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Application Scope of Wheat Milling Plant Application Scope of Wheat Milling Plant

In the heart of general grinding system is also provided with a wheat roller mill, to deal with each heart grinding proposed containing bran much wheat. Wheat milling plant industry is developing rapidly, their strong push into the world market, the domestic flour milling industry caused great pressure, on the other hand is a kind of incentive.

All you need is WHEAT MILLING PLANT. We are the manufacturer of different kinds of flour making machines. Our machines include a wide selection of complete equipment, which are good quality, advanced technology and reasonable prices. You'd better choose the size and the type of the machine according to your using requirements, application scopes and local power supplying condition. Then you will consider the price according to your purchasing ability. It's better to select a good brand to ensure good quality and considerate after sale service.

At this point, the domestic wheat flour milling machine industry slowly entered the gold period, according to the national condition, appeared for the township used wheat roller mill machine, this equipment is completely free of excessive waste of human labor shortcomings, with clear grain and wind power equipment, the more advanced than the stone roller processing technology, greatly improving the wheat milling plant yield, flour quality guarantee, in the prophase of played a great role, to meet people's basic needs of flour.


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Wheat Flour Milling Equipment Speciality Introduction Wheat Flour Milling Equipment Speciality Introduction

Our wheat flour milling machine is energy saving and time-saving for farmers. There are baffles in the discharging holes of the storage barrels, which can adjust the discharging flow. Wheat comes into the crushing machine through discharging holes to get preliminary crushing. Some wheat surface is separated from the wheat germs.   

It can free farmers from manual labor to wheat flour mill within the shortest time. WHEAT FLOUR MILLING MACHINE full automatic and multifunctional that can grind other grains such as rice, wheat, sorghum, barley and buckwheat. Before mill the wheat into flour, they are sent to the storage barrels for temporary, whose aim it to guarantee the next feeding with an uniform flow. It’s easy to operate and we have different sizes and final products. Wheat is put into the feeding hole first, the input quantity is controlled by the feeding hole flapper. The flour milled by burrstone mill maintains the original of wheat grain. Resorting to its pliability, burrstone mill flour has been the first choice of various kinds of pasta. It is natural and nutritional.

Compared to the traditional wheat flour mill, it keeps the nutrition of the flour milled by wheat flour mill. Then they are sent to the de-stoner and sieve which will screen out some impurities smaller than wheat kernels like dirty and sands. The screened wheat will again be through the coarse sieves, selecting out the impurities bigger than the materials. The wheat flows into the dampener in which wheat kernels and water are fully stirred.


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Win Tone Proprietary Product Wheat Roller Mill Win Tone Proprietary Product Wheat Roller Mill

The wheat roller mill is equipped with three layers of grinding roller, when they rotate along with supports, the material is thrown to the grinding ring, and the material between the grinding roller and grinding ring is ground into powder, the oversized is return for grinding and the qualified is collected. 

The equipment of WHEAT ROLLER MILL is the advanced patent product. Its features are blowing well, adjusting simple, good result of separating, the rate of ash content is reduced 60%-70% or as. The equipment of wheat roller mill includes vibra separator, grain separator, horizontal scourer, stoner, washer and other equipment .

Wheat roller mill is suitable for the materials with Mohs hardness below 5 degree, such as Calcium carbonate, talc powder, bauxite, kaolin, diatomite and bentonite, graphite, limestone, calcite, marble, barite, gypsum, clay, chalk, white mica, mica, illite, pyrophyllite, vermiculite, sepiolite, attapulgite, rectorite, potassium alum stone, fluorite, phosphate rock, ore, pumice. This is a high efficiency wheat roller mill, it influxes and ameliorates inland and overseas kindred machines excellence. In the condition of vibrating, classifying, and pneumatic action, to clear the same size stone and others impurities; it is used in wheat, paddy, peanut, beans cleaning, and also used in seeding cleaning. wheat-flour-mill-single-machine/686.html

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Public Praise of Wheat Roller Mill at Home and Abroad Public Praise of Wheat Roller Mill at Home and Abroad

Pneumatic wheat roller mill absorbs all the advantages of the famous roller mill both at home and abroad, structure unique novelty; cast iron base, steel board body, high precision and more beautiful appearance. Pneumatically regulated, automatic servo feeders for feed-roll and spreader-screw or double feed-roll. Helical gears for drive transmission between grinding rolls.

Assist the servo-feeding system, the flow of the stock can be adjust automatically via the servo system. WHEAT ROLLER MILL has the following advantages: steady grinding efficiency, high extraction, simple maintenance and operation.  Product circulation between pneumatic wheat roller mill and quadrate plan sifter continues until achieved to the desirable result.

The product took into wheat roller mill from glass inlet nozzle has been distributed homogeneously between grinder's mill balls turning against each others, in order to be ground by means of roller for grains. Upper enclosed housing in welded steel construction, lower enclosed housing in cast steel construction. With two grinding units horizontally arranged, one on both wheat roller mill sides, each equipped with power-integrated bearing packs and vibration absorbers.

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The Difference of Various Kinds of Wheat Milling Plant The Difference of Various Kinds of Wheat Milling Plant

We can supply different capacity wheat milling plant with high efficiency and good quality the machine can produce fine quality flour and standard flour for different use. Our machine includes clean part, flour milling part and packing part.
This machine was designed reasonably. It can be in the form of steel structure and storied building. The capacity that we can supply is from 5T/24H to 500T/24H, we have installed different capacity one in many countries, all of them now are working well.
 This series equipment improves the processing technique on previous design. Improve the cleaning process of adding shifting and scouring. Improve milling techniques on previous half-sifting and increased the production capacity and flour quality. WHEAT M ILLING PLANT is suitable for small model milling plant.
We are capable of offering wheat milling plant complete project, biomass processing complete project, compound fertilizer products. Certainly Grinding equipment, Pulverizer, Dosing equipment, Mixing equipment, Pelleting equipment, Extruding equipment, Cooling equipment, Crumbler, Sieving equipment; Stabilizing equipment, Drying equipment, Coating equipment, Bagging equipment; Compact feed mill; Cleaning equipment, Magnets and Aspiration equipment, Conveying equipment and Other universal equipment can be offered by Win Tone Machinery at competitive price. Wheat milling plant will be a smooth development in the future. our-milling-plant/721.html

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The Reason Why Wheat Roller mill is so popular The Reason Why Wheat Roller mill is so popular

Wheat roller mill is especially suitable for processing materials with high viscosity and fineness. The rolls run at different speeds and the materials are squeezed into the spaces between different rolls in order to get the grinding and refining effects.

We have installed many flour production line in the word, mostly in Africa and the Middle East. You can go to our web browsing photos. All of our new equipment to contain one year free spare parts, and quality guarantee period of one year. The magnet in the wheat feeding tank of the machine prevents strange metalic materials such as iron etc. to enter the machine and obtain more durability. WHEAT ROLLER MILL is manufactured precisely and controlled by manual or pneumatic mode. It can make better grinding effect compared with other ordinary floor mills.
Complete set of wheat roller mill adopts various configuration modes for different choices. They are of streamlined design, reasonable layout, beautiful performance. It can be installed on frame structure or in building structure. After installation and acceptance inspection, Win Tone Machinery will offer assistance in factory launching and pilot run. And our assistance also ranges over factory operation, operators training and operation optimization. CTS/wheat-flour-mill-single-machine/686.html

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