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Keyword "street lamp"
Shenzhen Orion Optoelectronics Technology Co., LTD(07/03/2014)

Shenzhen Orion is the profecional LED lamp manufacture, combined with unique structure design and outline design. We are doing the ODM for lots of top 10 lighting brands in the world. Our major products include T8 lamp, LED Bulb, Reading lamp, Street lamp, Pannel light and Down light.

Shenzhen Orion Optoelectronics Technology Co., LTD [China]
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Jiaxing Reming Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd(08/13/2013)

Jiaxing Reming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacture
professional engaged in XED xenon special energy-saving lamps.
The company founder has began to study lighting applications
of XED XENON light source such as for industrial and mining
enterprises, road, shopping mall ect., and have got a number of
products invertion patent. In 2010, Reming registered and began
operations in Jiaxing , which is near and as the center of the big
cities such as Shanghai , Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo ect, the
registered capital is 10 millian RMB.
Reming has a outstanding research and development group,
including one post doctorate back from abroad ,one doctor,some
on-the-job university professor consultants. several bachelor
researchers and designers. We also have founded the joint "XED
Xenon Special lighting laboratory" with Southeast University. So
we can supply comprehensive and high level product research
,development, design and applications. provide the first-class
service to our customers with dedicated professional spirit , and
make the new light source of XED Xenon special energy-saving
new as a lighting energy-saving industrial technical revolution in
lighting industry.

Jiaxing Reming Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd [China]
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Shanghai NLW Lighting Tec.,Ltd(Shandong Office)(11/14/2012)


Energy is the most basic security of human material civilization.

For thousands years, human has never stopped the development and research of new energy. But till today,the exploration of new energy is carried forward slowly affected by whole level of science and technology, it's very hard to see hope dawnwhile global energy consumption increases day by day!

Non-renewable resource,is gradually exhausted because of immoderate excavating;The development of nuclear energy using is prevented because it has big potential harm to human security;water and electricity development influence ecological environment; The use of solar energy, wind energy is restricted by geography, climate...

All those tell us: in todays' world that energy crisis firstly emerged, human must firstly consider how to save energy using, speed the development and application of energy saving technology!

Take times need of own duty,to make contribution of science and technology progress. Shanghai Guoshun investment management Co., Ltdinvested and established Shanghai NLW lighting Tec.Co.,Ltd in 2011.

Shanghai NLW lighting Tec.Co.,Ltd, located in Songjiang,Shanghai,a dense area with high-tech manufacturing,is a high new tech enterprise dedicated in new energy-saving lighting technology and production, at present,the main products is low frequency induction lamp that owns many key technical innovations (many patents are in application). The company has the first-class automated production lines and advanced laboratory and testing equipment,owns famous universities and senior experts participant scientific research team.

Company production strictly comply with ISO9001:2000 quality management system operation, product quality meet domestic and international multiple standards, they sell very well in domestic and abroad.

NLW induction lamp- shining science and technology light. In today's times that desire of  energy-saving products,NLW will take"innovation realistic, science popularization" as the aimand try hard for the development and application of world new energy-saving light source.

Shanghai NLW Lighting Tec.,Ltd(Shandong Office) [China]
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