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Keyword "plastic waste"
Superb Quality Recycling Company(05/15/2013)

 Established in 1980, Superb Quality Recycling Company is a leading waste and recycling company in China providing all kinds of scrap recycling supply. We supply a variety of recyclable scrap materials to worldwide markets including metal scraps, plastic scraps, waste paper and e-waste. Over the years, Superb Quality Recycling Company has been striving to fulfill its commitment as a reliable and professional recycling supplier emphasizing the continuous enhancement of its product quality management, service support, industry expertise and customer satisfaction, thereby earning a long lasting support and recognition from its customers with growing reputation in the industry.

Supported by advanced recycling facilities and machineries, strong expertise and a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, Superb Quality Recycling Company supplies a wide range of recyclable materials to worldwide markets including:
1) Ferrous Metal Scraps - Steel, stainless steel, iron.
2) Nonferrous Metal Scraps - Aluminium, brass, copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium, zinc, antimony, alloys.
3) Recycled Plastic - ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PBT, PC, PE, PET, PP, PU, PVB, PVC, TPU.
4) Waste Paper - Old newspaper, waste paper, waste cardboard / paperboard, etc. 
5) Electronic and Electronic Waste - Used batteries, used computer circuit boards, used computers, etc. 

As a reliable and professional recycling company, Superb Quality Recycling Company is committed to continuous improvement in quality management and customer service support to provide maximum values and benefits to our customers and guarantee a higher standard of customer satisfaction. Such commitment and professionalism is always a major advantage differentiating us from our competitors, earning us a longstanding win-win partnership with our customers and sustainable growth over the years.


Superb Quality Recycling Company [China]
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Jetwise Industrial Co., Ltd(04/02/2012)


Hello, I am the President of Jetwise Industries Co., Ltd. Our company imports and wholesales all sorts of plastic scraps in China. It is a large and competitive company which can import more than a hundred containers per month. We purchase all kinds of engineered grade plastic scraps with higher prices since we are the direct users of these scraps.
Our company is seeking a favorable American or Canadian plastic direct supplier, no brokers please.
Email: guoshengheng@163.com (LEON)

Jetwise Industrial Co., Ltd [China]
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