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WeifangGalinPowderCoatingEquipmentCoLtd [China]
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we are manufacturer produce premium quality product and good price.Pls.do not hesitate to contact us, best regards


BBCastle [Thailand]
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Wuhan Steroidschem Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd(10/24/2014)


Wuhan Steroidschem Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is located in beautiful city Wuhan, China. The company  specialize in research and development of hormone powders more than 12 years.


We have modern factory, excellent technology and experienced workers, advocate a enterprise idea that “Be united, a stone into gold ", insist on taking the road that "only high quality product with good service can do long business ", focusing on product quality, company has a professional R & D team, with enterprise  standards of modern production equipment, efficient and orderly management and service system, the company has won the trust and support of many top quality enterprises and customers. We have many kinds of powder in stock, can be delivered within 2 work days with very high rate to pass the customs.


We are honest to build long business relationship with you, welcome your inquiry!

Wuhan Steroidschem Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd [China]
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KM Minerals(10/24/2012)

Welcome to "K M Minerals" and it's world of minerals! We are a progressive organization which started in 2010 as part of Khubchandani group of companies, a holding group, which also owns Keshav Madhav Mineral Industries (a prominent minerals processing organization) operating from Udaipur, Rajasthan in India. The impetus to establish this organization came after realizing the fact that we wanted to expand our base both domestically and internationally, and to do so, we needed a dedicated marketing effort in the form of this organization! The landscape of processed and mined minerals is maturing at a very faster pace and hence the meaning of the phrase "survival of the fittest" is not lost on us. So we have decided not just to keep pace with the industry, but to set the pace ourselves, where others can follow us!

Our world of minerals is a wonderful world, full of excitement and surprises, a world where a seemingly insignificant piece of stone, when made into powder and added into your manufacturing process, can bring about changes to the quality, structure and durability of finished products. Our products are used by our clients for a variety of purposes: some use it to give their final products good whiteness, shine and texture; some use it to improve the strength and durability of their products; some use it to impart inert properties in their products; and then, some use it for quite simply improving the cost performance of their products. No matter the reason, we at K M Minerals have striven to create the best value for money, for our customers, by constant innovation and intense hard work.

For every customer around the world, we greatly appreciate your business and thank you for the trust you continue to put in us. We promise to work with you and for you, to provide excellent quality and service. We understand that definitions of quality and service, differ in various countries of this world. We don't claim to understand all the cultural differences, but we do accept the fact that these differences do exist and keeping in mind the same, we will try our best to provide the right quality and service as required and expected by our customers all around the world.

Finally we want to thank everyone who have helped us reach where we are today! We hope that we made a difference for your organization too! Please feel free to contact us with your comments, suggestions or inquiries and give us a chance to find new and better ways to serve you!.

Manish Khubchandani
K M Minerals.

KM Minerals [India]
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DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co., Ltd(04/12/2012)

(Jesslie at snowlotusbiotech dot com)DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co., Ltd. reposed on DaXingAnLing where is the only no-pollution forest in the world. The company is a research and production of specialized enterprises in plant extracts. It has advanced extraction facilities and recruit top-ranking extract technicists. 

Our product raw material is wild, pure, natural. The main products are the extracts of saponin and plant extract, for example, saikosaponin natural products, phytolacca americana, araboglycyrrhizin, squarroside, gymnocladus saponin,other natural saponin  and plant extract products.

We can provide the products with high quality and reasonable prices. We sincerely hope you can be satisfied with our products and services. 

Main products:

1.)Blueberry anthocyanin,

2)Black bean hull extract,

3).Black Rice Pigment,


5).Elderberry extract,

6).Huperzia Serrate extract(Huperzine A),

7).nettle extract,

8).Horny Goat Weed Extract(icariin)/Epimedium P.E

9).Black currant color,

10).Lingonberry extract,

11).Coleus forskohlii extract,


13).milk thistle P.E.

14).cranberry extract

DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co., Ltd [China]
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Hongkong Rishon InternationaL Co., Ltd(09/26/2019)

Since year 1996, Rishon International Group Co., Ltd began its development worldwidely. We supply globally the Steel Processing, Fire-extinguish, Pharmaceutical, Dairy and personal care industries, as well as the fine chemicals used for detergent, industrial & institutional cleaning, agriculture industry, water treatment, food processing, leather treatment, pulp & paper, textile, paint and electronic, industries.

We(Rishon Biochem Co., Ltd) are professionally supplying:

1.  Docosahexaenoic Acid-DHA (microalgaes source), Powder & Oil
2.  Arachidonic  Acid-ARA (derived  from  Mortierella  alpina) , Powder & Oil

3.  Enzymes, Proteinase K
4.  Natural Food colour
5.  Natural Plant Essential Oils, Seabuckthorn Oil
6.  Natural Amino Acids/Vitamin/Protein
7.  Natural Feed Additives

8.  Natural Hearb Extracts 

9. OEM Service for Drinks,Soft/Hard Capsules,Plate,Premix,Blistered..

Hongkong Rishon InternationaL Co., Ltd [China]
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DaXingAnLing Seaweed Biochemical Products Co., Ltd.(info2 at seaweedbiochem dot com)(05/07/2013)

(info2 at seaweedbiochem dot com) DaXingAnLing Seaweed Biochemical Products Co., Ltd. was founded in December, 2007. The company has advanced extraction facilities and recruit top-ranking extract technicists.

Taking the market demand as our research and sales orientation, reducing product development cycles, perceving the newly trends of market, we can assure obtaining the feedbacks at the first time so as to develop and adjust products structure, which makes our company taking the centre stage in the market both domestic and abroad.

Our main products are the extracts of halobios, for example, Sponge Natural Products, Alcyonarian Natural Products, Natural seaweed products and Other natural seafood products.
We can provide our customers with high quality products and reasonable prices. We sincere hope you can be satisfied with our products and our services. Please contact us without hesitation.

Tel: 0086-452-6188267
Fax: 0086-452-6188269 our mail box is info2 at seaweedbiochem dot com
Email: info2@seaweedbiochem.com      
MSN:   ab.byal@hotmail.com
Web: http://www.seaweedbiochem.com

DaXingAnLing Seaweed Biochemical Products Co., Ltd.(info2 at seaweedbiochem dot com) [China]
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