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Keyword "tourmaline spontaneous heating neck guard"
black tourmaline spontaneous heating neck guard black tourmaline spontaneous heating neck guard

Product dimension: 49cm long, 11.5cm  wide

Weight: 60g

Color: black

Material: High quality elastic nylon, tourmaline cloth, magnet stone,neoprene

【Detail 1】Tourmaline acts on important acupuncture points of human’s neck, adjusts acid base equilibrium of the human body, supplements the microelements needed by the human body and relieve fatigue at the neck and cervical vertebra.

【Detail 2】 The product has five magnet stones, which can stimulate the acupuncture points of human body,  dredge the channel, improve the micro circulation effectively and facilitate the metabolism of human body.

【Detail 3】The product has useful velcro, which means that the size can be adjusted and it will be more fixable to wear it. 

【Detail 4】Strengthen the crochet design. It is sewed elaborately and has longer use life. 


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