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Keyword "rubber stable mats"
Sell rubber stable mats(rubber stall mats,rubber horse mat) Sell rubber stable mats(rubber stall mats,rubber horse mat)
Descriptions: The rubber stable mat is non-slip, non-static and has high flexibility. It is mainly used as floor mat for livestock, like horse, cow, etc. which can protect the animals from getting infected by bacteria and getting injured, reduce stable bedding cost and other animal raising cost, increase the production quantity of animal products.
Material: Reclaimed rubber
Color: Black
Available Size: 1830mm x 1220mm x 17mm (6ft x 4ft x 17mm)
Packing: Wooden pallets
Benefits: (1).Improved hygiene
(2).Anti-fatigue for ponies & horses
(3).Reduced mucking out time.
(4).Save money on bedding costs, it can save up to 80% less bedding after installing this mats.
(5).Save money money on vets bills.
(6).Protect against injury.
(7).Reduce dust circulating in the stable.
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