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Monkey Picked - Tikuanyin - Olong - Loose Leaf Monkey Picked - Tikuanyin - Olong - Loose Leaf
Specifications: High quality Oolong Tea. The name Monkey Picked come from the myth that monkey was employed to harvest wild tea from high dangerous and inaccessible cliff. This wonderful tea from Wuyi Mountains of Fujian Province has a fragrance of orchids and lingering aftertaste.
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Indian Mangoes-fresh Farm Picked Indian Mangoes-fresh Farm Picked
Specifications: Indian mangoes Are world famous, known as king of fruits. Mangoes are tasty, juicy, nutritious, sweet. U. P. State is known for its best quality of mangoes. Main varieties are: Dusheri: - thin skin layer, thin seed, more juice, pulp, sweetest, Chousa: - oval shaped, very tasty, juicy, Langra; oval shaped, very tasty, nutritious and sweet Packing -5kg. Net weight/gross 6.00-6.500kg, smaller packing on specific request Pieces:18-24 pieces per carton of 5kg. Price: FOB Delhi. Us4.50per box of 5kg. All handling charges, taxes, air freight, insurances etc. Are extra. Payment terms: Bank L/c, t. T. In advance Delivery time: Upto 20th june for dusheri, langra upto 30thjune, chousa upto 15july. Rates are likely to be revised in a week on steep demand & shortage of crop.mangoes - Other Price Terms: FOB  delhi Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Certification(s): AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE,Supply Ability: CAN SUPPLY ANY QUANTITY
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