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Practical Techniques Of Physio Examination & Treatment Dvd Practical Techniques Of Physio Examination & Treatment Dvd
Specifications: Clinics in Motion is a revolutionary new concept in the publication of the practical aspects of physiotherapy practice (Physical Therapy in the USA). It makes sense that the publishing medium best suited to the communication of practical skills is video supported by text rather than textbook with photographs, which has until recently been the only available publishing medium in physiotherapy education. The current technology of DVD-Video contains many features that greatly enhance the clarity and interactivity with which visual information can be communicated. Picture quality is paramount, it is broadcast quality, and allows excellent lecture theatre enlargement. In addition the versatility of DVD menu systems allows the accessibility and interactivity of the information video presentations to be hugely advanced. DVD is user friendly, and allows information to be reviewed from multiple angles, in clear freeze frame or slow motion. Combining this DVD technology with an interactive website greatly expands the usefulness and interactivity of the DVD-video presentation to physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and their tutors. The website allows each volume to be supported by an interactive workbook, expanded references and notes, and a self-correcting examination to improve, verify and audit participation. The workbook can guide, stimulate and record the practical use of the DVD presentations to facilitate the aspect of learning that is self-directed, self-motivated and self-paced. The combination of DVD-Video and website represents an E-learning format capable of presenting information in better quality and greater quantity than any other currently available technology. The ease of use, and usefulness, of the features of this format create the potential to significantly improve the process of physiotherapy education for tutors, students and individual physiotherapists in their continuing professional education. As a whole the Clinics in Motion publications will introduce cutting edge technology to assist physiotherapists and physiotherapy students in their acquisition of manual skills and allow physiotherapy lecturers to enhance their effectiveness during practical tuition. In addition it will provide an invaluable reference to students and physiotherapists alike when commencing practice in a new clinical area, or as a continuing source of reference information and as facilitation to reflective practice and revision. The immense clarity with which the Clinics in Motion publication allows the communication of practical techniques means that it will be an important and perhaps even an indispensable tool in support of the existing activities in education and continuing professional development. However as with any publication it is important that it is not seen as a passive courier of information but rather as a tool to be actively used by students and tutors alike.
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GV4 : The Basic Techniques For Creating Graffiti Art On Walls GV4 : The Basic Techniques For Creating Graffiti Art On Walls
Specifications: Filmmaker Bob Bryan has completed GV4, the ultimate Primer / Tutorial and Step-by- Step Program on Spray Can Art. Most popular amongst Educators, the series has given outsiders a rare glimpse into the outstanding Art and eclectic personalities behind the controversial Graffiti Art Movement.
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Myofascial Release Techniques Book Myofascial Release Techniques Book
Specifications: A detailed manual which includes hundreds of animations and step by step instruction on using Myofasial Release techniques. A top selling manual in Canada. Advanced rehab manual used by pysiotherapist, doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors. Discounts to distributors available. Myofascial ReleaseSupply Ability: can ship in 24 hours
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