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Bulk SMS Software for BlackBerry Mobile Phones Bulk SMS Software for BlackBerry Mobile Phones

Bulk SMS Software for BlackBerry Mobile Phones
BlackBerry bulk text messaging Software is easy to use program for sending bulk numbers of text messages from PC using blackberry mobile phones. Bulk SMS software enable user to compose and send bulk number of text messages using blackberry mobiles connected without using any internet connection.
Blackberry SMS messaging software is designed and developed with innovative technology to broadcast bulk numbers of text messages instantly. Now you can straightforwardly increase your business sales by sending group text messages.
Connect with your customers at any place or time!
SMS broadcasting software empowers you to broadcast multiple numbers of text messages instantly. Now you can communicate with your customers at any time or place with this bulk text messaging program.
Promote your products and increase sales!
Bulk SMS sending software is effective mobile marketing application that allows you to send bulk text messages to your customers’ mobiles for promoting your products, brands and services. Bulk SMS messaging helps to increase business revenue and drives more customers towards your business by broadcasting group SMS.
Keep in touch with your friends and family using bulk SMS software!
Bulk SMS sending program helps you to communicate with people by sending bulk text messages. Now you can easily connect with your friends, relatives using bulk SMS software.
Software features:-
*Enable user to send multiple number of text messages from PC via blackberry mobiles.
*Provides advanced list wizard option for maintaining the list of contacts or groups.
*Allows user to send standard messages or notification.
*No internet connection is required to send bulk text messages.
*Provides facility to skip duplicate number entries during the message broadcasting feature.
*Allows user to use template with option to add template or edit existing template during the SMS sending process.
*Supports entire Unicode languages to send bulk messages in any text format.
*Supports national as well as international mobile networks to send bulk text messages. 
System Requirements
*Hard Disk Space: 8 MB
*RAM Recommended: 256 MB RAM
*Pentium class or higher processor
Microsoft Windows OS including
*Windows Vista
*Windows XP
*Windows 7
*Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 etc.
Hardware Device
BlackBerry™ Mobile Phone
Website: http://www.sendgroupsms. com


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Christian Text Occasional Balloons Christian Text Occasional Balloons
We now manufacturer Christian Text Balloons for any occasion. We have four popular balloons right now Baby Shower, Weddings and Get Well Balloon and Baskets. We can sale the balloons individual or wholesale. The baby shower balloons includes a Fiber Optic Angel ( comes in Black or White /Male female). Seeking agents to represent and export our products to their countries as well as the US. We also carry more pics for your review inquire in email if you would like to see the whole catalog.
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Al-manhuj (Arabic Text Book Teaching Device) Al-manhuj (Arabic Text Book Teaching Device)
Features: 1) This product contains the next syllabus for class one in the Saudi Arabia 2) This product contains 8 songs, names of the days in a week, 15 Q/A from G. Knowledge, Tawheed, Solook and Fiqah, and 15 Surahs from Holy Quran 3) This product also contains calculator with plus and minus functions, as well as alphabet and number games 4) Activate the related page material by turning the page 5) The game button is activated only on alphabet page or number page 6) Dimensions: 53.5 x 31 x 7cm Inner packing: 1pc/color box Outer packing: 1doz/carton Carton dimensions: 46 x 32 x 108cm Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
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Text Messenger Walkie Talkie Text Messenger Walkie Talkie
Specifications: Text Messenger with Walkie Talkie function - sending SMS message - walkie talkie function Certification(s): EN71, EN50088, R&TTE, ASTM & FCC
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GSM-alarm Base With Text GSM-alarm Base With Text
Specifications: GSM Alarm base with text 1,GSM-III alarming controller (5 group) 2,inactive infrared intruding detector (up to 10) 3,wireless magnetic detector (up to 10) 4, cordless remote controller (two or more) 5, have 5 group dialing (two time in turn), voice alarm and live monitor 6, remote control and emergency alarm 7,moniter the voice in home when alarm
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Children's Text Book Children's Text Book
Specifications: Yes, I have a University textbook that educates and teaches cooperation and accomplihsing your goals with metaphors. I also have Limited Edition versions of the Land of the lullaby currently selling at Emory University, Atlanta, GA, Barnes and Noble in Kansas City, The American jazz Museum, Druid Hills bookstore, Chapter 11 bookstore, the Eagle Eye bookstore and online at Amazon. Com. I have excellent wholesale prices in the United States. Please contact me oncerning the details. Thank you. Thanks a lot for your information. Please see our quotations below. Whole Sale Special Discount! 8.5" x 11" paper back book 32 pages(16dual side) Text paper:128gsm 4C/4C Cover:300 GSM w/glossy lamination 4C 1K US$4.89/PC 5K US$2.35/PC Retail for $9.95 New Quality Professional Cover, Bookland EAN Barcode(price-embedded)and ISBN on of the back of the book 8.5" x 11" paper back book 32 pages Text paper:128gsm 4C/4C Cover:300 GSM w/glossy lamination 4C 1K US$6.89/PC 5K US$4.35/PC 10K US$4.30/PC 50K US$2.26/PC Retial for $9.95 New Quality Professional Cover, Bookland EAN Barcode(price-embedded)and ISBN on of the back of the book 11" x 14" hard cover book 64 pages(32dual side) Text paper:128gsm 4C/4C Cover:2mm greyboard + 128gsm + glossy lamination 4C FOB Hong Kong 1K US$8.98/PC 5K US$6.53/PC 10K US$5.32/PC 50K US$3.14/PC Retail for $14.95 Our product range: Books Magazines Brochure/catalogue Stickers Stationery Sticky notepad Cards(greetingcards, playing cards) Rigid gift boxes and paper bags Corrugated color boxes, packaging, etc. Sample lead-time is 4-7 days after receipt of artworks. Production lead-time is 10-20 days after receipt of deposit and sample approval. Payment terms is 30% deposit T/T in advance,70% T/T against shipment. Please note that we produce BII products, we will only quote on customers' designs and specifications. We are not able to give a general price for certain kind of product. Please note. Please just provide me the information of the products you are interested, then we can give you quote. If you want to receive and printed products that we have, please let me know and I will arrange a few for you. Any comments on the above prices, please let me know. Thanks! Limited Land of the Lullaby Text Book Other Price Terms: $7.99 For Less Than 500 Products Payment Terms: CASH Certification(s): ISBN: 1-932373039Supply Ability: LimitedPproducts 50,000 quantity,
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Computer Text Books For Pre-kg To 10th Standard Computer Text Books For Pre-kg To 10th Standard
Specifications: The books can be used along with CBSE/ICSE/State Board syllabus. Available for Pre-KG to Standard 10 25 lessons comprises of Edutainment, Computer basic skills, Curriculum Based Learning, Creativity and Project. Activity Sheets linked Suitable for all English speaking country.
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Computer Text Books Computer Text Books
Specifications: Edutainment section motivates through fun software and Introduce basic concepts. Wide range software covered from Windows, Kidpix, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Flash, HTML, Dream weaver, Logo, C, VB and Java. Develops Reading, Reference and Research skills in Curriculum based Learning using Internet and Encyclopedia Makes students to realise their Creativity potential in Creativity section. Offers a Project for every academic year Fun filled activity sheets for every lessons. Available for english medium schools of any country Teachers training provided on request.
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Text Tempering Viod Seal Tape Text Tempering Viod Seal Tape
Specifications: We are a manufacturer of hologram, text tempered void seal and hologram making machine.
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Mbi With Micro Text Mbi With Micro Text
Hologram labels with micro text
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Text Tempered Viod Tape Text Tempered Viod Tape
Specifications: Text tempered viod tape is uses in security puepose of duplicacy.
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Quran Player with Text Display in 10 Language Quran Player with Text Display in 10 Language
Specifications: 1. Complete Holy Quran: * Full Holy Quran (114 Surahs,6236verses) * High Quality Voice Audio * Holy Quran text in authentic and beautiful Uthmanic fonts licensed by Harf Information Technologies * Display of Holy Qur'an Arabic text synchronized with voice recitation * Display the quran text in Ten language translation:English, Malay, French, Spanish, Urdu, Turkish, Indonesia, Iranian and Russian * Recited by Shaikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais &Shaikh Saoud Al-Shuraim and * Quick searching and book marking facility of surah and verse. 2. Riyadh As-Saliheen: * Famous collection of Hadith about Islamic manner & behavior * Auto scroll in Arabic text 3. Tafseer Al-Jalalian: * Complete Tasfseer of Holy Quran in Arabic text with auto scroll facility * Quick searching and book marking facility of surah and verse. 4. Salat Time: * Automatic azan alarm * Show Salat times and Qibla directions for more than 200 countries and 3,200 cities worldwide * Set Adhan sound as prayer time alarm 5. Qibla Direction: * Qibla direction indicator * Show Qibla directions for more than 200 countries and 3,200 cities worldwide 6. Duaa: * The Duaa text is displayed on the screen in synchronized with Voice recitation which was recited by Shaikh Abdul Rahman Al-Hudhaify 7. Calendar: * The Gregorian calendar and hijri convert facility 8. Set-up: * You can opt any language as you need, recitation voices as well as LCD brightness and contrast Technical Features: 1. Large and brilliant LCD display Back-light facility for night use, LCD is matrix-screen and size:58*38(mm) 2. Easy and quick search any Verse and Surah , automatic saved after shutdown 3. Built-in speaker, Headphone jack and AC Adapter jack 4. Recitation speed conrolled in 3 steps(normal, fast and slow) 5. Case available in two color, green and black color 6. Size: 108*70*10.5(mm) 7. Weight:100g(not including batteries) 8. Earphone:5Mw(frequency:200HZ-20KHZ) 9. Battery: LR03 1.5V AAA Size 2 ea, DC 3V Accessories: Earphone, Leather Bag, Mini Compass, User Manual and Index
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Quran Player with Text Display Quran Player with Text Display
Specifications: Special Features: * Large LCD displayed text of Quran in Arabic, English, French & Urdu * Holy Quran text in Uthmanic font Specification: * Play Full Holy Quran (114 Suras) * High Quality Voice Audio. * Easy and fast jump to any Verse of any Suras * Built-in speaker * Backlight for night use. * Built in DC Adapter jack * Suras and Verse number will be saved even after shutdown. * The voice of Shaikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais and Shaikh Saoud (Imams of Mecca) Packing:1pc/giftbox,50pcs/carton, carton size:65*50* 25cm, G. W.:16KGS, N. W.:15KGS Unit Size:108*68*16mm Accessories: Earphone, manual, bag
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Pepsi And Diet Pepsi With Full English Text Pepsi And Diet Pepsi With Full English Text
Specifications: We can offer Pepsi, Diet Pepsi,7-Up and Mountian Dew with full English text (no Arab! ). Feel free to contact us if you have a serious enquiry.
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Serial Lcd Module 21x 8 Text / 128x64 Dot Matrix Graphics Serial Lcd Module 21x 8 Text / 128x64 Dot Matrix Graphics
Specifications: Our design kit We design this kit based on the need who want to have useful addon board but do not want to buy from others as the price is not reasonable high. We can provide (and continue to provide) this kit at low price as we have direct source for many major components. In addition, our engineering team can select & design the schematic careful to make it at full function with minimize component in use. More & more kit is coming. This is our innovative kit and turn a difficult to use dot matrix lcd to text mode display unit. You can freely display text at 21 column x 8 rows. The price is comfortable compared with traditional 8 row charactor module. Use only 1 serial pin to control the whole module. I will soon add the graphic library support on the controller chip. Thus, you can use it as a graphical terminal with easy to use text display.
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LED Scrolling Text Message Sign (IR Remote Control) LED Scrolling Text Message Sign (IR Remote Control)
Specifications: - 7 x 80 dots, dia.5mm, p7.62mm, red,16 character, display size 53.375mm x 610mm, - ir remote control - 110-220vac or 12/24 vdc,81 msg storage and display - date and time display in the format of 12/24 - could store more than 80 messages - for indoor and vehicle purpose Options - red&green LED - rs232 or ir or GSM modem controlled - support multiple language and ascii - different display size available Pls contact us for more details. OEM/ODM projects welcome
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LED Digital Scrolling Text Belt Buckle LED Digital Scrolling Text Belt Buckle
Specifications: We have these buckles in red, blue, yellow, green, white, pink, and multi color. We offer our products wholesale and retail. Price is dependant upon quantity. If you are thinking about selling these in your local store, kiosk, overseas, or even out of your house please contact us, and one of our representatives will assist you in getting started. We offer the best prices. We will match or beat any price. For more information contact our sales department or call us
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