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Keyword "shape edging"
KS2 Glass Inner&External Shape Edging Machine KS2 Glass Inner&External Shape Edging Machine
KS2 GLASS INNER & EXTERNAL SHAPE EDGING MACHINE (Inner Dia.:∮150-600mm / External dia.:∮100-1600mm)

1. Brief introduction:

1.1 The glass shape edging machine is suitable for grinding and polishing inner & external edges of shaped glass.

1.2 By changing the grinding wheel, different edge profiles can be processed.

1.3 A cylinder markes it possible to process round glass semi-automatically.

2. Technical Parameter:

2.1 Processing thickness: 3-40mm

2.2 Inner Dia.:∮150-600mm

2.3 External dia.:∮100-1600mm

2.4 Weight: 900KG

2.5 Power: 3.8Kw

2.6 Size:1100 X 1100 X 1900MM
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