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Keyword "solar heating system"
1998 year factory compact pressurized solar water heater 1998 year factory compact pressurized solar water heater

OEM factory since 1998


Samples welcome

5 years warranty and free  training

Feel free to email me for& nbsp;any more details: robensolar at  ;gmail dot com


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1. Highly efficient absorber of  high performance with daily average  efficiency ≥ 55% and (≥42% in winter)< /o:p>

2. Start up quickly, heat  pipe transfer the heat energy into&n bsp;the storage tank in one directio n.

3. Withstand pressure of 6  ;Bar, can be connected directly with  home tap water.

4. No water inside the eva cuated tubes and the system operate& nbsp;normally even if some tubes bro ken

5. Highly efficient insulation  with polyurethane foam for about 72~ 80hours;

6. Anti-freezing: ≥ -35 degr ees and works normally under the&nbs p;pool conditions



Detail Specifications:


1) Inter-tank: Food grade and high anti- corrosion SUS 304-2B stainless steel by auto welding l& thickness:1.2mm 

2) Outer-tankColor Steel painted with corros ion layer &thickness: 0.5mm

3) Insulation: 55 mm Polyurethane foam (heat&nbs p;preservation 72hrs)

4) Collectors:Φ58×1800 heat pipe vacuum& nbsp;tube with Al-N/Al high selective coating

5) Heat pipe in tube: Oxygen-free copper (working temperat ure range: -30℃~ 300℃,0.6mm w all thickness,) 

6) Installation angle: 15°≤&# 8750;≤90°(Here 45° best)

7) Working pressure: 0.6Mpa(Testing pressure over 1.1Mpa)

8) Bracket: Hot galvanized steel painted with anti-corrosion layer & thickness:1.5mm

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solar water heater solar water heater

& lt; /o:smarttagtype>

Volume:105~135L; 135~300L

Vacuum tube: 47*1500mm; 58*1800mm

Skin material: Fluorocarbon board with high quality

Inner tank material: Imported SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel

Insulating layer: polyurethane\'s cellular(thinkness:50-60mm)

Stent: Large broad-brimmed electrostatic spray

Specification:15pipes16pipes18pipes20pipes24 pipes30pipes36pipes

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Solar Heating System Solar Heating System
The split solar water heater is an active system, because
it uses a pump with a controller to circulate the fluid
between the heat pipe series solar collector and the
storage tank, tank and solar collector are separate, while
the collector is integrated in to the roof of the building,
the tank and the pump station can installed anywhere of the
building. The piping between the main components is made of
brass and a special insulation with high temperature
resistance for solar systems.
1) No disorder water tank on your roof split solar water
heater is using a high efficiency solar collector on your
roof and a high pressurized storage tank in the house.
Integrated in to the roof of the building perfectly.

2) The perfect solar collector for domestic hot water
heating system can be combined with existing energy source,
such as your gas water heater, electric water heater,
boiler, etc.
3)There have an auxiliary heating device--electric heater
booster in the tank, so providing hot water in case of
cloudy or rainy days, you will no need to worry about it.
4) No water inside the tube, the system can still in
service even with several tubes breakage.
5) Completely automatic.
6) Cut out your energy bills.Hot water heating (on
average) accounts for 26% of your annual energy bill. With
a solar water heater you could generate enough solar
energy to heat 70% of your hot water, FREE, year after

The main components of the split solar water heater:
1) Solar collector
2) Pump station including:
Circulation pump,
Check valve,
SIDITE intelligent controller with sensors
brass connector
3) Solar storage tank from 100L to 500L

We also can provide and adjust our products according to
customer’s specific requirement, so that solar water heater
will be with a superior performance in all weather
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Solar water heater Solar water heater

We have two kind collectors which use evacuated heat pipe tube or transition heat pipe tube.

  Each solar collector includes : manifold, tubes, nylon feet holder, rubber sealing ring, bottom track and side track, joint bellow pipe using for connection. The manifold box is sealed in a weather resistant metal cover. There is a thick polyurethane foam jacket or rock wool to keep warm. The copper inlet and outlet pipe has 22 mm diameter.

    We have designed and installed some wonderful solar heating water system for domestic or commercial use. With additional energy , electricityAfuelAgas etc, the system can provide constant temperature hot water all year round. The system operates automatically by use an intelligent controller. The closed loop solar heating systems are suitable for areas with questionable water quality and all climate conditions. The closed loop solar heating systems are the preferred option for extremely cold areas. We also can design and install solar system for swimming poor or heating the space.

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