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Keyword "solar power transformer"
100VA 230v 24v transformer 100VA 230v 24v transformer

 Toroidal transformer input could be provide with single ,double or triple

voltage winding,output can be provide from single to several

winding.The capacity from 20VA to 25000VA,With their high efficiency ,

smaller in size, lower in weight, less mechanical hum ,low exterior

magnetic field, low off load losses without size limit and single mounting

point ,our toroidal transformers are widely applied to audio

equipment,medical equipment,stage light ,medical equipment,etc


Advantages of toroidal transformers

Ÿ       High Efficiency

Ÿ       Smaller in size

Ÿ       Lower in weight

Ÿ       Less mechanical hum

Ÿ       Low exterior magnetic field

Ÿ       Low off load losses

Ÿ       Single mounting point


Technical Data

Capacity: 20VA-25000VA

Phase: Single

Input: AC Power with Voltages of Various Countries

Output: AC Current, Voltage, According to Customers Requirements

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Voltage Regulation: 12%-3%

Manufacture Standard: GB/T15290-94, GB/19212-2006, GB2828-2829-

Insulation Class: B, 130 Celsius Degree; E, 120 Celsius Degree 87

Temperature-rise: <span style="font-family:宋体;mso-ascii-font-family:&q uot;Times New Roman" ;mso-hansi-font-family:="" "times="" new="" roman""="">≤85 Celsius Degree

Winding conductor material; usual us copper, can use aluminum if you

have special requirements

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