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Sell Ceramic Structured Packing Sell Ceramic Structured Packing

Ceramic Structured Packing

Ceramic structured packing is a kind of column shape and single layer corrugated packing,consisting of many moire pieces with the same geometric shape and parallel to each other. According to the different obliquity of corrugated sheet,this product is divided into X-style and Y-style,and X and Y correspond to the 30o and 45o respectively. Ceramic structured packing has a series of advantages,such as high efficiency,low pressure drop, great treatment, little liquid content, unremarkable amplifying effect and high elasticity in operation. With a unique structure,and excellent hydrophilic performance, the very thin liquid film can be formed in the surface of ceramic,and the flow of liquid film as well as oblique and flexural channel ensure the smooth airflow , and dont impede it,making the efficiency of this product comparable with metallic corrugated packing. Dohntec makes the production of different specific surface area and flexible standard structured packing in terms of customer\'s demands.

Ceramic structured packing is not only widely used in coal gas washing tower, fertilizer heat gas saturation tower, naphthalene washing tower, ammonia washing tower, but also as the support for heat exchange machine , catalyst, and suit for a big tower rebuilding/revamp.

Main Performance


Physical Properties


Chemical Composition






Typical Application

100X    & amp; nbsp;     
The feature of high corrosion resistance makes it specially suitable for refinery of oil with high acid value, protecting naphthenic acid from corrosion. It is a good choice for desulfurization apparatus and towers.           
         &am p;nb sp;
250X,Y     & ;nbs p;  
Widely used in the process of separation for mineral brine lixiviant reactant mixture, rectification for organic acid solutions as well as absorption / desorption for vitriol medium .          
         &am p;nb sp;
350X,Y     & ;nbs p;   

Widely used in the acid dehydrator to reduce reflux, increase acetic acid and lower column operation temperature. Excellent separation performance for the process of high vacuum decompression , its ideal high temperature and corrosion resistant packing material for the glass, glass fibre reinforced plastic and enamel tower.         & amp; nbsp;
         &am p;nb sp;
450X,Y     & ;nbs p; 
Widely used in absorption, desorption, separation  of rectification for corrosion mixture, requiring the theoretical plate 4-5, economic loading range: F factor 1.5-2.           & lt; br />          &nb sp;
700 X        &am p;nb sp; 
Specially designed for the high mass-transfer efficiency rectification towers. Dohntec suggest  a support grid should be installed every 3 to 4 meters height of this structured packing.

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