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XiamenCheerImpExpCoLtd [China]
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Exporting and Importing is increasing yearly and it gives companies opportunities in expanding their businesses domestically and worldwide. Business never stops and now is your time!

Maximize your production and distribution byIMPORTING worldwide!

Expand your business by EXPORTING your goods to the world!

LexTradingExportImport [United States]
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Casual Spain(11/19/2014)

Is our pleasure greeting you, and introduce our company and introduce you the products we offer.

Casual Spain is an export company with over 10 years experience and presence in more than 10 countries, being manufacturers and also supply central offering products 100% “MADE IN SPAIN”, which coordinates the activities of production, purchasing, sales and logistics, to increase the competitiveness of its customers worldwide. 

Our customers have personalized attention, efficient advice, quick handling of orders, and after-sales care, with a commitment to quality in all our processes.

Thank you in advance for your attention.








Casual Spain [Spain]
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Nirmal Future Marketing Concept Pvt.Ltd.(07/10/2014)

Greetings of the day!......


We “SHANGARI BROTHERS” is a professionally managed organization registered in India, Germany and China engaged in import, export and distribution of food and beverages on a global basis.

Along with our German partner, we maintain offices in the USA, Germany, China, and Dubai. Our primary focus for the last decade has been China, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Africa. Just in beer segment, we ship hundreds of containers. We are financially much secured, privately funded, and have no debt position with any banks. Our banking relationships are with JPM Chase, Citibank, Axis Bank and Deutsche bank.


Our agreement with the Chinese, European and US suppliers are direct and based on exclusive distribution and selling rights for the selected countries.  These suppliers are well established in their trade with recognized brand names.


We are committed to providing very high quality products on sustainable basis at competitive prices. We develop long term relationship with our suppliers based on strong corporate ethics and trust.


We believe that starting now, India will have huge demand for quality products, and in next 2 to 3 years will grow at a fast pace for imported alcoholic and FMCG products. In India and China, our primary focus is on import and distribution of food and beverages from Europe and the USA.


Shangari Brothers, India has its own registered office in Jaipur and warehouse (8,000 sq. feet custom bonded warehouse) in Mumbai.  Shangari Brothers, India was issued an Import Liquor License in 2012 for India, and is expanding its sales to the embassies, hotels, restaurants, clubs, resorts and to the retail market through distributors.


We are very active to complete the distribution set-up process for rest of the country, where we will provide full sales support. Our total staff strength comprises of sales executives, managers and administrative staff to comprehensively cover our markets.


We are currently introducing limited brand name products in India in different segments. We have two German brands of beer in verities of Pilsner, Strong, and Wheat. We are also introducing Vodka, and Tequila from Mexico.


In non-alcoholic category, we supply juices in flavors like Blueberry, Green Apple, Pomegranate, etc. These are considered health drinks, with juice content varying from 50 to 100 percent. We have excellent German honey in honeycomb, and German grain flex like Muesli, Corn, Rye, etc.


We will continue to add world-class European and US products for India from our global portfolio with help from our Distributor partners as the market develops.


We want to develop strong distributor relationships on trust and long-term commitment basis to grow our business across Globe.


These are the product that we can offer you are as follows:-






  • Le Brun French Brandy Napoleon VSOP


  • Primakov Vodka 
  • Primakov Wodka Red
  • Primakov Wodka Black


  • Cabo Bay White Rum
  • Cabo Bay Rum



  • Don Jacinto Tequila gold
  • Don Jacinto Tequila silver
  • Jacinto Cachaca “Tequila”


  • Dunstone blended Whisky
  • Kentucky Jack Bourbon Whiskey





  • Earl Brown Gin 


  • Ilkenhof Kräuterlikör

 Other Liquor

  • Braun Korn
  • Galatti Sambuca
  • Pileus Ouzo
  • Cabo Bay Triple Sec
  • Galatti Amaretto
  • Cabo Bay Edelkirsch
  • Cabo Bay Coconut Likör
  • Cabo Bay Apricot Likör
  • Cabo Bay Blue Curacao
  • Steinfelder Bessen Genever
  • Dunstone Cream Likör
  • Grafenh of Eierlikör
  • BERMUDA’S SECRET DRY GIN 37.5% abv| 700ml
  • ISLA BONITA WHITE RUM 37.5% abv| 700ml
  • ROSTINOV VODKA 37.5% abv| 750ml
  • RICHARD DE BEULIEU BRANDY 36% abv| 700ml
  • COMTE d’HUEZARMAGNAC VSOP 40% abv| 700ml
  • COMTE d’HUEZARMAGNAC XO 40% abv| 700ml
  • Cabo Bay Pfirsich Likör & lots of verities of wines from Europe and US.

 We hope that you have gone through the below mail and having the interest in our products. We expect that you have also gone through the presentation and we also offered best price soon. Hence we would like to hear from you on your interest on the same.


Please note that we would like to do the business with yourselves, hence looking forward to hear from your soon.


Appreciate your anticipation!


Nirmal Future Marketing Concept Pvt.Ltd. [India]
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International Trade Broker(05/19/2013)
I am a broker and I find Buyers for suppliers. Contact me if you need anything as I will probably find it for yourselves. We have lots of things for you. .
International Trade Broker [United Kingdom]
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Caribegas Links Sarl(10/09/2012)

Dear Sir/Madam,

We introduce CARIBEGAS LINKS SARL to you as we aim to have good trading business relationship with any good, reliable and large supplier of cosmetics, eye contact lens, baby products, baby clothes, diapers, sanitary pads, skincare cream, lotion, gel, oil, shampoo, pasta, noodles, cannefood, babyfood, petfood, rice, beans, wheatflour, corns, mineralwater, juices, wine, tshirts, blankets, bedsheets, praying mats, towels, laptops, digital cameras, mobilphones, fans, kitchen utensils, electric blenders, grinders, generators, wheelchairs, walking sticks,
Contact u
s if your company can supply any of the above in large order.
Mrs Carine Abega

Caribegas Links Sarl [Cameroon]
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Haiwei Liquor Trading Market(09/17/2012)

Haiwei Liquor Trading Market is supported by the Commerce Ministry of PRC and is the most legitimate international liquor trading platform with sustainable development. It conducts chain operation in free trade zones nationwide and adopts a mode of unified customs clearance, unified inspection & quarantine, unified distribution, unified operation and management. With outlets centers in districts and counties throughout China, Haiwei changes the traditional mode of multi-agencies and brings to Chinese consumers original liquor products from international wineries directly after customs clearance and distributing to outlets center.

Haiwei Liquor Trading Market [China]
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We have been established in 1985 and our business activity is to buy and sell world-wide branded beverages, including mineral waters, soft drinks, beers, wines spirits and cognacs.

D.T.A. [Malta]
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We are wholesalers, manufacturers & exporters located in Australia.
We supply the following products & equipment;
Health & / or Weight Loss Green Coffee, Green Tea, Hot Chocolate & Acai Berry with OEM private label service.
Drop Shipping available
Ability to develop custom made formulas for OEM private label supply.
We are continually seeking distributors & / or customers.
Office and warehousing locations in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia.

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e are one of the largest Marketing/Supply Firm in Germany with stations in Europe. We are in market since 1999. We import products and we also have our business partners around Belgium, Italy, France, UK, Canada, United states of America and Newzaland (10/04/2011)

 We are one of the largest Marketing/Supply Firm in Germany with stations in Europe.

We are in market since 1999. We import products and we also have our business partners around Belgium, Italy, France, UK, Canada, United states of America and Newzaland etc.

e are one of the largest Marketing/Supply Firm in Germany with stations in Europe. We are in market since 1999. We import products and we also have our business partners around Belgium, Italy, France, UK, Canada, United states of America and Newzaland [Germany]
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Ajinkya Enterprises(08/26/2011)

Dear All,

            Hello,We take this apportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading Exporters of Onion,Potato,Ginger & Yellow Corn from India,we are based in Lasalgaon (Nashik) India

           We can supply yourCo as per your requirement regularly ,Please feel free to contact us for any furture Information/Clarification required on the above without any hesitation.

            Awaiting for your Positive Responce to start a new Busines Relation with your Co

Thanks & Regards,


Ajinkya Enterprises [India]
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Imperio Brands(02/09/2011)

We are importers and distributors. Main market is Panama. Also reexport for several countries in the region.

Imperio Brands [Panama]
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Drip Free(01/31/2011)

Drip Free offers wine BRANDED wine collar rings for Hotels, Airlines and Restaurants.  The rings catches the unsightly drip and prevents stains on linens and clothes.  The rings also come with a custom inside tag to Brand a company further with their email address.  

Drip Free also offers standard wine rings in Black & Gold for Wine & Olive Oil bottles in 6-Pak bags for retail sales. 

Drip Free [United States]
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