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Keyword "white candles"
white candles white candles

Nobel United Co.,Limited---- We are candles factory and exporter from China. Deal with candles business for more than 10 years. Now we have develop our business to 28countries. the main market is africa, middle east. south america. latin america. asia.etc.

We produce: Common white candles, Multi-colored candles, tealight candles,spiral cnadles. votive candles,figural candles, art candles,etc.

Our candles use 100%paraffine wax. Non-smoke,harmless.  Quality is good and price is reasonable and competitive .








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White Stick Candles White Stick Candles

White Candles use fully refined paraffin wax with melting point 58~60, you can light it when the power go out, especially used for the area where there always be power failure.



Material: Paraffin Wax

Type: Emergency Candles

Color: White


White Stick Candles, Straight Candle

Good quality and reasonable price
Fully refined paraffin wax
Long storage
Long burning time
Fast delivery
Different packing available
Can use customer\'s own brand
We can produce the candle according to customers\' specification.

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