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Keyword "rinsing machine"
Automatic uniblock for Wine - SRTR1000-A Automatic uniblock for Wine - SRTR1000-A


Automatic uniblock including filling, corking and rinsing machine with wine cork. Suitable for wine production.

Machine base-frame made of heavy steel supports, totally covered by AISI 304 stainless steel plates.

The machine is equipped with :

  • Safety shields complying with 'EC' laws, with plexiglass panels and safety micro-switches

  • Infeed of bottes by selecting starwheel

  • Change parts for 1 cylindrical glass bottle size

Rinsing turret 9 grippers :

  • The external mechanisms of the machine and the ones exposed to the contact with water are made in stainless steel AISI 304 quality.
  • The mechanical parts in touch with the bottle or with the rinsing flow, such as the grippers, the plug valve, etc. are manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316 quality.

Gravity filling turret - 8 / 10 filling valves 

  • Product infeed tank stainless steel made, designed to allow a quick and easy discharge of residual product. 
  • Control panel predisposed with connection for the product feeding pump
  • The product minimum and maximum level inside the tank is controlled by a double probe system, providing an electric signal to the product infeed pump.

Single-head corking turret : 

  • Corking turret for wine corks with sizes h. 35/50 – ø 22/28
  • Automatic corks distribution with hopper
  • Rectified tempered steel jaws and bronze trolley, manufactured by high precision lathes to guarantee a perfect interchangeability.


  • 8-valves gravity model : max. 1.100 b.p.h. with 0.75lt bottles and still wine (max. 1.400 bph)
  • 10-valves gravity model : max. 1.700 b.p.h. with 0.75lt bottles and still wine (max. 1.700 bph)




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