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We have 46% prilled and granular urea, white, free flowing, bagged UREA.
We work with several refineries, and have been in business for a long time, and will continue to serve our customers.
We do not quote government tender bids, due to fraud, also we do not provide performance bond in excess of 2%, only criminals request more.
We will provide spot quotes on request.
When you receive offers please look at them carefully and get back to us, as we can not read your mind, and can not close deal without working out problems.
When contacting us for the first time, please state name, company name, telephone number, contact person and email for future contact, as well as needs.
We get refinery quotes updated every Friday, and do not ask us , if we think it will be up or down, because we do not know.
Please state your position in contract up front.
If this is a contract to be purchased by government, we will state, that no kickbacks are allowed, and we will not pay front fees of any kind, or get involved with fraud, please give us the information, or have government official respond with questions.
For quotes please send email to lgt2  msn  com
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Sell Ammonium Sulphate (crystals, powder), fertilizer Sell Ammonium Sulphate (crystals, powder), fertilizer

Sell Ammonium Sulphate (crystals, powder), fertilizer

 CAS: 7783-20-2

Content of Nitrogen: 21.0%min nature: white crystals Uses:

fertilizer,food additive, textile, pharmaceutical...

Ms Tina


Company Name: Jin De Yuan Chemical Co., Ltd


Email:  master(@)

MSN:  Tina83123(@)

Tel:  +86-311-89689598

Fax:  +86-311-86106688

 < /p>

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Sell zinc sulphate monohydrate Sell zinc sulphate monohydrate

Dear Sir/Madam:


I am very glad to introduce our company for you,Hunan Jingshi Group Co.,Ltd is the biggest manufacturer of Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate in China,also is the first one manufacturer which got the European FAMI-QS certificate in 2007 for Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate industry with 60000mt production line. So under the ISO 14001 2004 and HACCP quality management, we assure our products safety and the quality to our customers and the final users.


Commodity: Jingshi Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate


Powder :Zn:35% min   

As:5ppm max        Cd:10ppm max  Pb:10ppm max      

Granular:Zn:33% min   

As:5ppm max       Cd:10ppm max   Pb:10ppm max      

Size:1-2mm or 2-4mm


If you want to get more details,you can directly contact with me .We sincerely hope to get your interest and comment for this.


Best Regards!


Aaron Deng


Hunan Jingshi Group Co,. Ltd

Address:XiangtianWesternRoad321,ShifengDistrict ,Zhuzou ,China.






&n bsp;

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Sell urea 46N Sell urea 46N

Origine: russia & ukraine (buyer\'s option)
Packing: buyer\'s option
As we must start with LOI do not waste your time with us if you are not available to issue it.
For contract seller need BG.

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Organic Fertilizer (Fermented Seaweed Extracts) Organic Fertilizer (Fermented Seaweed Extracts)

Seaweed fertilizer "Power" is a pure natural liquid organic fertilizer converging nutrients, bioactive substances and counter-stresses genes. All of substances contained in "Power" are from completely natural materials, so it is also an environmentally friendly product.

Fermented seaweed extracts "Power" contains various nutrients of alginic acids, macro elements and microelements (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Mo, B etc. ) as well as 20 kinds of protein amino acids, plant growth regulators (auxins, cytokinin and gibberellins etc. ), vitamin, nucleotides, humic acids and counter-stresses genes, which can be easily absorbed by plants, and bioactive substances that stimulate plant growth.

Many experiments have been conducted and the results indicated that Power could be highly effectively used on grain crops, vegetables, and fruit trees, particularly on cotton, tobacco, mulberry, and tea.

In conclusion, Power is a new generation of natural fertilizer containing highly effective nutritious materials, which can significantly increase yields of many crops and enhance the ability of plants to adverse factors.

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TSP is fertilizer
Origin Surabaya Indonesia
Size in powder meal
Color is grey
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Sell 100% Pure Natural Cold Pressed Neem Oil Sell 100% Pure Natural Cold Pressed Neem Oil

Exporters of 100% Pure Natural Cold Pressed Organic OMRI Listed Neem Oil with highest Azadirachtin value.

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Sell fishmeal and crab shell meal for animal feeds Sell fishmeal and crab shell meal for animal feeds
Large quantities fishmeal and crab shell meal with competitive price ... and looking for serious buyer, pls feel free to contact with us for more information
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Sell bio soil- cocopeat Sell bio soil- cocopeat
Our company as HX Export Centre, specialized in bio soil, cocopeat for plants, bonsai, vegetable... It\'s make the plants strengthen, grow quickly and increase the outputs. This is the best choice to develope green agriculture
If you are interested in, pls feel free to contact with us
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As We Get Older We Get Better

For almost a century we have kept your trust in us as our
assets and that has made more solid.

Our service to customers continues to improve,
and your every need commands our attention.
We endeavour to be quick, correct and punctual.

Our attention to detail and accuracy are part of a
tradition to ensure that you are satisfied with us.

Sell Fertilizer NPK 20-20-20; NPK 15-15-15;
NPKMg Blue 12-12-17-2; NPKMg Yellow 15-15-6-4;

Rest assured that our efforts will never cease
until you are fully satisfied.

Best regards
Raya Propinsi KM77, Prokimal 127;
Pasuruan 67185; East Java - Indonesia.
Phone & Fax +62343482985
Mobile +6281357777254

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The HANSE Business Group (established 1983) enjoys a premier reputation in energy trading and financing with a global market presence. The Group transports and markets all major oil grades and petroleum products.
The HANSE Petroleum Business Division offers medium-term fuel contracts of various grades and Russian- or Saudi Arabian standards for immediate lifting. HANSE OIL Applicants are invited to subscribe and register first with HANSE prior to their formal product application both to be routed through one of the HANSE websites.
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Sell Calcium nitrate crystal Sell Calcium nitrate crystal

Calcium nitrate crystal

Chemical formula: Ca(NO3)2.4H2O
Molecular weight: 236.15

Index Name: Specification
Technical grade: Agriculture grade
Appearance: White crystal
Assay: 99.0%min
PH value: 5-7
Water Insolubles:  0.01%max
Heavy Metal: 0.001%max
Sulphates : 0.03%max
Iron: 0.002%max
Chloride: 0.005%max
Calcium oxide: 23.4%min
Nitrogen: 11.76%min

Packing: In 25kg white PP/PE bag with black marks.

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Sell Monoammonium phosphate Sell Monoammonium phosphate

Monoammonium phosphate

Chemical formula: NH4H2PO4
Molecular weight: 115.0

Index Name: Specification
Appearance: White crystal
Content : 99%min
Phosphorous (as P2O5): 61%min
Nitrogen (as N): 12%min
Moisture : 0.2%max
Water Insolubles: 0.10%max
PH (1% solution): 4.4-4.6

Packing: In 25kg white PP/PE bag with black marks.

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Sell Calcium mangnesium nitrate Sell Calcium mangnesium nitrate

Calcium mangnesium nitrate

Nitrogen: 13. 6%min
Nitrate Nitrogen: 13. 6%min
MgO: 6%MIN
Appearance: White powder

Packing: In 25kg PP/PE bag.

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Sell Humic acid powder/prill Sell Humic acid powder/prill

Humic acid powder

Index Name  Specification
  A  B  C
Granularity  120-150mesh 80-100mesh 20-100mesh
Humic acid  50%min  50%min 45%min
Organic material 60%min  60%min 55%min
Moisture  10%max  28-32% 28-32%

Humic acid prill

Index Name  Specification
  A  B
Appearance  Columniation
Granularity(diameter) 4.5-5.0mm  3.5-4.0mm
Humic acid  50%min  50%min
Organic material  60%min  60%min
Moisture  15%  15%

Packing:In 50kg PP/PE bag.

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Sulphur Coated Urea (SCU) Sulphur Coated Urea (SCU)

Sulphur Coated Urea is a slow and controlled release Urea fertilizer

[Related Categories: Fertilizer ]
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Sulphur Bentonite(GOOGERD90) Sulphur Bentonite(GOOGERD90)

GOOGERD90 is a degradable type of Sulphur for soil amendment.

This Organic fertilizer is fourth nutrient for crops. It is a mixture of 90% elemental Sulphur and 10% Bentonite clay.

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We are manufacturers and exporters of NPK 19-19-19 Water Soluble Fertilizer Total Nitrogen:19% (1)Nitrogen from Nitrate maximum 4% (2)Nitrogen from Ammonia minimum 4.5% (3)Nitrogen from Urea minimum 10.5% Total Phosphorus as P2O5:19% Total Potassium asK2O:19% NaCl:0.5% max Moisture...
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Sell Sell
We are one of key supplier from China for various products of feed additives, pesticides, Fertilizers. If you interest it, please contac us for further dicusssion.
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Sell Bent Stem Float Switches Sell Bent Stem Float Switches
Features: 1) Materials: a) Float: SUS 316L b) Stem: SUS 304 c) Wire: AWG 22, UL1430 2) Length: 300mm 3) Switch voltage: 250V AC 4) Carry current: 1.5A max. 5) Switch current: 0.7A max. 6) Power rating: 70VA 7) Mounting: side of a vessel 1/8" NPT, M12 x 1.5
[Related Categories: Flow Switches ]
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