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Keyword "weight loss"

ShenZhenMENOBeautyTechnologyCOLTD [China]
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Zhuzhou Yuancheng Hezhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, a branch of "Yuancheng" Group. Which is located in Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City-The Economic Centre of Changsha Zhuzhou and Xiangtan Cities Group. It is a large high-t tech chemical enterprise which specialized in fine chemicals , flavors and fragrances, food additives, pharmaceutical raw material and intermediates.  Companies affiliated factory has advanced production equipment and plants, perfect quality assurance and control system, whole set of High Pressure Liquid Chromatography/Gas Chromatography/UV Spectrophotometer to conduct effective product analysis and monitoring. Company factory has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and international KOSHER certification.

Zhuzhou Yuancheng Hezhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. based in chemical industry, lead by food chemical market. Complete e-commerce networks make guarantee for timely service to the world customers. To meet the needs of customers, each product is elite, which is recommended and selected by professional and experienced technicals for customers. The company has independent import and export rights, products exported to foreign markets with high quality and good service, established good business relationship with other countries in Europe, America, Asia, etc. All the staffs will make unremitting efforts to strive for outstanding quality, make excellent brand and service the market by first-class products.

zhuzhouyuangchengTechnologyDevelopment [China]
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Purelife Bioscience Company Limited is the manufacturer , supplier and exporter of raw materials of Alpha GPC, Garlic extracts, Herbal extracts, Nootropics and other nutrition supplements for bodybuilding, weight loss, brain fitness and other general human health. 

Three subsidiary plants and more than 160 employees are possessed by Purelife Bioscience: First factory manufactures raw materials of nutritional supplements. The second one offers contract manufacturing on tablet, capsules and softgels which are available in a wide variety of specifications. Meanwhile, it also has the capability to help our clients to develop new ingredients and formula designs. Early in the year of 2014 , the third plant of Purelife Bioscience was set up in Korea ,which has been certified by ISO & KGMP, is specially for the production of L-alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine ( Alpha GPC) only. 

Purelife Bio is the most reliable manufacturer of alpha GPC. Our current Production capacity per month is 10000—12000kg (the total data includes China and Korea factories). 

Our Specification of Alpha GPC include: 
Alpha GPC 50% &99% powder 
Alpha GPC 85% liquid (Pharmaceutical Grade) 
Alpha GPC 50% Granular powder (Non-Hygroscopic for capsule and tablet production) 

Also, in order to provide more convenient service to North American customers , we set up two warehouses in the United States, one is in CA (in 2008), and the other is in TX (in 2011) . 

Our main products include : 

Black garlice extract series (Polyphenols, Flavonoids & S-arylcysteine) 
Black cumin seeds extract 99% Thymoquinone 
Caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE) 
Garlic extract series ( Alliin ;Allicin ; Ajoenes) 
Green Coffee Bean extract 
Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) 
Nootropics Series 
N-Methyl D-Aspartic Acid 
Oxaloacetate Sodium 
Phosphatidic Acid 20%&50% 
PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone ) 
Red Yeast Rice 
Strontium Citrate 
Vitamin K2 (MK-4,MK-7)

PurelifeBioscience [China]
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Fast healthcare Inc(04/17/2013)

Fast healthcare Inc is an India based liscensed dropshippers and bulkshipper dealing in generic, herbal and branded medicines we are serving the needs of many top online pharmacies, pharmacy call centers and individual needs of the customer with almost error free results. We provide 100% guaranteed shipment we reship it FREE OF COST. provide tracking no within 8hours, quality and FDA approved medicines and no minimum order quantity. Medicines we sell adhere to WHO-GMP norms Our customers value us for consistent quality, on-time deliveries, well refined manufacturing procedures trustworthiness and  cost efficiency . we have 24 hr customer support avaialble.

We offer:

* Lowest prices
* 100% shipping guarantee
* Quality of medicines and serice
* tracking nos within 8 hours
* world wide shipping
* No minimum order quantity

Fast healthcare Inc [India]
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 We Sell weight loss products.

Most of our customers are everyday people that byt us, and we have some resellers too.



 We Sell weight loss products.

Most of our customers are everyday people that byt us, and we have some resellers too.



 We Sell weight loss products.

Most of our customers are everyday people that byt us, and we have some resellers too.



Crescermaisja [Portugal]
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Samrx.com company profile

Samrx.com is the most efficient consistent online drugstore that provides consumers with great satisfaction and flawless service. Samrx.com serves customer all around the globe with its simplicity and trustworthy medications. Being trust worthy and reliable is the best feature of this online pharmacy. Samrx basically deals with the distribution of generic as well as trademark medication for the treatment of various health related issues such as ED treatment, hair loss, weight loss, quit smoking, antibiotic, anti allergy medications and pain relieve medications.

All the medication that are listed on the website are best quality medication   and are approved by the world greatest quality check administration FDA (food and drug administration). FDA has approved all the generic as well as patented medication as safe and effective to consume.  Samrx is completely customer oriented website that intends to provide every customer with complete satisfaction and security when they are navigating our website and placing an order for any medications.

Samrx provides its customers with timely discounts on purchase of any product and also proffers special offers on special occasions.  We also provide free shipping facility to our customer’s far and wide. This online pharmacy is designed in a very simple manner so that the customers navigating this website do not find it difficult to understand the website. This apothecary’s shop provides all the generic medication at an inexpensive cost which is less as compared to the cost price offered by other medications. All the products availed are inexpensive so that the customers count on us whenever they wish to purchase medications from online pharmacy.

Our customer care executives are always on toes to solve the queries of the customers while placing an order on our website. Customers can interact with our customer service executives through a toll free number mentioned on the website and can also interact through live chat and offline support. Above all our website is completely secure from any internet threats with the help of McAfee antivirus that is updated daily. All the transactions that are carried out on our website are completely safe and secured as the customer details are not exposed to any third person and the details are deleted as soon as the transaction is completed.

Samrx.com [Cyprus]
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Nutrifirst Biotech Inc.(10/29/2010)

Nutrifirst Biotech Inc. is a leading manufacturer of chondroitin sulfate( 85%min, 90%min,95%min,98%min and USP in full Compliance with USP or Enzymatic HPLC testing method)(DMF registration No.23072),glucosamine HCl/ Sulfate,MSM,hyaluronic acid,as well as various herbal extracts in China.Chondroitin sulfate sodium manufactured by our factory is in compliance with USP's Dietary Ingredient Verification Program(DIVP) based upon a GMP audit at the site.
We do private labeling and OEM contract manufacturing of nutraceutical supplements in tablets,capsules and softgels form according to the customers' formula.The formula of joint health,vitamin C and multivitamin is our strong item.Our products have a good sale in Asia,Middle-East and Europe,for example,India,Pakistan,Iran,Germany,Czech,Poland,Switzerland,UK,and so on.

Nutrifirst Biotech Inc. [China]
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