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BEST WISDOM(12/20/2012)

Who we are:
We are a LED manufacturer in ShenZhen, China
Not only being skilled in LED displays & LED lights but also providing wide range of service

What we do:
LED lights
LED displays
LED display modules and related accessories
Free technical support

Best Wisdom provides the full service from finished product to every individual part according to customer\'s demand. Also support customers to have suitable configuration based on budget and local market.

What we concern:

LED lights:
In the meanwhile, LED lights have became the first power to impel EU & American to replace all of traditional lights, Green energy are improving human-living even industry transformation.
We are conscious of the customers are working in LED also will go further with Solar energy and beyond. Such longer business need to be guaranteed by longer cooperation between distributor and manufacturer.
What we concerned is to build a firm supply chain for customers to have LED various lights and end user service. We select the best cost-effective LED chips and pay special attention on quality inspection in order to keep reliability in overseas market, all of regular products are qualified with CE, ROHS, FCC.UL and strictly produced according to ISO9001:2008.

LED Display:
Today there is no secret for most products accompanied by development speed in LED industry,
LED chips, control system, power-supply, all are familiarized by more and more LED distributors
It enables DIY assembly to be a possibility to determine capitalized cost and quality as well.

What we concerned is to concentrate on customer specific requirement to find the same value out of luxury idea. We provide the products with conventional style, reliable hardware, stable software and easy-replaced components; everything can be looked clearly and done quickly.
There is completely no secret between Best Wisdom and his partners.

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Jerusalem Stone Co for Marble(02/23/2011)


Jerusalem Stone Co for Marble engages in building supplying, selling and marketing natural stone internationally and domestically since 1980
Jerusalem Stone Co for Marble is a family owned company. Its General Manager is Mr. Ibrahim Ebaid who has been a part of the stone industry for the past thirty years. During this time Mr. Ebaid has been involved professionally with many of the major stone projects in the Palestine.
The corporate office and factory of the company are located in Bethlehem, Palestine.
JSM Stone supplies high standard natural stone for commercial and residential projects worldwide. JSM Stone offers extensive experience in supplying projects with stone sculpturing capabilities, large scale works and special adaptations as required. The wholesale and distribution departments are located at the head office in Palestine.
JSM Stone supplies raw materials from quarries in Palestine only, according to customer needs. The Jerusalem Stone is the leading brand of the company and is available in different colors and sizes. The Jerusalem Stone product line contains a wide variety of finishes from the limestone quarries of Palestine.
JSM Stone assigns quality control teams to all production lines and maintains the highest quality of stone production standards. Our QC teams operation managers which supervises all production lines.
In a highly competitive market, Jerusalem Stone Co for Marble is committed to providing its unique clientele with the highest quality and distinctive services in all its sectors.
It is the policy of Jerusalem Stone CO for Marble to promote, improve, and maintain client satisfaction and to meet rigorous expectations of the market through the delivery of services compliant with international standards.
In addition to maintaining leadership in manufacturing and quarrying, Jerusalem Stone Co for Marble is committed to increase its market share into international market through strategic alliances with national and international reputable companies.

Jerusalem Stone Co for Marble [Jordan]
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KOLMANNSKOP LM(01/16/2011)

KOLMANNSKOP LM is licensed to trade on Gemstone and other minerals locally and internationally.
Ever since our company was first founded in 1994, we have embraced both our heritage and family values here at KOLMANNSKOP LM, incorporating both into our company's culture.

We have reliable source for stones that comes out in African countries.

KOLMANNSKOP LM is a reliable source for steady supply for quality and quantity gold dust and diamonds at a competitive price.

KOLMANNSKOP LM is a place where you get fascinating beautiful gift nature has to offer, gems of inestimable value at a very affordable price.

We make your competitors to be envious, as they wonder how you get such great merchandise for amazing prices.

At KOLMANNSKOP LM whilst our scope is global, our customers, and their customers, are always our first and last focus.

KOLMANNSKOP LM will continue to explore and pioneer practices that become shining benchmarks within the gold and diamond industry.

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