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RYMAX Wood Texture Cement Board | Wall Panel | Fiber Cement Board | FC RYMAX Wood Texture Cement Board | Wall Panel | Fiber Cement Board | FC

RYMAX Wood Texture Cement Board | Wall Panel | Fiber Cement Board | FCB Board

RYMAX Wood Texture Cement Board | Wall Panel | Fiber Cement Board | FCB Board

RYMAX Wood Texture Cement Boards, completely non-combustible material, incombustible highest A1 level, high temperature, high refractory limit, fire prevention function fully meet the safety of the building use requirements, is the first professional fireproof products.

RYMAX Wood pattern cement board series is 100% asbestos-free and high-class fireproof decorative board autoclaved at high temperature and processed by advanced spray coating techniques. It has characteristics of lightweight, high strength, fire-proof, damp-proof, mothproof and shows good performances in lightning protection, heat insulation, sound absorption, deformation resistance and not easy to break.
RYMAX Wood pattern cement board is applicable for baseboards of high-end civil villas, multistory residences, museums and other artistic garden constructions.

* Long span life, Over 60% materials of RYMAX Wood pattern cement board are same as the main ingredient of granite, and more than 20% are same as marble; 
* High-strength and fully meets national typhoon-resistance standard for civil residences;
* Light weight and being not afraid of the influence of weight for original structure;
* Low water-absorption and especially suitable for outdoor occasions of damp construct areas;
* Non-combustible material which meets the standard of GB8624-1997 and reaches A class by testing;
* Excellent performance in impact-resistance and being applicable for the buildings located in dense crowd areas and roadside;
* Good thermal insulation and can makes excellent effects of warm in winter and cool in summer;
* Completely inorganic board which is fire-proof, mildew-resistance and fungus proof to provide you healthy guarantee;
* Good cost performance which is much inexpensive than other renowned brands of similar products(real 100% asbestos-free fiber cement board).

Product Picture: Gkx0X8LgsBaKtzb_jyj1qAanSMUeU3pDSgKFEZUgKQW9pDLQdFK7Viw8bt8T7 QBkrpC_4PatdkDgacmAfPirLqm_5QzxmybmYaMOpVuud9ZocpY/RYMAX%20Wo od%20Texture%20Cement%20Board.jpg

Product Details:

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Aluminum composite Curtain Wall Panel Aluminum composite Curtain Wall Panel


Aluminum composite Curtain  Wall Panel description:


Material:aluminum alloy

A1100-H12,reasonable price and good pe rformance

A1100-H16,high strength rustproof

A3003-H24,little high price,best performanc e

Standard size:



according to your need





Total thickness:

6mm,10mm,14mm,18mm,20mm,25mm,30mm,40mm and etc.< /p>

Aluminum sheet thickness:

0.5mm,0.8mm,1.0mm, and etc.

Core type:

aluminum honeycomb foil core

aluminum corrugated core


rich colors for you to choose

Surface treatment:

PVDF/PE coating,brush,wooden,marble and etc .

Supplier capacity:


Delivery date:

7-15 days


Dimensional Tolerances





Length: 1000-4000mm


Length: 4001-6000mm



Enlarged hole (oblique arrangement) &n bsp;  


Standard hole (linear arrangement) &nb sp; 

Φ2.5, Φ2.3   

Micro-hole (oblique arrangement) 

Φ2.0, Φ1.8, Φ1.5

Ultra micro-hole (linear arrangement) 

Φ1.0, Φ0.8


Fire resistant :

Fireproof has reached the national&nbs p;standard GB/T17748.

Combustion performance meet the standa rd GB8624.

Degree as the nonflammable inorganic&n bsp;core material.

Non-combustible to prevent fire spread ing.



Light , rigidity and consistency.

Perfect decorative effect.

Surface smoothness,easy install and cl ean. 

Environmentally friendly that can be&n bsp;recycled.

Strong corrupt proof, weather proof,&n bsp;chemical proof and Fireproof.

Perfect sound insulation, thermal resi stance and fire retardant capability.

20-30 years warranty for PVDF alu minum composite panel.

10-20 years warranty for polyester&nbs p;aluminum composite panel.


Recommend applying in these places:

Office buildings, supermarket, hotel,  railway station,  museum, exhibition  ;center,  airport, metro station, sc hool, sports center and etc


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PS Plastic Wood, Plastic Lumber, Non WPC Decking, Railing Materials PS Plastic Wood, Plastic Lumber, Non WPC Decking, Railing Materials
Extensive Applications:
Plastic Building Materials: Deck, Flooring, Handrails, Lattice, Plank Road, Wall Board, Dock, Railing, Fencing, Wall Panels, Siding Board Materials.

Garden Facilities: Garden Chairs, Garden Fence, Pergola, Pavilion, Flower Shelf, Artificial Wood Flower Pot.

Outdoor Leisure Furniture: Chair, Beer Table, Park Bench, Street Furniture, Bulletin Board, Garbage Bin,

Wall Panel, Tub Step, Tub Panel for Bathroom, DIY Tiles.

Welcome contact for more information.
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wall panel wall panel

Barry Wang


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wall panel wall panel


Barry Wang


Our product has been well selling in many country\'s market for many years.. 
1, We have three different size of product
(1) Long 500mm * Width 500mm * Thickness 1.5mm   this size product is 6m2/box,   24 pieces.
(2) Long 625mm * Width 800mm * Thickness 1.5mm   this size product is 15m2/box, 30 pieces.
(3) Long 300mm * Width 300mm * Thickness 1.5mm   this size product is 4m2/box, 44 pieces.
1 inch=25.4 mm. 1 square feet= 0.0929 sqaure metre
(1) Long 19.6 inch * Width 19.6 inch * Thickness 0.06 inch , this size product is 64.5   square feet/box, 24 pieces.
(2) Long 24.6 inch * Width 31.5 inch * Thickness 0.06 inch , this size product is 161.46 square feet/box, 30 pieces.
(3) Long 11.8 inch * Width 11.8 inch * Thickness 0.06 inch , this size product is 43.05 square feet/box, 44 pieces.
2 Our product brand name is 3d board which is a fresh material for the indoor wall decoration:
a, For the unpainted panel the surface can be free paint any color as the customer need.
b, It is very light and easy installation, only use the glue stick on the wall.
c,The surface has emboss effect, and can unleash the customer\'s spirit.

As this product has been well selled in many countries, I\'m not sure if you are looking for new product to sell in your market to have a better profite.

Waiting for your reply
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aluminum honeycomb panel aluminum honeycomb panel

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel
Products Information
Aluminum Honeycomb panel is structured of the interlining of honeycomb type. It is a kind of high strength external building material, which was only applied in the aeronautic industry in the past. The surface layer of such panel is aluminum alloy sheet, while the central layer is the honeycomb structure made of aluminum foil. Aluminum Honeycomb panel has the characteristics of light weight, high intensity, high stiffness, strong corrosion resistance and stable performance.
Compared to other wall decoration materials, Aluminum Honeycomb Board has good heat preservation and heat insulation. The reason is that the air between the face and the bottom layer is separated into lots of cellular closed holes, for which the propagation of heat and sound wave is extremely limited. Today, aluminum honeycomb panel has been widely used in the decoration of modern architectures, train, auto mobile and ship manufacturing industries.

Product Features:
One of the primary reasons for utilizing aluminum honeycomb panels is that they exhibit excellent strength-to-weight ratios compared to traditional construction materials.

The ability to configure panels with different materials allows us to create much stronger panels than one can achieve with solid structures.

The skill
however, is in analyzing all of the material choices for meeting your specifications and then selecting those that will provide the most functionality at the lowest cost.

Fire Resistance
Liming uses a number of materials that are non-combustible and self extinguishing. Most flammability ratings and building codes can be easily met with some combination of materials.

Thermal Control
Most aluminum honeycomb panels have excellent insulation properties simply due to the nature in which they are designed. Since both honeycomb and foam cores trap air between the skins, they are inherently insulating to some degree.

Sound Control
While we do not specialize in acoustical panels, we are happy to incorporate any type of sound deadening specifications into the composite panels that we design.
Impact Resistance
Impact resistance can be accounted for by adjusting the honeycomb cell size,utilizing different core materials and skins, or adding thickness to the surface material and/or core.

Moisture Resistance
All types of aluminum and plastic honeycomb cores can be used to improve water and moisture resistance, but RFP surface materials can also do the job for many applications.

Corrosion Resistance
Not only can we utilize different core and surface materials to achieve resistance to weather and chemicals, but coatings can be applied for added security. 

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