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Fooding Group Limited(10/16/2014)

Fooding Introduction:

Fooding Group Limited is a global provider of food additives and ingredients specializing in serving the demand for raw materials needed for finished food products. Our clients trust us to provide quality ingredients every single time. Combined with strict manufacturing processes, top-notch R&D and a disciplined trading platform, Fooding Group Limited continues to build upon our experience while looking out into the future.

Fooding History:

Fooding Group Limited was first established in 1995 under the name Jinhua Chemicals. Our company originally operated a small plant base, manufacturing only a handful of Food additives.

Five years later, as our company started expanding, the group had grown to three manufacturing plants, at which point the offering of our products globally really started to take place through our first marketing-dedicated office in Shanxi.

In 2005, as our business continued to grow, we moved to Shanghai and began operating under the name: Shanghai Honghao Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

It wasn until 2008 that we then began to have a footprint in virtually every corner of the globe as we grew to five manufacturing plants, 35 operating factories and 3 planting bases. It was also around this time that our company started to take a more aggressive participation in industry wide events, fairs and exhibitions.

Today you can find our ingredients and food additives being used in thousands of finished products around the world. Furthermore, our marketing business has grown so significantly, that in 2011, for the first time we bought in experienced professionals from the western part of the world to help us grow, and in some cases create new businesses in underserved markets.

The company culture
Good faith, happy things.Equally simple human relations.Fully respect each employees thought and personality.

The company goal
Based on the Internet, integrated supply chain, do what others don or do the public in the form of wonderful work.

Company business philosophy
Sincerely welcome each a man who is willing to join our team, also wish every people who want to leave our company.

Fooding Group Limited [China]
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Bonroy International Ltd(09/24/2014)

Our company Bonroy International Ltd produce and provide first grade quality of  food additives & ingredients to customers abroad, approximately 20 industries from over 70 countries & regions, including food,soft drink,biscuits,ice cream,pharmaceutical,personal care & cosmetics etc.


Based on equal and mutual benefit, we wish to cooperate with worldwide friends and partners in economy and technology to develop health and food ingredients.

Bonroy International Ltd [China]
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Classic Solvents pvt. Ltd(06/14/2011)

 We, Classic Solvents Pvt. Ltd, are a 26 years old, Mumbai, India, based  ISO 2002 accredited and CRISIL rated marketing organization and registered stockist for KMML, TTPL, Tronox, Lanxess, Celanese, IGL, Apcotex etc.

We market titanium dioxide, both grades, biocides, emulsions, pigments and dyes, fillers and extenders, to the paint, plastci, ink, paper and rubber industries and also citric acid and sodium benzoate to the food industry.

We have our own office in China from where we source some of our products. Our exports are basicaaly to S E Asian, African and EU countries.

You may offer your products or send enquiries to tusharc@classicsolvents.com

Classic Solvents pvt. Ltd [India]
[Related Categories: Chemical Additives, Auxiliary ]
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Qingdao Credit Chemical Co., Ltd.(02/15/2011)

Qingdao Credit Chemical Co.,Ltd. was established in the year 2000. We are manufacturers of research, development, production, and sales which integrates modern powder processing high-tech industries.
To better serve our customers and promote international management systems, our company has passed ISO9001:2000 International quality systems certification. Also our product is eligible for sgs certification and will pass heavy metal checks. “To be honest, keeping technological innovation” is our business philosophy.
We do hope to establish honest, long term and prospered business relations with domestic customers & international countries on the basis of equal mutual benefits.
If you have any inquires about our products and services please fill in the following and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Qingdao Credit Chemical Co., Ltd. [China]
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