Serious sugar dealers are worried to see a great number of frauds in the sugar market. A lot of people offering false prices and false quantities, which do not exist at all, just to attract beginners and candid people, to extort money. Santa claus is for small children, only once a year. There are no miracles in the sugar business. There is no sugar in brazil, or else where, to be given away. Producers and sellers are 24 hours a day on line with the stock exchange, so that they know their business. Buyers should check about the sources, not to waste time and money. True fob prices for sugar are london, for whites, and new york stock exchange, for raws. Any offer much under that, for the same grade, may be false, doesn't matter whether it is from brazil or from any other origin. Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Certification(s): POP , SGSSupply Ability: 25,000MT
[Related Categories: Sugar & Sweeteners ]
[Related Keywords: white, refined, sugar, ICUMSA, -, 45, Rbu, max ]
Eurovox Max Satellite Receiver With Cable Tuner Eurovox Max Satellite Receiver With Cable Tuner
Specifications: Eurovox max the only receiver to be 100% backwards compatible with the eurovox II software, While at the same time allowing the manufacturers and software engineers to design software content and features which will be exclusive to take advantage of their latest receiver, to reach its Maximum potential. Eurovox re-invented for 2006 - The euromax - a new beginning.... Maximum looks Maximum enjoyment Maximum potential Eurovox Other Price Terms: FOB  UK Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 5,000 a month based on Target Location
[Related Categories: Radio & TV Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: EuroVox, max, satellite, Receiver, with, cable, Tuner ]
Digital Satellite Receiver (Super MAX CI 6000) Digital Satellite Receiver (Super MAX CI 6000)
Features: 1) MPEG2 DVB standard 2) Languge: Arabic, Persian, Russian, Turkish 3) Built-in video game 4) Two smart card reader for Irdeto, Viaccess, Nagravision, Conax, Cryptoworks, Mediaguard and Astoncrypt 5) 5,000 channels 6) 200m in/out pig 7) Color control 8) Fine tuning 9) Eight favorite channels 10) Software upgrade via RS232 port / DSR to DSR 11) Powerful editing includes channel move, delete, skipand parental control 12) Channel organizer by alphabetically or satellite wise 13) Teletext function 14) Analogue loop through for external connection 15) User friendly color menu 16) System capabilities fully DVB compliant 17) Demodulator 18) Type QPSK and FEC 19) Symbol rate: 2-45Msps 20) SCPC and MCPC capable 21) Video / audio decoder: a) Video Decoder MPEG-2 Main Profile@Main level b) Audio Decoder MPEG-1 layer1 and 2 c) Memory 64 Mbits of SDRAM d) Video Output NTSC/PAL/SECAM e) Pixel 720 x 480 @ 30fps f) 720 x 576 @ 25fps g) Video Format 4:3, 16:9 22) LNB/tuner input (digital): a) Input frequency: 950 to 2150MHz b) LNB supply: 13/18V max.600mA c) Band switch control: 22KHz d) DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2, USALS compatible e) Connector: 2 x F-type 23) Polarizer: a) Connector push terminal: 3 pin b) Voltage: DC +5V c) TV Scart RGB, CVBS, audio L/R d) VCR Scart CVBS, audio L/R 24) RF modulator: a) Connector: 75 ohm, IEC 169-2, male/female b) Output channel: CH21-69, 169-2 25) Data service port: a) Connector: 9-pin D-sub b) Data protocol RS232C c) Data rate: max. 115,200 bits/s 26) Power supply: a) Type: switching Mobe power supply b) Input voltage: AC 60V-285V 50/60Hz c) Nominal power consumption: i) Max. 30W-FTA, CI ii) Max. 140W DPCI Supermax Other Price Terms: FOB Shenzhen Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 500,000pcs/month
[Related Categories: Radio & TV Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: DIGITAL, satellite, Receiver, (super, max, Ci, 6000) ]
Max 18W Switching Adaptor Max 18W Switching Adaptor
Specifications: FEATURES: High Efficiency High Reliability Low Ripple Noise Good Output Regulation Short Circuit Protection. INPUT SPEC.: Input Voltage Range:100Vac~240Vac Input Frequency Range:47~63Hz Input Current:0.3A(MAX. ) OUTPUT SPEC.: Output Voltage Range:3.3Vdc to 15.0Vdc Output Current:200mA to 1500mA) Output Power:18VA within (Max. )
[Related Categories: AC/DC Adapters ]
[Related Keywords: max, 18W, Switching, adaptor ]
Car Notebook Adapter Max 120w Car Notebook Adapter Max 120w
Specifications: This is a Car adapter for notebooks. Input voltage is 12-16V DC output voltage is 15/16/18/19/20 DC max 6 A. and 22/24V DC max. 5 A. Adapter has 8 diverent notebook power connectors. Other Price Terms: Paypal, and T/T Payment Terms: T/T Certification(s): ceSupply Ability: on stock
[Related Categories: AC/DC Adapters ]
[Related Keywords: car, notebook, adapter, max, 120w ]
New Rotax Fr125 Max Engine New Rotax Fr125 Max Engine
Specifications: The rotax fr125 max engine range is the official engine for rotax max challenge. It is the best choice for any kart enthusiast. Rotax-single-cylinder 2-stroke, reed valve engine Oil in fuel lubrication Liquid cooled with integrated water pump Digital battery ignition Pneumatic adjusted exhaust valve Balance shaft Centrifugal clutch Integrated electric starter New ROTAX FR125 MAX engine Other Price Terms: FOB  Polonia, Medan Payment Terms: T/T,M/T,D/P Certification(s): Warranty 1 yearSupply Ability: 50
[Related Categories: Motors & Engines ]
[Related Keywords: New, Rotax, Fr125, max, engine ]
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