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Keyword "waste storage bags"
Plastic Garbage Bags - Waste Collection Plastic Bag Plastic Garbage Bags - Waste Collection Plastic Bag

Plastic Garbage Bags - Waste Collection Plastic Bag Made in Italy
Plastic Sacks and Bags for the Separate Collection of Waste for common use, domestic, industrial.
Raw material:
-LDPE Low density
Sizes and thicknesses:
- Capacity: from 20 to 360 liters;
- Width: 50 to 140 cm (single fold maximum 85cm);
- Length: 60 to 250 cm;
- Thickness: 25 to 150 my.

Features of packaging: The bags are produced continuously rolled and separated in bribes. Rolls are closed with an adhesive band without printing. The products are packed in cardboard boxes that are loaded on disposable pallets or Type EUR. The pallets are coated with a protective plastic film stretchable transparent which guarantees better protection and ease of movement.

Additional Options: Nuova Gandiplast allows you to customize your bags through: - Application of written and printed logos; - Insertion into the accordion, between the side folds of the bag, the string (wire LDPP) for the closure of the same; - Closing rolls with adhesive strips in custom printed paper; - Wrap each roll in clutches; - Pallets can be covered with caps in LDPE, upon request.

Range of colors: The bags are made with a variety of colors including yellow, purple, blue, green, brown, orange, red and white without neglecting the black and transparent. Nuova Gandiplast is willing to accept any kind of request.

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