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Ningboxiongzhenprecisioncastingcoltd [China]
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ZiboBaiwangMachineryCoLtd [China]
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Sasbab Co., Ltd is one of Western Asia's top producers, with large agricultural and food production at its strong base. A fully integrated business, its activities span from farming, packaging, technical assurance, quality control, trade, exporting and logistics. The diversified Group also trades of consumer goods, textile, stationary and a wide variety of Western Asia's products. Sasbab Co., Ltd has recently expanded it's sphere of business into Western Asia & Southeast Europe's, and has bought a controlling interest in consumer goods and is looking at further expansion and opportunities. Founded in 1989, Sasbab Co., Ltd has consistently followed a dynamic, long-term growth strategy. Today it owns 17 farming entities, which operate 22 farms and 2 independent pack houses in Western Asia & Southeast Europe and is partnered with more than 50 growers in various Countries.

SASBAB [Turkey]
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Xuzhou Lianfa Steel Structure Project Co., Ltd.(05/26/2014)

LF (Lianfa Factory & Lead Frame Engineering) is professional manufacturer and engineering company for space frame and steel structure project with full capability of RESEARCH, DESIGN, FABRICATION, CONSTRUCTION, SUPERVISION SERVICE FOR OVERSEA PROJECT. The company has equipped with advanced software and system, and it has many experienced designers and technical engineers.

Xuzhou Lianfa Steel Structure Project Co., Ltd. [China]
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[Related Keywords: steel, steel structure, space frame, steel framing, steel building, space framing ]
Orihonor Hongkong Limited(11/21/2013)

 Orihonor HongKong Limited is a comprehensive trading company mainly for export and import trading with wholesale and retail business. 


 After continuous efforts, we have formed by the Hyaluronic Acid (HA) as the main products, Steel/ Steel Structure/Edible Oil as secondary trading system. We are cooperating with one of the largest  manufacturers in China for Hyaluronic Acid with monthly sales capacity of Three tons, including Food gradeCosmetic grade and Injection grade, and Hyaluronic Acid Gel and other products. We have established long term good cooperation relationships with customers from Japan and American with high purity, good clarity, low protein contents as well as excellent price. In addition to steel, steel structure and edible oil, we are also cooperate with manufacturers directly with reliable quality and competitive price which helps us to have many more and more orders from many countries.

Orihonor Hongkong Limited [China]
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[Related Keywords: Hyaluronic Acid, refined peanut oil, steel ]
Shinestar Steel Group(09/05/2013)

Hunan Shinestar Steel Group(HSSG) was founded in 1978 and our enterprise is the predecessor of branch of 

China's oil pipeline and gas pipeline science research institute, as the most 

authoritative pipeline engineering research institute, consists of eight backbone 

institute and line pipe bureau postdoctoral research stations, oil and gas pipe is 

"safe" the main body of the national engineering laboratory on units, is China 

technology center and plumbing contractor as well as carbon steel pipe supplier 

branch of China welding association director branch pipe welding unit, and a large 

number of sophisticated equipment and high-end talent in pipeline engineering materials, pipe welding technology, piping, special 

tools and pipeline construction technology, pipeline corrosion protection technology, 

piping nondestructive testing technology, pipeline safety evaluation, pipe information

 standard eight fields a leading domestic level, undertake and fulfill the country and 

provincial key technology research projects more than 200 items, has a number of 

national patent results at home and abroad, and key pipeline engineering 

application widely.

As a professional manufacturer of steel products , we have invested six factories throughout China,which are Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.,Hunan Longshengda Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd., Hebei Litonglian Seamless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Juyi Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd ,Cangzhou City Sined Steel Pipe Group Co.,Ltd. and Liaoyang Xingde Large Steel Pipe Plant. Our main products are seamless steel pipes, ERW, SSAW, LSAW pipes with production capacity of 2,000,000MT per year. 
The range of our products:
Seamless steel pipe:OD: 1/4 inch-36 inch, wall thickness:1.25mm to 50mm,
ERW steel pipe: OD:1/8 inch to 24 inch, wall thickness: max 26.5mm
LSAW steel pipe: OD:16 inch to 64 inch , wall thickness: max 65mm
Spiral welded steel pipe: OD:219mm to 3120mm, wall thickness: 3mm to 25mm

Shinestar Steel Group [China]
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[Related Keywords: steel, pipe, seamless, welding, ERW, LSAW, SSAW ]
BENECUBE (PTY) LTD(07/26/2013)

Benecube (PTY) LTD    has a recognized global presence in commodity trading, with a strong focus on Agricultural products and related goods. Specializing in legumes and pulses, the company has significant sourcing strengths from Italy,France,Germany ,Spain  Canada, South America, Europe as a whole , Asia and other parts of the world. With its customer oriented philosophy, the company is always investigating new opportunities where it can supply its markets efficiently and with quality guarantees. Our  Grain division, company is an active participant in trading the following products of varying grades according to customer requirements. 

wheat,  Prime Hard Wheat ,  Hard Wheat , Premium White Wheat , Standard White Wheat ,  Noodle Wheat , Durum Wheat, DR 1  DR 2, Barley, malting barley, feed barley, Adzuki Beans, Broad Beans, Broad Beans Split, Broad Beans Whole, Channa Dhall, Chickpeas, Faba Beans Kibble, Faba Beans Split, Faba Beans Whole, Green Mung Beans whole, Green Mung Beans whole, Kabuli Chickpeas, Lentils Red Split, Lentils Whole, Lupins Bitter Lupini, Lupins Sweet Hamburg, Lupins Dehulled  Angustifolius, Lupins Speckled Angustifolius, Peas Dun Field Peas, Pea Green Blue pea, Peas Maple, Peas Pigeon, Peas Yellow Split peas, Peas Yellow Split Kibble, Tasmanian Faba Bean Minor, Vetch, Barley Feed, Barley Clipped and Dressed, Barley Malting, Barley Pearled, Canola, Oats Clipped and Dressed Racing Oats, Oats Feed, Oats Hulled oats Peeled oats Naked, Oats Quick Cook, oats Instant, Oats Rolled, Sorghum Red, Sorghum white, Canary Seed, Canola seed, Lucerne Seed Alfalfa, Millet French White, Millet Japanese Shirohie, Millet Panicum Red, Millet Panicum White, Millet Panorama, Safflower Seed, Sunflower Seed Black, Sunflower Seed Grey Striped 

Benecube (PTY) LTD   Dairy division, company is an active participant in trading the following products of varying grades according to customer requirements 

Milk powder, Whole Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder Enriched with Vitamins, Whole Milk Powder   High Heat Heat stable, Instant Whole Milk Powder, Instant Whole Milk Powder  enriched with Vitamins , Skim Milk Powder, clarified butter, butter, butter sheet, cheese, Anhydrous milk fat AMF, mozzarella cheese block, mozzarella cheese shredded, cheddar cheese, feta cheese, parmesan cheese, gouda cheese, milk protein, Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate 

Benecube (PTY) LTD   Food division, company is an active participant in trading the following products of varying grades according to customer requirements 

Edible Oils, oil seeds, Legumes,sorghum,dun peas, field peas, kaspa peas, Peas, Spices, Beans, Fertilizers, australian Lentils, Pulses, Steel,Bird Seeds, Grains, Oats, Rice, Sugar, Dairy products, Grass Seeds, Oil Seeds, Seeds,   Wheat, soya bean, Organic Soybean, Non gmo soybean, High-protein soybean, Yellow soybean, Soybean for sprout, double green bean, white kidney bean, black bean, mung bean, red kidney bean, broad bean

We believe that experience is better then words so let us try together and feel simply good. We pay prime importance to quality as well as customer satisfaction. We believe that these two things are directly related to the growth and success behind the company. We have implemented several policies and practices that allow us to work in focused direction and achieve the set objectives. Besides, we maintain transparency in the business dealings and work by adopting ethical practices. This has helped us gain trust of numerous clients across the globe. ?With "aspirant, hardworking, sincere and happiness" as our company culture, we are one of the largest professional import & export companies in South Africa. Being trustworthy and providing good quality for mutual benefits, we have established solid business relationships & friendships with hundreds of customers from all over the world for many years. Our factories are all big professional groups with strict production and management systems, certified by ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, GMP/BP, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, IP Non-Gmo and some other domestic official departments.  QUALITY ALWAYS, FRIENDS FOREVER!

BENECUBE (PTY) LTD [South Africa]
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[Related Keywords: edible oils, Oil Seeds, Legumes, sorghum, dun peas, field peas, kaspa peas, peas, spices, Beans, fertilisers, australian Lentils, Pulses, steel, Bird Seeds, grains, Oats, Rice, sugar, dairy products, Grass Seeds, Seeds, australian Wheat, soya bean, Organic Soybean, Non-gmo soybean, High-protein soybean, Yellow soybean, Soybean for sprout, double-green bean, white kidney bean, black bean, Mung Bean, red kidney bean, broad bean ]

Bases on the geographical advantage of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China, Grandhunt Asia Co., Ltd specializes in domestic and international trading of steel and related steel products. Since the company’s establishment in the year 2009, Grandhunt has been dedicating the teamwork development, and optimizing the resources allocation. Grandhunt achieved the sales volume 160,000 metric tons in the year 2011, mainly on the steel items of cold rolled, coated steel, section steel and steel pipe, to the reputed traders and users in China and Overseas.

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Threeway steel Co., Ltd (05/30/2013)

Threeway Steel, as an external gateway of Shinestar steel group, is taking charge of exporting steel product under our group. We aim at providing professional customer service with one-stop purchasing, along with superior quality control, competitive price, fast lead time and convenient transportation.

Main Products Range:
Steel Plate
1. Medium/Heavy Steel Plate
2.Stainless steel
3.Galvanized Steel Sheet
4.Color -coated Steel Plate

Steel Exporting
Threeway Steel, as an external gateway of the group, is taking charge of exporting steel products under our group. We aim at providing professional customer service with one-stop purchasing, along with superior quality control, competitive price, fast lead time and convenient transportation.

Production Capacity
Our total production capacity quantity of whole steel pipe products could be 3,500,000 metric ton per year. And annual sales amount can be near USD 5 billion.

Following the powerful leading of president Mr. Guoyu Yi, Hunan Shinestar Group will never stop developing and exploring spirit. With firmed strategy of quality first and strict scientific management, we are aiming at satisfying customers and enjoying achievements of win-win situation against the advanced technologies.

Threeway steel Co., Ltd [China]
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METALFER LTD STI (01/08/2013)

 We are a group of companies active in both metal construction production  and also  marketing agricultural  products  of  Turkey

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[Related Keywords: metal, Pallets, steel, olive oil, FISH ]
Jingying Iron And Steel(11/03/2012)
JingYing Iron & Steel is located in Zhengzhou of Henan beautiful, fully equipped, fully functional, modern and prosperous Zhengzhou New Central Business District and strategic location, west State Road 107, east to Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway Road, South Expressway from the airport to the north with Lianyungang-Horgos expressway, fast and convenient transportation. The main steel products consist of 12 main series such as: low alloy structure plate. carbon structure plate, alloy structure plate, bridge plate, building structure plate ,shipbuilding and oil platform plate, boiler and pressure vessel plate ,mould plate, pipeline plate ,armored tank plate, abrasion resistant plate and clad plate.
Jingying Iron And Steel [China]
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[Related Keywords: steel, Steel plate, steel coil, Steel sheet, IRON, metal, steel mill, Stainless Steel, steel tube, pipeline stee, ganlvanized steel, rolly steel ]
GuanLi Laser Science and Technology Co., Ltd.(11/13/2012)

    Guanli Laser Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is specializing in research, production and sale industrial laser equipments, such as full automatic laser cutting and marking machine, high-speed laser cutting and engraving machine, CO2 laser marking machine, semi-conductor laser marking machine, flying laser marking machine etc., which are widely used in apparel, leather, textile, arts&crafts, electronic components, auto accessories, jewelry, instrument, hardware, mold, food packaging and pharmaceuticals industries.

    After years of efforts, Guanli Laser has become the most reliable supplier in the field, and established healthy business relationship with many big companies. Our products have been exported to Korea, Southeast Asia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Brazil and other countries and regions in the world.

    Over the years, Guanli Laser adheres to the business philosophy - 'pursuing excellence management, creating the perfect quality, dedicating sincere service', constantly seeking to upgrade technology research and excellence equipments manufacturing, to create maximum values for customers.

 Guanli Laser Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
Add:No.15 Sifangyuan Industrial Zone, Xinshapu, Huaide,
       Humen, Dongguan, Guangdong 523926, P.R. China
Tel: 0086-769-86090118 ext.626
Fax: 0086-769-86091717

GuanLi Laser Science and Technology Co., Ltd. [China]
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[Related Keywords: titanium, steel, Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | laser marking machine | laser engraving machine | laser marking machine for electronic elements | laser marking machine for watch and jewellery making | laser marking machine for metals ]
Esteels Asia Limited(07/10/2013)

ESTEELS ASIA LIMITED was established in Hong Kong SAR in April 2012 with offices running in both Hong Kong and Xiamen. With over 10 years in domestic steel trading, ESTEELS has established a stable steel supplier network in China including state-owned and other large private owned mills. Since establishment, ESTEELS has successfully penetrated international steel trading markets serving clients of different steel and other related products.

ESTEELS supplies steel to a number of market segments, which include secondary steel traders, steel service centers, construction contractors, pipe and tube makers, the oil and gas industry and other designated end user segments. General steel products we trade include hot/cold rolled steel in coil, sheet and plate; reinforcing deformed bar; wire rods; various forms of steel sections including H beam, angle flat bar and channel. In our steel pipe business, we are a recognized steel distribution agent for Baotou Steel Corporation (BSC) and also TPCO. Both ERW and seamless pipes are commonly used in conveyance of water, gas and petroleum products, construction and machining applications.

Since 2013, ESTEELS also supplies a wide range of welding products to our clients; these includes but not limited to welding electrodes, welding wires, electrode core wires and other welding accessories.

We aim to be the partner of choice for users of steel in every industry. We achieve it by creating comprehensive trading solution to fulfill our client’s needs including supports in products, financing, logistics and risks.

Esteels Asia Limited [China]
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[Related Keywords: flat bar, H beam, angle, channel, alloy bar, coil, plate, sheet, pipe, seamless tube, Machinery, structural, wire rod, Reinforcing Bar, cold rolled, hot rolled, steel ]
Changsha Teyi SteelCo.,Ltd(05/10/2012)


Changsha Teyi Steel Co., Ltd is a professional alloy steel manufacturer and exporter in China, We are specialized in all kinds of steel round bar, flat bar, block and forgings, including carbon steel, alloy steel, tool-die steel,ect.
We can offer material according to different standards, such as : ASTM, DIN, JIS, Which indlucing the following grade:
ASTM: SAE1045, 4140, 4340, 8620, 8640, H13, P20 , O1 ect;
DIN: C20, C35, C45, 42CrMo4, 34 CrNiMo6, 30CrNiMo8
(W-Nr.) W1.1191, W1.7225, W1.6582, W1.7131, W1.2714, W1.2344, W1.2738, W1.2767, ect
JIS: S20C, S35C, S45C, SCM415, SCM440, SKD11, SKD61, DC53 ect
And also we can arrange production according to the samples and drawings supplied by our clients.
We have exported our products to worldwide market in Europe, U.S.A., Middle Asia, Africa and other countries at high quality with competitive price. We cordially look forwrd to establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship with you.

Changsha Teyi SteelCo.,Ltd [China]
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Ha Viet Import Export Joint Stock Company(04/18/2012)

We are Trading Company doing various materials such as steel, non-ferrous metal, plastic and chemical

Ha Viet Import Export Joint Stock Company [Viet Nam]
[Related Categories: Rubber & Products, Non-ferrous Metal, Iron & Steel, Plastic Machinery ]
[Related Keywords: steel, rubber, plastic ]
tangshan jinhang steel co.,ltd(04/01/2012)

 We are professional steel  manufacturer, supplier and distributor with high business reputation. Our main products are H beam, I beam, channel steel,angle steel,IPE and IPEAA. 

We have exported our above-mentioned steel products to Middle East, Southeast of Asia ,Russia and Japan,more than a dozen of countries . The product have met by our foreign customers with great favours. 
Our main aim is to serve our customers and provide them with the best quality products with better price. 

tangshan jinhang steel co.,ltd [China]
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[Related Keywords: steel, bean, angle ]
Shanghai Unite Steel Trading Co.,Ltd.(11/29/2011)

Our company is specialized in Special steel bars and Steel tube products.

They are classified as following:

Special steel bars: carbon steel, alloy steel, mould steel, tool steel,  gear steel, bearing steel, spring steel, high temperature steel, and stainless steel, etc.

Steel tube products: general structure pipe, fluid pipe, mechanical processing pipe, oil tubing, casing pipe, line pipe and high pressure boiler tube, stainless steel pipe etc.

Shanghai Unite Steel Trading Co.,Ltd. [China]
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[Related Keywords: bar, Round bar, steel, steel bar ]
Thuan Thanh Construction & Trading Co(09/27/2011)

We   are   steel  Trading   Company  in  Viet  Nam  ,

We  deal : Round  Pipe  ,  used  round pipe ,  used  I,  H  beam ,   HR  sheets , HRC  ,  GI , GA  coil  ,   Scrap steel

My  email : dtphuong677@gmail.com,


Thuan Thanh Construction & Trading Co [Viet Nam]
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[Related Keywords: steel, scrap steel, Round pipe, used round pipe, used I, H beam, HR sheets, HRC, GI / GA coil, Scrap steel .... ]
Bosheng Steel Co.,Ltd(08/31/2011)
We are specializes in marketing of 1.Plastic mould steel. 2.Hot work die steel. 3.Cold work tool steel. 4.High speed tool steel. 5.Carbon structure steel. 6.Special steel. 7.Alloy tool steel. In hot rolled or forged, flat bars or round bars.
Plastic mould steel ------>>>   P20/1.2311, P20+Ni/1.2738, P21, 420/1.2083/1.2316...
Hot work tool steel  ---->>>> H13/1.2344, H11...
Cold work mould steel:  --->> D2/1.2379, D3/1.2080, D5/1.2601, O1/1.2510, A2/1.2363...
Alloy steel:  -------------->>> AISI 4140, 4340,8620...
Carbon steel:  ------------>>> AISI 1045/1050...

Bosheng Steel Co.,Ltd [China]
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[Related Keywords: steel, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, Mould Steel, steel round bar, Carbon Steel ]
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