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Keyword "zero friction"

 The Most Advanced State-of-the-Art Nano Ionic Bond Technology (NIB)

Concentrated Additive for Metal Treatment

NIB active molecules form ionic covalent bonds with metal that results in a super slippery surface which "stays in place" on the metal surface, minimizing friction by up to 70% and also protects the metal against friction, micro pitting corrosion & wear, with the following benefits:

-       Minimizes wear drastically during engine Start-Up and while engine is working

-       Increases engine performance (HP) up to 9%* (*Independ ent Lab Test Result)

-       Reduces engine noise

-       Prolongs engine & oil life 2-3 times

-       Decreases fuel consumption 7-10%* (*Independ ent Lab Test Result)

-       Reduces operating temperatures = Reduced oxidation = Cleaner engine

POWERMAXI does not contain PTFE, Silicone, Teflon, other corrosive chemicals & also solids lubricants such as Moly (MoS2), Boron Nitrite,Tungsten or Graphite. It also does not clog oil filters as it is a pure lubricant.


How to use:


3-5% to oil*, or max. 5% to grease.

*) Applications: engine, gear, hydraulic, compressor, turbine, chain & sprocket, rock drilling, slide way, machine tool, printing & paper machine & equipment, metal working fluid, concrete form, steam cylinder, wire rope & cable, armament, robot, grease, other wax & lubricant additive. Blends completely by mixing & stirring lightly. Blends easily with synthetic & mineral oils upon light stir­ring. For bigger package (i.e. drum) stirring by simple mixer tool for ±10 minutes is recommended.


Packaging< /span>: Bottle 250 mL & Pail 18.9 L

*we also provide on-site mixing service

Also available: PRIMO Oil & Grease (transportation, indus­trial & marine) with Nano Ionic Bond (NIB) technology.

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