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Zinc-Plated Stranded Wire Zinc-Plated Stranded Wire
Features: 1) Diameter: 5.4 - 9.0mm 2) Frame: 1 x 7 3) Production process: surface treatment - drawing serially - heat treatment - surface treatment - drawing serially - heat zinc - plating wired 4) Application: suspension frame, suspension telecom cable, overhead power line, fixed article and bolt 5) In accordance with standard of YB/T5004-2001 Hongtu Other Price Terms: FOB, CIF Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
[Related Categories: Metallurgy Supplies ]
[Related Keywords: zinc-plated, Stranded, wire ]
Zinc-Plated Coil Zinc-Plated Coil
Features: 1) Thickness: 0.18 - 2.5mm 3) Width: 19mm - 500mm 2) Thickness tolerance: -0.02mm to +0.01mm 4) Width tolerance: +/-0.1mm 5) Zinc coating: 90 - 250gsm 6) Surface treatment: chromate, oiled/unoiled 7) Steel grade and standard: Q195, Q195L, SGCC, 08AL, equal to JIS G3302 1998 or ASTM A653M / A924M 1998 8) Applications: building material fields, galvanized wire steel tapes, other fields 9) The weight of zinc layer can be requested customers' request Outer packing: Pallets Honwin Other Price Terms: FOB, CNF, CIF Payment Terms: by L/C at sight or T/T Certification(s): ISO9001Supply Ability: 6,000MT/month
[Related Categories: Iron & Steel ]
[Related Keywords: zinc-plated, coil ]
Zinc-Plated Iron Wires Zinc-Plated Iron Wires
We can supply various sizes of zinc plated iron wires. Thunder Other Price Terms: FOB Qingdao Payment Terms: T/T, L/C at sightSupply Ability: 600MT/month
[Related Categories: Welding & Solders ]
[Related Keywords: zinc-plated, IRON, wires ]
Zinc-Plated Screw Zinc-Plated Screw
This is a zinc-plated screw, including plating white zinc and plating color zinc. The products of our company are various in style and complete in specifications. Other Price Terms: FOB Payment Terms: T/T,L/C
[Related Categories: Fasteners, Fasteners ]
[Related Keywords: zinc-plated, Screw ]
Zinc-Plated Wooden Screws Zinc-Plated Wooden Screws
It is zinc-plated wooden screw. The products of our company are various in style and complete in specifications. Other Price Terms: FOB Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
[Related Categories: Fasteners ]
[Related Keywords: zinc-plated, wooden, Screws ]
Zinc-Plated Steel Casing Zinc-Plated Steel Casing
Features: 1) Custom-designed metal part 2) 3 x 4 or 4 x 4 available 3) Waterproof property available
[Related Categories: Cast & Forged ]
[Related Keywords: zinc-plated, steel, casing ]
Zinc-plated Steel Mailbox With Extra Large Capacity Zinc-plated Steel Mailbox With Extra Large Capacity
Specifications: Size:12 1/2 x 15 1/4 x 7 3/4 Color: Black, white Packing:1pc/color box,2box/ctn/2.6' Min q'ty:3400ps Delivery:3 months 1 x 40': Could loaded 1500pc
[Related Categories: Mailboxes ]
[Related Keywords: zinc-plated, steel, Mailbox, with, extra, large, capacity ]
Zinc-Plated and Low-Carbon Steel Wire for Communication Zinc-Plated and Low-Carbon Steel Wire for Communication
Features: 1) Diameter: 1.2 - 6.0mm 2) Weight of zinc-layer: ≥120 - ≥245g 3) Production process: surface treatment-drawing serially-heat treatment-heat zinc plating-products 4) Accord with: GB/T346-84 hongtu Other Price Terms: FOB, CIF Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
[Related Categories: Bare Wires ]
[Related Keywords: zinc-plated, and, low-carbon, steel, wire, for, communication ]
Zinc-Plated Coils Zinc-Plated Coils
Features: 1) Regard fine cold-rolled steel band as sills, processing is of good performance, it is good to be able to bear the pressing 2) Zinc is even in one layer of thickness, adhesive force is strong, and processing shaping does not peel. It is rotten to be able to bear of good performance. 3) Surface bright and clean, size accurate, board straight, the zinc flower is even, esthetic 4) Through passivation, scribble oil processing, stores and does not go bad a short time in storehouse 5) By the surface after being bright and clean, it is a good sill which is made the antiseptic coating film board 6) Colored coating film stencil plate in order to with cold-rolled stencil plate, electricity zinc-plated stencil plate, hot zinc-plated stencil plate, aluminium zinc for base plate surface defeat , phosphorus, after chromium hydrochloric acid punish, spread the products prepared by toasting the organic coating 7) Color with board which regards cold-rolled stencil plate as the base plate are often used the low environment that corrodes in the room, for instance and furniture. Taking zinc-plated stencil plate of electricity as base plate color with board use for, require higher electrical home appliances trade and indoor decoration. Leveling often, fever for Israel zinc-plated stencil plate aluminium zinc stencil plate use for the building trade for color with board of the bas plate often, because it has stronger corrosion-resistant performance 8) Colored stencil plate stencil plate that covered with paint already process, pigeonhole, cut off, cut song and press, turn through roller into the products Jiabao Other Price Terms: FOB, C&F, CIF Payment Terms: Irrevocable L/C at sight, T/T (30% deposit, balance in advance) Certification(s): ISO9001Supply Ability: 300,00MT/month
[Related Categories: Building Metallic Materials ]
[Related Keywords: zinc-plated, coils ]