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Keyword "yeast beta glucan"
yeast beta glucan yeast beta glucan

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Oat Beta Glucan Oat Beta Glucan
Water Soluble Oat Beta-(1,3)(1,4)-Glucan
Beta-glucan is the major component of the soluble fibre fraction of oats and is located in the aleurone and endosperm cell walls. It comprises a class of non-digestible polysaccharides called beta-D-glucans.It is an unbranched polysaccharide cosisting of D-glucose subunits lingked by beta-(1,3) and beta-(1,4) bonds in the ratio of approximately 1: 2.6. This unique array of linking promotes several consumer health benefits. It lowers the risk of coronary heart disease by significantly lowering LDL cholesterol, hypertension, glycemic response and in stimulating immune cell function.
Oat beta-glucan is also known to promote cardiovascular health. More than 40 human clinical studies have shown that oat beta-glucan can help lower total and LDL cholesterol levels. It\'s believed to work by binding to bile acids (produced by the liver) in the gastrointestinal tract, which prevents them from being reabsorbed through the small intestine. Some of the bile acids are flushed from the body through the digestive tract, forcing the liver to then take cholesterol from the bloodstream to reproduce lost bile acids. This, in turn, reduces the amount of cholesterol retained by the body.

The immune system is the key to good health and a long life. To ensure that your immune system maintains itself for years to come, a natural food extract called Beta Glucan is the possible solution. Beta Glucan protects the human body against bacteria, viruses, tumors, and all types of illnesses. Beta Glucan has also been proven effective in the lowering of cholesterol and triglyceride levels even without diet or exercise changes.
Beta Glucans are most readily found in Yeast, Mushrooms, Barley, and Oats. Though Beta Glucan is usually produced with yeast as the main ingredient, many people are allergic to yeast. Of the top ten allergy causing foods, yeast is number seven. Beta Glucan made with yeast is also weak in effectiveness, and very expensive.
The Beta Glucan that we offer is comprised of Oats. Oats are well tolerated by the human body, since very few people are allergic to oats. Beta Glucan made from oats is also much less expensive to use.
The beneficial effects of Beta Glucan has been studied and investigated for over ten years. These studies prove that Beta Glucan made from oats is the strongest, most tolerable, and best value available on the market today.  
Standard Limit
White free powder
Particle Size(80 mesh)
95% through 80 mesh
Residue on Ignition
Heavy Metals (as Pb)
Total plate count
Yeast & Mold
≤30 MPN/100g
Pathogenic bacteria
Assay Method
(1) AOAC Offical Method 995.16
Beta-D-Glucan in Barley and Oats Streamlined Enzymatic Method
(2) Megazyme Reagent Method
Research Supported Actions and Benefits
• Lowers LDL Cholesterol by an average of 8%
• Immunomodulator activaing white blood cells
• Lowers glycemic response
• Reduces hypertension
• Minimum 60% and 90% Oat Beta Glucan
• 10 – 15 times more concentrated than regular Oat Bran
• Water soluble ingredient
• Preferred viscosity – Ideal for beverages, foods and nutraceuticals
• Highly palatable - Neutral Taste
• Highest Oat Beta glucan available globally
• Possible “Heart Healthy” Claim.
• Manufactured from Non-GMO Oats and is a GRAS ingredient
Oat betaGlucan is a GRAS food derived from oat bran according to FDA .In 2006, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued its final rule allowing health claims to be made on the labels of foods containing soluble fiber from whole oats. “a diet high in soluble fiber from whole oats and low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease”.
The FDA suggests that the dosage of pure oat beta-glucan required for a possible hypocholesterolemic effect about 3 grams daily, while the whole oat-containing food must provide at least 0.75 grams of beta-glucan per serving.
(2) Cosmetic
Functional properties
In clinical trials, oat beta-glucan is shown to:
Quickly absorb into the deep layers of the skin.
Stimulate fibroblast growth and promotes healing of wounds and repair of the skin layers.
1. Stimulates collagen synthesis
2.  Provides protection against UVA/UVB damage
3.  Acts as a natural moisture barrier and film-forming agent
4.  Promotes cell renewal; anti-ageing
5.  Improves skin viscoelasticity
6.  Decreases hyperpigmentation due to photodamage
7.  Improves tensile hair strength and significantly reduces breakage caused by bleaching
8.  Seals, protects, and moisturizes the skin
Skin treatment products, hair care, bath care, liquid make-up, and shaving products. Easily formulated into gels, lotions, and creams including sensitive skin care applications and baby formulations.
The PE film lined the fibre drum. Net wt: 10kg/ fibre drum(Ø35cm×50cm), or follow customer’s packing instructions.
Storage and carrying notes
Oat beta-glucan should be stored in dry conditon, can not be exposed in open ail or shipped together with other noxious chemicals.
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