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High-Quality PVC Coated MDF Wooden Interior Doors High-Quality PVC Coated MDF Wooden Interior Doors

Product Description

1. Door leaf:

Material: Superior PVC laminated on 6mm/8mm MDF,finger jointed fir woodas rails and stiles,MDF strips as infilling.

2. Door frame:

Material: both side MDF,Fir wood or plywood as infilling;

3. Architraves: MDF

4. Standard size: 200*80*4cm

5. Accessories: High quality Lock,handle, hinges.
6.Color: White, maple, Red pear, Teak, Oak, Walnut, Sapeli, Cherry etc.
7. All design can do, customer Design is also available.
8. Packing: EPE inside,Plastic coner protector , Strong carton outside.

Product Feature

10. Humidity: 8-12%.
11. High quality products with reasonable price.
12. Suitable for mass consumption.
13. Eco- friendly, healthy product, formaldehyde, toluidine,radiated pollution,water proof, easy to clean.
14. Good effect on sound insulation and heat insulation.
15. Protects against insects, damp-proof, firm, resists split, doesn't deform.
16. Computer control carved design.
17. Various designs & colors are available.

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laser engraving machine laser engraving machine

I   Application

Material Application: High-performance optical transmission systems plus excellent optical mode so that the machine can be carved, marking almost all non-metal materials, such as: marble, wood, glass, leather, textiles, paper, plastics (acrylic, cellulose acetate, synthetic fibers , PE, PT, PVC) and other materials. Good optical quality also brings an important performance, can be labeled as on the metal surface coating: anodized aluminum material, while the machine can also cut on thin materials such as paper, leather and textiles.

Industry Application: Widely used in products surface markings, security tags, bar codes, date codes and other laws transform mass tag because its permanent marker, and environmental performance has gradually replaced the traditional ink-jet printing. Widely used in drugs, food packaging, cigarette a code, liquor industry, mineral water, cosmetics, wire and cable, pipeline construction and other metal or non-metal products.

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Wood Pellet Wood Pellet

Kim minh Exim Co., Ltd we are one of the leading manufacturer specialize in exporting the agricultural waste products with a big huge capacity ensure the ability to provide  enough any customer's requests every year.

With specification of Wood Pellet item as:  

Moisture: 9%

Caloric: 4200 – 4600 Kcal

Ash:  1.5% Max

Diameter: 8mm

Length: 10mm - 40mm

Packing: Bulk in container 20" contains 19MT


You know, Vietnam is one of biggest wood pallet supplier in the world which has exported a hudge amount annually to Europe and Asia. Kimminh’s customers are in over the world such as US, Ustralia, Japan, Korea,... We ensure always submit the best price in order to keep a long term relationship with our customers.

If you are interest in one of our products or need any more information, please contact me at anytime.

Phuong Tran (Ms) +84 93 456 9792

E: phuong(at)kimminhexim(dot)com

Sk: phuong.kimminh

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Buy Timber logs,lumber in Africa Buy Timber logs,lumber in Africa

We sell all kinds of wood chips, ply woods and timber logs.(soft or hard wood) give us your order specification and we will deliver.Competitive prices, Excellent quality and Quick delivery.Thanks

Kinds of woods
Sapele wood , wawa wood, otei wood, odum wood, Red oak and white oak wood, okume wood, beech wood, makore wood and more
1, 220 *2, 440mm, 1, 250 *2, 500mm, 1200*2400mm, 930*2135mm, 1525*1525mm, 1, 500/1, 525 or as your demand
2mm, 2.5mm, 2.7mm, 3mm, 3.2mm, 3.6mm, 4mm, 5.2mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 30mm
furniture, construction, decoration, packing etc.
Delivery & Packaging Detail :
15-20 days after receiving deposit. packaging is based client demand..

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chemicals chemicals


We\'re interested in the product you\'re selling here..Kindly,
furnish us with a more detailed email message like FOB price and quantity...Please get back to me with my private email address below.
Best regard
Sales Manager
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white wood white wood

 21mm X 42mm X 3960mm  - 150 cbm

21mm X 90mm X 3960mm  - 200 cbm

42 mm X 42mm X 3960mm  -100 cbm

42mm X 72mm X 3960mm  - 100 cbm

42mm X 90mm X 3960mm  - 150 cbm

67mm X 67mm X 3960mm  - 200 cbm

90mm X 90mm X 3960mm  - 100 cbm

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laminate flooring laminate flooring

Spadana  \'s field of activation is as follows

purchsing laminate flooring,wall paper,pvc flooring from manufacturers and distributes to markets in Iran.This company established in 2006.

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 Snowy Cleaner Snowy Cleaner

Multi-Function Cleaner with MAGIC FOAM

with disinfectant that kills 99.9% of Germs* + ODOR Absorber.

* Independent lab test result

Suitable for dirty surfaces and on long-abandoned tough stains.

Effectively eliminates smell from bacteria, spilled drinks/food.



On various types of surfaces: metal, wood, leather, vinyl, fiber glass/plastic, porcelain, ceramic, carpet.

Examples inside cars: dashboards, sound system panels, indoor air-conditioners, steering wheels, seats, ceilings, carpets and wood surfaces.

Examples in homes: computers/TV\'s/sound system casings, indoor AC\'s (including AC blowers), cupboards, windows, tables, chairs, leather/vinyl seats, bathrooms and also carpets.


Instructions for use:

Note: Try first by spraying into hidden areas and if the color changes, do not use!

1. Shake before use.

2. Spray 15-20 cm from the surface to be cleaned. Leave foam for 30-60 seconds for the magic foam to work.

3. For electronic casings, DO NOT spray directly on the surface but spray it onto a clean cloth/sponge.

4. Rub area with damp cloth or sponge then wipe surface with dry cloth.

5. For maximum protection, treat surface with FURNI-SHINE after the cleaning process with SNOWY CLEANER.


Packaging: 500 ml Aerosol Can

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storage and reloading storage and reloading


        &nb sp;      Terminal testifies services In range of reloading and storage of constant and liquid chemicals products, mass materia land Raw materiale of wood industries.
      ;    To basic’s trans-shipped products belongs :
-  &n bsp;     methanol
-    &n bsp;   fertilizer, urea
-         minerals
-    &n bsp;   iron pig
-     & nbsp;  coal and coke
-         ore and concentrates of metals
-    &nbs p;   brittle construction products
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100% natural and pure Oak CHARCOAL for home BBQ and restaurants, gives delicious grill flavour, both lumpwood and sawdust briquettes, produced and exported by BioCarbon Ltd

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Wood Mobile Wood Mobile
Wood Mobile
1 wood flying pig with feather tail, 1 wood bell.  
Colour : pink (pink, green, purple, blue) It is nice for decorating your home or your garden. 
Size  : 60 cm. length
We also provide various design of wood mobile for your choice.
Free delivery worldwide.
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finger jointed panel,scantling,glued laminated timber,lumber,wood pane finger jointed panel,scantling,glued laminated timber,lumber,wood pane



We are a manufacturing factory of solid wood finger jointed panels, window scantlings,wood panel. we are exploring market and searching for long-term cooperation partners worldwide.

The main wood species we deal with are pine, larch, ash, birch and oak, all the wood are from Russia or originated from northeast China



Cell phone: 13941339675


< P class=MsoNormal style=\"MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt; TEXT-INDENT: 42pt\">


Skype: Robbie.sifengwood




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Medicinal Herbs  Seeds, Resins, Wood , Marine Products ,Herbal Teas & Medicinal Herbs Seeds, Resins, Wood , Marine Products ,Herbal Teas &
Dear Sirs,
We introduce ourselves as one of the oldest and reputed  Cultivators , Exporters & Importers of Medicinal Herbs , Seeds, Resins , Sea weeds, Wood and Wood wastes  of India having experience of more than 50 years to our credit.
We are interested in many herbs like ( Minimum 100 Kgs each).
Aletris farinosa. ( True Unicorn roots)
Adonis vernalis. (Phesants eye)
Apocynum cannabinum. ( Dog`s bane)
Aralea racemosa. ( American Spikenard)
Arnica montana .
Baptisia tinctoria.
Caullophyllum thalactroides. ( Blue Cohosh)
Chionanthus v. ( Fringe tree bark)
Chelone glabra. ( Balmony)
Ceanothus americana. ( New Jersey Tea)
Chimaphilla umbellata. ( Pippsissewa)
Chelidonium majus.
Convallaria majalis.
Echinacea angustifolia.
Eupatorium perfoliatum. ( Boneset)
Fraxinus americana bark.
Fucus V.  (Bladderwrack)
Goldenseal . ( Hydrastis canadaensis)
Grindelia robusta. ( Gum plant)
Gentiana lutea.  (Bitterwort)
Guaiacum officinalis.
Haemamelis virginica. (Witch Hazel)
Helleborous niger.
Helonias d .
Hydrangea arborescens. 
Jaborandi leaves.
Mahonia aquifollium .( Oreganos grape)
Rhus toxicodendron.
Sanguinaria canadensis. 
Scutelleria l.
Senecio aureus.
Symphytum. ( Comfrey)
Teucrium marum varum
Uva ursi.
Veratrum album , viridis.
Yohimbinum.  and many many more....................................
We would be glad to serve you if you are interested in any herbs from India like Alfalfa , Aesculus hip , Alpinia galangal, Ashwagandha , Asparagus , Banaba leaves , Bellis per, Calendulla, Carduus marianus, Hyoscymus niger , Janosia Ashok Bark , Plantago major, Urtica urens , Viburnum Bark , Wild cherry Bark and many more rare herbs. On receiving your reply , we will immediately forward you our list of about 300 herbs
Kindly visit our website www.himalaya
We assure you of our best co-operation at all times and looking forward to your valuable early reply.
Thanking you in anticipation.
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wood scraps and coal wood scraps and coal
offering serious quantities of wood scraps, branches, roots, logs, which are coming free as a by product from the timber wood industry, location Indonesia. All wood scraps ( teak, Mahogany, Beech, Bark, Rubber and so on ... ) can be legal shipped ( exported ) with Government permission. Monthly available ca. 5000 - 7500 Mtn per month. Supplying per 20 Ft containers and shipvessels of minimum 5000 Mtn. Minimum order : 1000 Mtn..
For more information, please contact Mr. Max
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Foam Crown Molding Foam Crown Molding
Creative Crown home office. Molding that is easy to install. Quality foam  crown molding. It is the most inexpensive decorative crown molding that you will find today. Can be installed with simple household tools.
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Visit our portal and register for free. Visit our portal and register for free.
The wood industry B2B portal for producers and trader of: furniture and furnishing, construction materials, wooden houses, woodworking machinery and tools, timber, lumber, logs, doors, windows, chairs, parquet and flooring, wood components, plywood, veneer.
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Steel Wooden Door/Steel Armor Door/Steel Wood Door/Steel Armored Door Steel Wooden Door/Steel Armor Door/Steel Wood Door/Steel Armored Door

Steel Wooden Door    Model No.  XLA-012
1.Material: high quality cold rolled steel,MDF of decorative design
2.Filling stuff:honeycomb paper/fireproof rock cotton
3.Surface finish: MDF board with natural wood skin + painting
4.Thickness of door leaf: 80mm  
5.Thickness of steel sheet for door leaf: 0.7mm
6.Thickness of steel sheet for door frame: 1.4mm
7.Net weight: 84kg for 2,050 x 960 x 80mm
8.Standard size: 860/960 x 1970/2050mm
9.Opening direction: inward / outward
10.Stainless steel doorsill
11.Opening degree: 90 degrees / 180 degrees
12.Lock:security lock consists of multiply locking points
13.Accessories: galvanized hinges,handles,peephole,weather strip,doorbell,anchor bolts   
14.Delivery time:12days
15.OEM and customization available
16.Packing: foam board, plastic bag and strong carton
Various patterns, sizes and thickness available upon request

Conveyance for 960 x 2050 x 80mm:
Qty/20\' GP: 80pcs
Qty/40\' HQ: 196pcs

Conveyance for 860 x 2050 x 80mm:
Qty/20\' GP: 88pcs  
Qty/40\' HQ: 215pcs

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wood pellet fuel wood pellet fuel

Our main production:

fish meal, wheat bran pellet, cottonseed hull pellet, rice bran meal pellet, soy hull pellet, alfalfa pellet, monosodium glutamate protein, lysine compound protein, organic granulated fertilizer, ferrous sulfate, active clay, wood pellet fuel



Biological Granulated Fuel

Wood Pellet Fuel


Diameter: 6mm (millimeter)

Length  10¡«20mm

Moisture ¡Ü9.0%

Density  ¡Ý750kg/m3 (cubic meter)

Ash     ¡Ü3.0%

Calorie  4300 to 4600

15kg/1000kg plastics plaited bags


Payment term: T/T or L/C

Minimum order: 18M/T



We,Sino-Korea joint venture, have own factory.

Hope to get into business with you

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wood plastic composite wood plastic composite

WPC Has Many Advantages over Traditional Wood

  Plastic lumber has several advantages over hardwood in addition to the fact that a lot of it is recycled. Traditional wood can warp, splinter, crack, degrade, and rot. The local termite population also might drop in and make that new lumber its next gourmet meal. Then there is the added cost and trouble of maintaining a wood material; you have to repaint and reseal it every so often. WPC has none of the above liabilities.

  Our products are 100% green and environment friendly. Acid and alkali resistant, water and fire resistant, unaffected by bacteria, worms, insects, fungi or rodents, formaldehyde free, high strength, 100% recyclable and toxic free. Compared with the traditional wood, our WPC products are really stiff and elastic.

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Industrial Wood Pellets Industrial Wood Pellets
We have at disposal up to 20.000 tons per month of industrial wood pellet. We are looking for customer interested in 1 year contract.
Our reference price CIF to the most important EUROPEAN INTER-PORTS is 118 €/ton.
Please contact us to obtain SGS Certificate, and one more precise offer according your quantities and destination
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